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6 Jan. 1984
Sport of Kings
Julia lapses into catatonia when Richard maliciously claims he fathered Melissa's unborn baby; Chase is driven to destroy the racetrack; and Melissa makes a fatal admission during the custody hearing.
13 Jan. 1984
Queen's Gambit
Falcon Crest's wine distributer refuses to work for Chase, Richard is attacked by the cartel, Michael tries to face his past and operate on a gravely injured Sheriff Robbins.
20 Jan. 1984
Bitter Harvest
Phillip forces Melissa to sell the Agretti harvest to him. Richard is targeted by the cartel, Linda finds Melissa in Cole's bed and Maggie learns a secret about Jacqueline.
3 Feb. 1984
Power Play
The custody case goes to court. Richard fears for his life when Maggie's article is printed, displeasing the cartel.
10 Feb. 1984
Changing Times
Angela makes Melissa a horrifying offer, the cartel strikes at Richard's racetrack on opening day, and Maggie's article about Jacqueline tears the valley apart.
17 Feb. 1984
The Aftermath
A fight between Melissa and Linda culminates in a deadly car crash. Richard and Pamela's relationship deepens despite the threat of the cartel.
24 Feb. 1984
Tests of Faith
Maggie discovers the cause of her dizziness and headaches, Pamela is kidnapped by the cartel and Angela exposes Terry's sordid past to Michael.
9 Mar. 1984
Little Boy Blue
Melissa loses her baby as Angela refuses to reconsider their pact and Chase gets wind of the contract. Michael surprises Terry.
16 Mar. 1984
The Gathering Storm
Lance learns of the pact between Angela and Melissa, Maggie's need for an operation grows critical even as questions remain about Michael's surgical skill, and Julia gets an unwitting friend to teach her how to shoot.
23 Mar. 1984
Final Countdown
Melissa rejects Lance's attempts at reconciliation, Chase waits for Maggie to come through surgery and Pamela carries out Spheeris's orders to destroy Richard.
6 Apr. 1984
Love's Triumph
Richard's furious when he learns what Chase has done with his $50 million trust fund. Maggie goes into a coma after complications arise during her surgery. Pamela is kidnapped by the cartel, shocking Richard into a realization of his priorities.
13 Apr. 1984
Win, Place, and Show
The cartel plans to make the grand opening of the racetrack into Richard's public execution. Melissa learns she can no longer have children. Terry and Michael announce their marriage, and Angela agrees to marry Phillip.
4 May 1984
For Better, for Worse
Julia prepares to murder Angela on her wedding day.
11 May 1984
The Avenger
Julia holds baby Joseph hostage and demands to see Angela. An emotional scene between mother and daughter ends in flames.
18 May 1984
Ashes to Ashes
The Channings and Giobertis prepare to depart for Italy to scatter Julia's ashes, a trip that takes a perilous turn when the cartel tampers with the plane.
28 Sep. 1984
Michael and Philip are killed in the plane crash, and Linda is clinging to life. The cartel meets to discuss its ultimate goal: recovery of a Nazi treasure buried on Falcon Crest land.
5 Oct. 1984
Father's Day
Angela offers Greg Reardon a job and a political career and Richard is threatened by the cartel, which is undergoing power shifts as Gustav murders his own father to gain control.
12 Oct. 1984
Angela and Lance bribe a mechanic to claim Chase was drinking prior to piloting the fatal flight. Maggie's celebration for her father's return turns painful when Angela makes a startling announcement.
19 Oct. 1984
The Outcasts
Maggie is angry that her father never told her she was adopted. Terry's husband arrives, jeopardizing her inheritance from Michael. Cole moves back to his parents' home with baby Joseph. Gustav, masquerading as Jean-Louis de Bercy, "bugs" Falcon Crest.Richard is ousted from the newspaper and shot twice by Padgett. Chase's pilot license is revoked.
26 Oct. 1984
Padgett did not succeed in killing Richard. Lance becomes publisher of the newspaper. Joel mugs Maggie for drug money and is later hired by Cole as transportation foreman for the vineyards. Emma learns that Julia is alive.
2 Nov. 1984
Lord of the Valley
Gustav tries to acquire the Giannini land adjoining Falcon Crest. Richard acquires a radio station and makes Frank Taggart its new general manager. Chase and Maggie travel to New York to uncover her past. Richard's stepdaughter, Lorraine Prescott, reenters his life. Julia appears to Emma again.
9 Nov. 1984
The Intruder
After Sam Giannini is murdered, Gustav threatens Sam's widow. Maggie takes a job at Richard's radio station. Stephanie's mother warns her daughter about Richard. Francesca Gioberti arrives from Italy seeking help from her American cousins.
16 Nov. 1984
Pain and Pleasure
Francesca can prove that she is Angela's half-sister and heir to one third of Falcon Crest. Julia surrenders to skeptical police. Emma helps Chase obtain evidence of bribery in the crash investigation. Cole and Melissa rekindle their love, which Greg vows to destroy.
23 Nov. 1984
The Trump Card
Chase is absolved of all blame for the plane crash. Lance tries to seduce Lorraine. Richard and Gustav romance Francesca, who signs over her share of Falcon Crest to Angela. Melissa tries to end her relationship with Greg.
30 Nov. 1984
Chase hears that Jasper's case is being reopened, he's very doubtful of Angela's motives, and confronts her, who also learns that Francesca is selling her third of Falcon Crest to Angela to save her vineyards in Italy. Confused, Francesca had listened to Angela, telling her that Chase would be very pleased. Cole wants to love Melissa enough to move in with her, especially against his parents' wishes. Richard, unsuccessfully attempts to prevent Lance from seeing Lorraine, and cautions his nephew not to hurt his stepdaughter. Francesca wants to throw a farewell party, ...
7 Dec. 1984
Going Once, Going Twice
Gustav and Spheeris kidnap and drug Julia.Melissa agrees to sell the Agretti harvest to Chase.Francesca sells her share of Falcon Crest to Richard, making him an equal partner with Angela and Chase.
14 Dec. 1984
The Triumvirate
Richard and Terry strike a bargain. Gustav and Spheeris torment Julia. With her divorce from Lance final, Melissa agrees to marry Cole. Maggie meets her biological mother, Charlotte Pershing, a compulsive gambler.
21 Dec. 1984
Winner Take All
Angela cuts Melissa out of her will and makes Lance her sole heir. Gustav gains Julia's trust. Greg's romantic advances toward Melissa threaten her relationship with Cole. Terry's estranged husband, Joel, asks Terry to remarry him. Angela encourages Charlotte to gamble.
28 Dec. 1984
Suitable for Framing
Paid by Melissa to discredit Lance, Joel masquerades as Lance and uses his car to run Angela off the road. Lance is arrested for Angela's attempted murder. Spheeris follows Chase and Ben to Paris, where, searching for clues to Gustav's father's whereabouts, Ben is killed.

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