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Season 2

1 Oct. 1982
The Challenge
Richard promises to deliver Falcon Crest to his elegant stepfather while Phillip and Angela search for their enemy's weakness. Angela battles Chase for control of the vineyards.
8 Oct. 1982
The Arrival
Chase fights for the rights of growers, using his position on the county board of directors. Angela confronts Richard at The Globe.
15 Oct. 1982
Troubled Waters
Angela and Chase fight over water rights. Carlo is found murdered shortly after a fight with Cole.
22 Oct. 1982
Murder One
Cole is arrested for Carlo Agretti's murder.
5 Nov. 1982
The Exposé
Richard makes an offer on the Agretti property, and pushes to have Cole convicted of Carlo's murder. Chase makes labor reform his platform after witnessing the living conditions of vineyard workers.
12 Nov. 1982
Home Away from Home
Angela demands Lance play the dutiful husband to ensure the survival of Melissa's difficult pregnancy. Jacqueline visits her son, but Chase is suspicious when she leaves abruptly. Cole moves in with Katherine.
19 Nov. 1982
The Namesake
Melissa reveals to Cole that he is the father of her newborn son. Richard is suspected of trying to start a price war.
26 Nov. 1982
As his and Melissa's baby clings to life, Cole considers running away from the murder charges. A second autopsy on Carlo has surprising results.
3 Dec. 1982
The Vigil
Angela secretly subsidizes the production of Maggie's screenplay. Chase flies to L.A. to do an independent audit of Falcon Crest, and Richard produces Joseph's best hope for survival.
10 Dec. 1982
Angela fights to take over The Globe. Melissa brings baby Joseph home to Falcon Crest.
17 Dec. 1982
United We Stand...
As they struggle for control of the newspaper, Richard puts a winery on the land earmarked for a Douglas Channing memorial, alerting Angela of his intentions to start a takeover of the Valley. Jacqueline reveals a long-hidden secret.
31 Dec. 1982
...Divided We Fall
Richard tries to use Jacqueline's revelation to swing the shareholder's vote and give him control of The Globe. Angela's Founder's Day bash brings more revelations.
7 Jan. 1983
Pas De Deux
The paternity test comes back for little Joseph while the fallout from the Founder's Day party continues. Angela runs Phillip ragged looking for dirt on Jacqueline - but what he finds is electrifying.
14 Jan. 1983
Above Suspicion
Cole is left for dead after a brutal attack. Angela realizes Phillips is seeing someone else, and Nick sleeps with Vicki.
21 Jan. 1983
Broken Promises
As Cole lies in a coma, Melissa uses Joseph to get her independence from Angela. Chase finds a clue to Carlo's murder.
28 Jan. 1983
Deliberate Disclosure
Richard buys the McKay vineyard and Lance files for divorce.
4 Feb. 1983
Love, Honor and Obey
Emma returns to Falcon Crest, Chase is arrested and Lance and Melissa consumate their marriage.
11 Feb. 1983
Separate Hearts
Despite death threats, Julia investigates a clue to Carlo's murder.
18 Feb. 1983
The Odyssey
Angela and Emma uncover a startling secret - and a motive for Carlo Agretti's murder - while searching Europe for an Achille's Heel in Richard's past.
25 Feb. 1983
Angela uses her knowledge of Denault's past to force him to rein in Richard, but a meeting between father and son doesn't go smoothly. Lance becomes the target of a murder investigation.
4 Mar. 1983
Sherriff Robbins and Chase arrive at Richard's house, wanting to ask him some questions after Robbins receives the forensic report on Henri Denault body.
11 Mar. 1983
Richard discovers the true power behind The Company. Carlo's killer is unmasked at Nick and Vikki's wedding, which ends in death asthe murderer produces a gun.

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