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Season 2

11 Nov. 1981
Enter Alexis
Alexis takes the stand and accuses her ex-husband of a history of violent behavior. Blake visits a dispirited and resentful Claudia in the hospital.
18 Nov. 1981
The Verdict
Neither Blake nor the D.A. is happy with the jury's decision. Steven visits Claudia at the hospital. Alexis has second thoughts about getting revenge on Blake.
25 Nov. 1981
Alexis' Secret
Krystle meets Alexis. Claudia attempts suicide. Andrew informs Alexis that Blake cut Steven out of his will. Blake is forced to visit his probation officer.
2 Dec. 1981
Fallon's Father
Alexis makes a shocking revelation to Cecil. Krystle visits her house guest, Claudia. Steven has a serious accident.
9 Dec. 1981
Steven moves back into the Carrington house following his accident; Krystle's brother-in-law sends his daughter Sammy Jo to stay with her aunt.
16 Dec. 1981
Viva Las Vegas
Desperate to pay back Cecil Colby's loan, Blake flies to Las Vegas to sell his football team and Fallon comes along for the ride; Krystle is injured when she is thrown from her horse.
23 Dec. 1981
The Miscarriage
Krystle is devastated after losing the baby; things between Steven and Sammy Jo start to heat up.
6 Jan. 1982
The Mid-East Meeting
While Alexis works her magic in Rome to end the embargo against the Denver Carrington oil tankers, Fallon discovers she is pregnant and finds comfort in Dr. Toscanni's arms.
13 Jan. 1982
The Psychiatrist
Alexis lures Blake to Rome. Krystle is shocked by the pictures in a tabloid. Jeff tries to prevent Fallon's abortion. Sammy Jo arranges another drag race for Steven.
20 Jan. 1982
Sammy Jo and Steven Marry
Steven and Sammy Jo elope. Krystle nearly goes to bed with Nick. Jeff tells Blake that Fallon is about to have an abortion.
27 Jan. 1982
The Car Explosion
Alexis confronts Krystle over Steven and Sammy Jo's marriage. Blake tries to prevent a divorce between Fallon and Jeff. Bonning proves dangerous.
3 Feb. 1982
Blake's Blindness
Blake rages against his blindness. Krystle asks Nick to leave her alone. Sammy Jo learns a secret about Fallon.
10 Feb. 1982
The Hearing
Alexis has a scheme to win Nick back for Fallon and turn Blake against Krystle. Blake attends the Senate committee hearing, but Logan Rhinewood does not.
17 Feb. 1982
The Iago Syndrome
Krystle says goodbye to Nick and leaves Denver; Blake offers to adopt Jeff; Cecil blackmails Claudia; Nick accepts Blake's explanation of his brother's death.
24 Feb. 1982
The Party
At a party in her honor, Sammy Jo embarrasses the Carringtons and reveals to Fallon that Blake is not her father; Jeff leaves the party with Claudia; Blake tells Krystle his eyesight is restored; Fallon is left unconscious after a car accident.
3 Mar. 1982
The Baby
Fallon gives birth to a son; Alexis offers Sammy Jo $25,000 to leave Denver; Jeff and Claudia make love; Krystle accuses Alexis of killing her baby; Alexis learns Krystle and Blake are not legally married.
10 Mar. 1982
Mother and Son
Upon learning he is not her true father, Fallon refuses to see Blake; Jeff falls in love with Claudia, who is caught stealing from Denver-Carrington; Fallon's baby undergoes emergency surgery; Claudia's husband and daughter are believed dead.
24 Mar. 1982
The Gun
A blood test proves that Blake is Fallon's true father; Steven travels to Hollywood in search of his wife; Claudia learns her husband and daughter are believed to be dead; as Krystle struggles with an armed Claudia, the gun discharges.
7 Apr. 1982
The Fragment
Claudia is hospitalized after the shooting incident; Krystle is implicated. Logan Rhinewood continues to amass Devner-Carrington; Cecil proposes marriage to Alexis.
14 Apr. 1982
The Shakedown
Claudia remains confused following the accident; Jeff urges Fallon to reconcile; Steven is blackmailed by a young drifter.
28 Apr. 1982
The Two Princes
Steven is arrested; Alexis and Cecil plan to marry; Fallon tells Nick it's over between them; Claudia believes Fallon's baby is her now deceased daughter Lindsay.
5 May 1982
The Cliff
Fannon and Jeff reconcile after Fallon hears Jeff at his father's grave site. Blake turns down Farouk Ahmed's business offer realizing he was just trying to bail his brother Rashid out of trouble. Alexis is building a reception tent for her wedding on the Carrington estate which angers Blake. Her wedding plans are threatened when Cecil Colby has a heart attack when they are in bed together. Claudia is getting deeper and deeper into a confused mental state and seems to be planning something. Farouk tells Nick Toscanni that Blake was in country during Nick's brothers ...

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