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Season 6

2 Jan. 1988
Whatever Lola Wants
Supergrass Reggie Betts arrives in Jersey with his domineering mother Lola to escape the wrath of fellow criminals anxious to locate a cache of stolen diamonds. They are followed by Joey Brown, whom Reggie double-crossed, and his men, and Jim is assigned to be Lola's minder until the police recover the jewels. Lola knows the stay on Jersey will not be forever and has plans of her own, including dating Charlie and selling Reggie out for a cut of the diamonds. By the time Jim has caught the villains and found the diamonds he has been dumped by Susan, who feels he puts ...
9 Jan. 1988
Crossed Swords
At an open day at their fencing school the Lefevre brothers are accused by Paul Rousillon of stealing his ancestors' swords. The families have been involved in a long-standing feud, not helped by Paul's cousin Marianne's marriage to Jack Lefevre, and Paul is found murdered after fighting a duel with Jack. There are other suspects, including Dolly Hayward, who has reasons for Rousillon not buying her hotel, and Jack's hot-tempered younger brother Alain. Jim catches the killer, getting injured in the process, which at least brings Susan back into his life to console him.
16 Jan. 1988
A Horse of a Different Colour
Valuable stud horse Crimson Cavalier is stolen from unpopular breeder Chester Ackerman and a ransom note for three million pounds delivered. Jim suspects that another stable owner, Miles Cockburn, in debt to Ackerman, has taken the horse and passed him off as his brother to win a prestigious race, and the fact that Ackerman's stable lad and Cockburn's stable girl are a couple adds to the list of suspects. Phillipa Vale, released from prison, returns to Jersey and follows her own investigation, helping Jim to recover Crimson Cavalier, as well as being an unlikely ...
23 Jan. 1988
Jim is appointed to liaise with a DTI team investigating crooked financier Sir Anthony Villiers, who has fled the London press to arrive at his Jersey home. Villiers clearly has something to hide, destroying his computer and accusing his aide of leaking information to the papers. Jim follows him to Sark, where he meets pig farmer Anne Granger, who proves to be an excellent ally in beating Villiers at his own game.
30 Jan. 1988
The Sin of Forgiveness
Jim agrees to unofficially help Nazi hunter and concentration camp survivor Aaron Rosenbaum track down the man who killed his family at Treblinka and who now lives on Jersey. The island is holding its first music festival, sponsored by wealthy George Draycott, whom Jim identifies as being the former Nazi guard and when Crozier forbids Jim from taking the matter any further, Draycott's daughter Anna, having recently learned of his past, steps in to help Aaron secure justice.
6 Feb. 1988
A Man of Sorrows
When a secret operation Crozier is conducting with Scotland Yard goes wrong and a drugs courier is murdered, Jim is sent to London to work with melancholy Sergeant Alan Hallowes, though he has no idea what he is doing there. However, it would appear that Hallowes is a rogue cop, who stole the heroin he was meant to hand over to feed his own habit and Jim's job is to expose him, whilst it also looks as if Crozier has gone over to the bad guys. All is revealed at a midnight rendezvous, though the result leaves a bitter taste for Jim.
13 Feb. 1988
Private Fight
Blackmailer Peter Retford phones Susan's client Harry Johnson and Charlie to 'remind' them of past financial discrepancies and, after Charlie is forced off the road and one of Retford's heavies is hospitalised due to Harry, Jim investigates. However he is suspended after being tricked into appearing drunk. This makes Charlie confide in him how he once fixed a building contract and, with things in the open, Charlie agrees, along with Harry, to help Jim trap Retford.
27 Dec. 1988
Retirement Plan
Jim is summoned from Jersey to spend Christmas on the Costa Del Sol where a pair of small-time British crooks have tried to muscle in on Charlie's latest business venture. When Jim gets involved he finds himself in the middle of a local gang war whilst back on Jersey a group of French thieves are causing havoc and Susan's life is put in danger.

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