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Season 3

3 Dec. 1983
Ninety Per Cent Proof
During a court case in which he is trying to prove that Jerry LeFevre burnt down the Bishops Rock hotel for the insurance, Jim is approached by glamorous Irene Maybank, who says her husband is trying to kill her. Next day Crozier gets a call from a very drunk Jim, stating that Irene has been murdered, However, with Deborah's help, Jim uncovers a plot, using an actress and a cleverly-doctored tape recording, to discredit him and lose the case against LeFevre.
10 Dec. 1983
A Hole in the Bucket
Drug addict Terri Fuller arrives on Jersey with policewoman Liz Phillips under the witness protection scheme, as she is to testify against her gangster boyfriend Webster. Only Jim and Liz know her whereabouts but a call to London to the journalist paying her for her story puts her in the sights of her pursuers - men with guns. Jim foils an attempt to snatch her but that is not the end of the matter.
17 Dec. 1983
Holiday Snaps
Whilst Jersey couple Tony and Janet Morel are staying at a French camp-site Janet is murdered, requiring Jim to liaise with the French police. A local found with some of Janet's possessions is arrested but Jim learns that Janet was a domineering wife and Tony is the subject of a hate campaign by local youths. Kim tells Jim that Tony was also a voyeur, who took secret pictures of young girls. Certainly he is an obsessive photographer and his photo albums hold the key to both Janet's murder and one at the same camp site some years earlier.
24 Dec. 1983
Ice Maiden
Philippa Vale is a lady with a reputation as a jewel thief so that, when she comes to Jersey on the eve of George Thomas's private auction of a diamond worth a quarter of a million pounds, Jim is on his guard. Despite warnings George goes ahead with the auction, during which a power cut blows all the lights after which the diamond has gone. Though George's wife can explain what has happened, it would seem that Philippa was after an altogether different booty - but can Jim prove it?
31 Dec. 1983
Come Out Fighting
Boxer Eddie McCord comes to Jersey to challenge arrogant Frenchman Jacques Laronde for the middleweight title. Eddie and his wife Donna are black and are subject to racial abuse by local thugs, in addition to which a clumsy attempt is made to frame Eddie for theft. But when Donna is kidnapped, is this still the work of bigots, or of Lacorde trying to weaken his opponent, or is there a third explanation? Jim has to find out.
7 Jan. 1984
A Touch of Eastern Promise
Charlie invites Arab businessman Zaki Mansoor to invest in his all-weather leisure complex, not knowing that Zaki's government are aware of his illegal transactions and have asked his colleague Adnan Rashid to persuade him to leave Jersey. Instead Adnan agrees to front the deal on Zaki's behalf. Jim is asked to provide protection after attempts on Zaki's life but when Zaki kills an assassin sent by Adnan and Kim is endangered, he realizes that Zaki is lethally capable of protecting himself.
14 Jan. 1984
A Cry in the Night
At a party given on his boat by former rock drummer Boy Buckley, Rupert Galliers and his wife Emerald fall overboard and Rupert is pronounced dead whilst Emerald is in a coma. Jim learns that Galliers was heavily in debt, had caused a company to go bankrupt, imported cocaine and was unfaithful. This leads to the conclusion that one of the party-goers had cause to murder him. Jim must find out which one.
21 Jan. 1984
The Company You Keep
Two London burglars, Cook and Langdon, are targeting the homes of Jersey residents, their accomplice being thrill-seeking Angela Marshall, sister-in-law of one of the victims, who tips them off when the owners will be out. Angela is married but having a fling with Cook and loving every minute of it. However it looks as if her fondness for living dangerously will end in disaster for her and her felonious friends when she gets just that little bit too clever.
28 Jan. 1984
Tug of War
Ex-convict Jack Broughton snatches his little boy from ex-wife Pam and brings him to Jersey, where he collects his share of the loot from Julian West, who master-minded the bank job for which Jack served time. Befriended by sympathetic divorcée Marie, the pair go on the run when Pam and new husband Ken arrive and call in the police. Ken catches up with Jack on a lonely cliff top but is he merely a concerned partner or does he have his own reasons for following Jack?
4 Feb. 1984
House Guests
Financier Sir Gervase Ewell invites a clutch of international bankers to a conference at his house but, due to the connivance of his idealistic daughter Fleur, three terrorists break in to rob the delegates. Jim, investigating after a man is shot, is also taken hostage with the others whilst Ewell raises the money. Fortunately he is able to call the intruders' bluff - much helped by the greed of one of then.

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