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Why would I lie?

Author: queenofdenial1 from United States
29 July 2006

I loved this movie and searched for it for a number of years. All I could ever find was the pal format. It was released in Pal format. So if you didn't have a Pal player you were out of luck. I bought the Pal format on ebay from someone in the UK for a high price thinking I would find a player, but that never happened. Someone did contact me after my sale and offered to sell me a DVD of the movie which I accepted right away, I watch the movie at least once or twice a month. It always makes me laugh! I fell in Love with Treat Williams the first time I saw Hair. I didn't know that Treat Williams doesn't like to admit he was in this wonderful movie. I have about everything he was ever in. I wish they would release some of the other wonderful movies of that time period.

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An odd movie, yet unforgettable!

Author: mikebrace from Somewhere in New Jersey!
1 August 2005

This played for maybe a week on a showcase run in my area and I vaguely remember being the on only one in the theater when I saw it back in 1980...maybe 1979, I can't imagine it was 1980, like the IMDb says... Anyway, the little kid in the movie is Gabriel Macht, who was quite good, as I remember and is now an adult actor...he was excellent recently in A Love Song For Bobby Long, with John Travolta. How weird is it to see an actor you knew as a child suddenly, like 30? Lisa Eichorn was also excellent in this, and it never plays on TV or cable anymore, so let's hope that it will turn up as a budget DVD at some point. Even the people who sell never-released films as bootlegs don't have this one, and they've looked for it! Weird, huh?

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A funny and entertaining romantic comedy

Author: dickcl from Rancho Mirage, CA
26 April 2003

A great story shot in Spokane, WA about a family member who cannot help but stretch the truth just to make it more entertaining. Join that to a mother looking for her lost son makes for a touching drama coupled with a romantic comedy.

I taped this off HBO years ago and still watch it now and then.

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bit of trivia on Jeorge

Author: lgholston from Oregon
2 October 2004

This is one of my mom's favorite movies - it is very sad that it was never released! I did see it in the past year on a cable network station like TBS or WGN - so someone has the rights to run it. Bit of trivia: the boy who played Jeorge now goes by Gabriele Macht. I have seen him on a few things like the movie "The Recruit" and Sex and the City - recognized him immediately. Haven't found a site that says why he dropped Swann. IMDb doesn't have "Why Would I Lie" in his credits either - not quite sure why he and Treat Williams won't admit to appearing in this funny movie! I do remember the movie quite well if someone wants a more thorough synopsis. I might even be able to find a copy of what I taped off of cable, too. I didn't get it from the very beginning, but pretty close to it.

Here is Macht's IMDb link:

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A quirky but cute family movie

Author: pc-wiz from United States
21 December 2005

Treat Williams plays a guy who gets hit in the head with a rock during a protest and develops this urge to make things more interesting in life. When anyone thinks his story is a bit too unusual, he says "Why would I lie about a thing like that?" As I remember, a girl (Lisa Eichorn) and her son enter his life and his lies are believed and cause confusion and problems for others. After almost losing those who have become important in his life, he finally learns his lesson.

I had this movie on tape and loaned it to someone and, of course, never got it back. No big deal for most movies, but this one never made it to re-runs, commercial tape, or DVD. Why, I don't know. I remember it as better than many, if not most, in this genre.

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First saw it on HBO and watched it over and over because the story was great and so uniquely funny. Too bad it hasn't been released to video or DVD.

Author: Linda Roy (ljrseanfan) from United States
28 July 2004

From the first time I saw the movie on HBO I had to find out about this new actor on the scene,Treat Williams. Reading every video guide for the past 10 years and nowhere was this movie listed. Mr. Williams did a wonderful job with the story and made you almost believe that lying wasn't such a bad thing after all. A great romance movie for a rainy afternoon but just our luck it isn't available. Too bad VHS and DVD movies weren't sold back in 1980. A bundle could have been made from Treat fans alone and just think of the royalties. Is there some reason this movie wasn't released to network television after it's run on HBO? Not even as a rental and I recall asking the guy at Blockbuster to check for all Treat Williams movies and this one was never listed as one of his credits.

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This great film should be released on DVD

Author: bpotte from Minnesota
26 May 2007

This is a really well done movie that advances gradually toward a really "edge of your seat" ending. One reason why the ending is so exciting is that the characters have been carefully developed so that you care about them at the end. Add to that the superb performances of a thoughtful Lisa Eichhorn, a character who is maturing played by Treat Williams, and a wonderful child portrayal, and you have a movie that should sell on DVD. I've enjoyed watching Lisa Eichhorn every time I see her in a film. She doesn't give away her character in the first scene of the movie, but holds back some of it, making you watch closely to discover the type of person underneath the character's cautious facade. Most really good "romantic comedies" require characters that develop gradually. Otherwise they'd just be a comedy made of nothing but slapstick. I'd buy a copy of this movie if it was available!

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great movie

Author: wcb_one from United States
26 May 2007

"Why Would I Lie" is definitely #1 in my top 10 list. This movie an inspirational in my life. In 1980 my ex took my 5 year old son and disappeared. I spent 13 years tracking them down. We were reunited in 1993 after finding a graduation notice from his high school. The meaning of the biblical story of the prodigal son suddenly became crystal clear to me on that day. I believe that if I had never heard of "Jorge, with a J" I would probably have never seen my son again. It made me realize that family is the most important aspect of living in this world. If anyone knows where to obtain a copy, please let me know where. I would love to share it with my son. As usual, it fell by the wayside because of a bunch of self righteous "critics". It"s always frustrating when people fail to appreciate the entertainment and inspirational value of someone else's creation. Anyone who enjoyed this great movie is is truly a real human being. I'd be willing to bet you liked "The Magic Christian" as well.

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Extremely well done movie

Author: drwho13 from Florida
5 October 2005

I too, caught this movie on HBO back in the day. I liked it so much I made a copy of it. Unfortunately it is on Beta and my machine is toast. If anyone knows where to find a copy, please let me know. This is a film worth watching more than once, a rarity these days. The film carries you through the stages of basically a pathological liars life from childhood problems into adulthood very quickly, then gets you to the meat of the story. This background information is critical to the movie and is worth the wait for the hilarious and touching aspects of life that follow. I do not believe anyone could watch this movie without walking away thinking "what a great flick! Wonder why I never heard of it before."

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Want a copy

Author: astoriamary from United States
9 August 2007

I desperately want a copy of "Why Would I Lie" Used to have one on VHS but the machine ate it. This was a movie the entire family still talks about. I have searched and searched for years. This is the first time I just typed in the title on browser and got some sites to check out. I'm hoping someone can tell me how in the world we can purchase a copy. It just has to exist somewhere. My family truly feels this was the best movie Treat ever made, well he's done some really good movies, but this one remains our favorite. Please let me know if anyway can come up with a way to get our hands on a copy Thank you. I have already tried through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Borders. Even have looked through Netflix. Maybe someone can tell me the maker of the movie. If I remember right it was a made for TV film, but was it Hallmark??? Simply too long ago for me to remember. Would love to have my grandchildren see it a start a whole nother generation saying "why would I lie about a thing like that?" Just part of the normal conversation in our house. Hopefully whoever produced this one will continue to come up with more great family films

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