The Shining (1980) Poster


Plot Keywords

hotel caretaker
winter ghost
insanity colorado
insane job interview
haunting snow
writer's block psychic
telepathy cabin fever
writing cook
writer bar
freezer pantry
new year's eve supernatural power
falling down stairs trance
slow motion scene uxoricide
lifting someone into the air isolation
haunted house cannibalism
photograph able to see the dead
psychological disintegration long take
premonition good versus evil
psychopath blood
breaking down a door tricycle
redrum famous score
helicopter female frontal nudity
bear suit child abuse
surrealism dysfunctional family
ballroom dancing homicidal maniac
1980s costume
ice cream airplane
toy car identical twins
butcher knife cartoon on tv
elevator haunted hotel
two word title critically acclaimed
father son relationship kitchen
filmed in mirror freezing to death
sole black character dies cliche snowstorm
alcoholic relapse radio broadcast
labyrinth frozen body
butler nightmare
filicide baseball bat
bartender possession
child in peril electronic music score
ghost child tv news
miami florida hit on the head
reincarnation husband wife relationship
domestic violence wilderness
airport famous line
skeleton home sweet home
blockbuster axe murder
store room child murder
writing the same words over and over cult
magical negro stereotype doctor
abusive father extrasensory perception
hedge maze lifting a male into the air
chapter headings forest ranger
rocky mountains canned food
hallucination restroom
writing backwards cult film
denver colorado based on the works of stephen king
maniac villain played by lead actor
mirror axe
imaginary friend typewriter
slasher talking backwards
marriage psychopathic killer
bathtub bathroom
repetition racial slur
volkswagen beetle mother son relationship
overhead camera shot horror movie remade
home chase
older woman nude pediatrician
murder based on novel
title spoken by character actor shares first name with character
surprise ending

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