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Brilliant Film, McDowell at his Best
Bacchus-1028 February 2001
No one's ever heard of this film, and no one will ever visit this page, but this is a film that no longer can be made. The writer, the director, and the star represent a time that is past. John Osborne and Lindsay Anderson are dead, and McDowell, lacking directors of Anderson's and Stanley Kubrick's genius, has never made a film as good since.

The script, taken from Osborne's play, and McDowell's acting are a fountain of champagne.

The story may alienate some people, but the trick is to try to view Jimmy Porter more as a victim than as a victimizer.
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Reading your review makes me look back in anger
dellos31 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Sir, I have seen this work. it was released on video tape as it was shot on tape and was shown on PBS in the eighties as part of Great Performances Serise. I like this work as anyone who has ever struggled to live and overcome the shoddy treatment of people they love and it is sad because it is all they have. They don't have to make stories like this anymore as too many people are living this way with out hope and in despair as they see no future and tomorrow is the same as today as toady is the same as yesterday. I cried when Alison, Jimmy porters wife comes back to him and tells him about crawling through the mud and finally understanding what grief is like. Some criticism about this version was that McDowell was to old for the part of jimmy, I didn't find it as I was able to suspend disbelief as the acting is very good. I would buy this version of it was on DVD.
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Great film from a past time TV.
Fidel Saavedra Bravo19 July 2015
I saw this on TV in the 80's and I have never forgotten it. Having read Osborne's plays at the university, it was a pleasure to watch his best piece portrayed in such a brilliant way and with such great actors. McDowell, of course, excels as Jimmy, but the rest of the ensemble is on par with him. You wonder whatever happened to McDowell's career afterwards, considering the fact he was such a fine actor. One can even forgive him for having been in that horrid thing called Caligula.Too bad it is impossible to find a copy of this made-for-TV movie, considering the time and the fact that maybe there isn't any record of it left. Still, if you can find it among your old VHS tapes, give it a try. I'm sure you will be impressed.
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