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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman smears a greasy lotion over a mans naked chest and takes off her own clothing and then straddles him, and prepares to make (forced) love to him, by getting him aroused. Her breasts are exposed. He is a prisoner and is being held captive, for his virility and bloodline.
  • A naked man's penis is briefly seen twice dangling behind a pouch, which is the only thing he has on to cover his genital region.

Violence & Gore

  • A large fish is caught by fishermen and a huge chunk has been taken out it's side.
  • A man has an Axe buried in his forehead.
  • A man has his belly gutted open with an Axe.
  • There are sounds of violence heard from below deck of a boat.
  • A man feels heat on the back of his neck and as he turns, he sees a man who has set his head on fire. It is then implied that the man on fire then kills the other man.
  • A dead woman is seen laying in bed, with a bloody garrote gash on her neck.
  • A barracuda is caught and is bashed several times, before being brought aboard a boat.
  • A teenage boy is dragged into the ocean by a teenage girl and she attempts to drown him.
  • A man on a boat is attacked by another and they briefly fight and threaten each other. One man gets shot.
  • A man and a teenage boy are tied to posts and interrogated.
  • A teenage boy has his eyes pried open with sticks and he is then tormented and brainwashed to accept a new identity.
  • A man is held prisoner and is shackled.
  • A man is shot at by his brainwashed son. He is holding a breadfruit and the boy is aiming for this and it explodes all over his father.
  • A man is swimming to escape and is stung by jellyfish (Portuguese man O' war).
  • A woman deliberately has the stinging tentacles of a jellyfish brushed across her naked torso and breasts.
  • A large sail ship is raided and most of the inhabitants are killed by pirates. They are shot and slashed at with swords. Not graphic, but still violent by implication.
  • A man who knows martial arts is seen using a few connected moves on a couple of men, until he gets stabbed with a sword.
  • Animals are briefly seen being slaughtered and drained of blood to put into a potion too drink.
  • A teenage boy is forced to drink a bloody concoction.
  • A man is shot with a crossbow arrow in the chest.
  • Several men are stabbed or throat slashed with bloody wounds.
  • A coast guard ship is attacked and the inhabitants fight off the assailants. There are some scenes of men being shot and garroted with bloody results.
  • A bunch of men are repeatedly shot at with a large machine gun, which results in much blood and carnage.
  • A teenage boy is held hostage, while is father attempts to rescue him and fights with the antagonist.
  • A man is shot at with a flare gun and the lit flare hits him in the belly. He then falls over the side of metal step railings and falls to his death.


  • Mild to moderate infrequent profanity and some mild\moderate derogatory terms. Used in context.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two instances of cigarette smoking.
  • One instance of cigar smoking.
  • Some instances of drunkenness.
  • One of the ships taken over by pirates was in the process of smuggling cocaine, but no one is seen using any. One person is shown acting high.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This film has some intense action and violence throughout. There are several instances of bloody and graphic violence. The violence has an uneasy mix of being somewhat action orientated in parts; yet due to it's context and presentation it can also come across as disturbing and realistic.
  • There is some suspense and quite a few intense sequences throughout. Not a film really suitable for persons under 15\16 years of age, due to the depictions of violence and some scenes of horror.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore


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