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Rolex in the Movies: The Action Timepiece

It’s the most celebrated, the most special, the most significant watch of all time; Rolex is symbolic of many things in the movies: style, wealth, attitude, and perhaps most importantly, taste. That is not to say a Rolex is elitist, but rather that the wearer on screen, anyone from James Bond to Steve McQueen, is someone possessed of the knowledge that there is no better. Rolex is the pinnacle.

The history of Rolex on film is not nearly as interesting as the scope of its wearers and how this simple act of either discreet or ostentatious display can define character. Take James Bond, a man whose breeding was forced upon him; he developed taste and nurtured it. Roger Moore’s incarnation of 007, the most overlooked style wise, is 100% a Rolex customer – even if his custom Submariner in Live and Let Die (1971) was modified somewhat by Q Branch. Sorry, but
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Film Nerd 2.0: How does 'cool' get handed down from one generation to the next?

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Film Nerd 2.0: How does 'cool' get handed down from one generation to the next?
Later this month, my father will be in La, and Toshi is already asking me what movie he's going to get to watch with Grandaddy this time. As we covered in an earlier Film Nerd 2.0, my dad shared some John Wayne films with Toshi and Allen during a vacation to Big Bear a few years ago, and they both connect John Wayne to my father now, exactly the same way I did when I was their age. Today, my father turns 76 years old, and one of the things that I love about our relationship was the way he defined certain icons of cool for me because I saw what they meant to him. Steve McQueen, for example. I can't think of McQueen without thinking of my dad. On more than one occasion, I was able to get him to stop cold in his tracks simply by flipping past a cable
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Bluray Review: The Sender (1982)

Giving fans one hell of a telepathic thriller, Roger Christian (Bandido)’s 1982 film The Sender has finally made its way to Bluray, and it’s one entertaining ride that really holds up incredibly well. Following Gail Farmer (Kathryn Harrold, Raw Deal, The Hunter), a woman who works at a mental hospital and her interest in a new patient only known as “John Doe #83″ (portrayed by character actor Zeljko Ivanek, In Bruges, Hannibal), The Sender does an excellent job of giving genre fans a film that is unlike any other films of its type.

Calling himself “Christ” and exhibiting typical messiah-complex like tendencies, John Doe #83 on the surface just seems like another mystery patient, who thinks he’s god. What causes Gail to gravitate towards him though, is the strange occurrences that seem to surround Doe, ones that at first seem coincidental, yet as the film goes on, she (and we
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20 Best Sound On Sight Podcast Episodes

A while back, when we released the 400th episode of the Sound On Sight podcast, a few close friends and longtime listeners requested we compile a list of our favorite shows we recorded over the years. Now that the podcast has officially come to an end, I decided to finally set aside some time in my schedule and give them what they want. Initially, I set out to pick ten, but after 500 recordings and 8 long years, it was simply too hard to choose so few, so I opted for 20 instead. In selecting these episodes, I tried to show the wide range of genres we covered over the years, including Spaghetti Westerns, Italian Horror, Southern Gothic, underground cult, family friendly, foreign language and even Hollywood classics. We’ve been blessed with several guest hosts and interviews with many filmmakers including genre legends George A. Romero and John Landis, to name a few.
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Round-Up: Night Of The Living Dead: Darkest Dawn, Funko Comic-Con Exclusives, The Sender and Student Bodies Blu-rays

Made entirely with CG, Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn will premiere at Walker Stalker Fan Fest in July. Also in this round-up: release details for Wave 7 of Funko's Comic-Con 2015 exclusive figures and The Sender and Student Bodies Blu-rays.

Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn: "Night Of The Living Dead: Darkest Dawn is a new fully CG take on the 1968 classic, “Night of the Living Dead.” This is the story of a group of survivors fighting to stay alive when a mysterious plague unleashes the undead on New York City. Barricaded in an abandoned apartment building, the characters from the original film face new terror and question each other’s compassion and sense of humanity as they fight to stay alive against the army of the walking dead...It was directed by Krisztian Majdik, Zebediah Y. Desoto, and written by David Schwartz, Zebediah Y. De Soto, Jib Polhemus,
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The Simpsons' top 30 movie references

The Simpsons has pastiched hundreds of movies in its time. From Hitchcock to Kubrick to Disney, we select our top 30 favourites...

The Simpsons has a long history of peppering its stories with pop culture references, and some of the show’s finest gags stem from the world of cinema. These have ranged from the briefest of quotes, to full on shot-for-shot parodies and extended episode-long homages.

Most striking in trying to put this list together was the sheer volume of movie references there are to choose from. In pretty much any given episode of The Simpsons, there are at least a couple, with nods to James Bond, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the work of Alfred Hitchcock proving three of the most regular candidates. The tributes to numerous great horror movies in the show’s Treehouse Of Horror episodes could have been used to fill this list all on their own.
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20 movie villains, and the menacing stories they tell

Ryan Lambie Nov 1, 2017

With The Silence Of The Lambs back in UK cinemas, we look at the creepy stories movie villains tend to tell...

Occasionally, a movie villain will pause for a moment to deliver a brief story or anecdote. And often, these apparently incidental tales tell us a lot about an antagonist's state of mind, experiences or warped worldview.

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We've compiled a selection of 20 here. Some of them are blackly funny. Many are disturbing. One or two are even moving. The first one's very strange. All of them bring something unique to each particular film in which they appear, and all of them are laced with a delicious hint of menace. Spoilers for each of the films inevitably lie ahead...

20. Xander - Enemies Closer (2013)

"When I was a little boy at my grandmama's place,
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20 movie villains and the menacing stories they tell

"How do you get rats off an island?" From Skyfall's Silva to Harry Lime, we took at the menacing little stories told by 20 screen villains.

Occasionally, a movie villain will pause for a moment to deliver a brief story or anecdote. And often, these apparently incidental tales tell us a lot about an antagonist's state of mind, experiences or warped worldview.

We've compiled a selection of 20 here. Some of them are blackly funny. Many are disturbing. One or two are even moving. The first one's very strange. All of them bring something unique to each particular film in which they appear, and all of them are laced with a delicious hint of menace.

20. Xander - Enemies Closer (2013)

"When I was a little boy at my grandmama's place, she had a lovely goose. I named her Edith, after the French singer Edith Piaf..."

We begin with a delightfully weird story from Peter Hyams' 2013 thriller,
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Legendary 'The Good The Bad & The Ugly' star Eli Wallach passes away at 98

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Legendary 'The Good The Bad & The Ugly' star Eli Wallach passes away at 98
98 years old. Remarkable. I can't imagine making it to 98. I can't imagine the breadth of life experience you could have in that amount of time. Eli Wallach leaves behind a truly great filmography and a family life that is enviable, having been married to the same woman, Anne Jackson, since 1948. She had a hell of a filmography herself, and they had three children together. I am in awe of anyone who can build a life that solid for that long, never mind someone who works in the film industry, where relationships are, at best, impermanent, and at worst, inconsequential. Wallach will leave an amazing legacy onscreen, but he was part of something larger, a total shift in the way acting was approached, and telling his story is telling the story of that paradigm change. He was part of that first wave of Method actors who made the jump from their
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'Tvd' Star Previews An 'Explosive' Jeremy in S5

'Tvd' Star Previews An 'Explosive' Jeremy in S5
Nobody's really having that a great time in Mystic Falls, but life was rougher than normal for Jeremy Gilbert last year. Not only did his sister become a vampire that he, temporarily, wanted to kill since he was secretly part of an ancient supernatural assassin squad, but Jeremy also died himself before being resurrected by his beloved who he then watched die for her efforts.

Season five picks up several months after Bonnie's death, which Jeremy has spent the summer keeping secret by ghostwriting text messages to everyone in her life. But, if you can believe it, that's not the biggest change in Jeremy's life this year as Steven McQueen told me when I recently visited The Vampire Diaries. Keep reading to find out how all these secrets wreak havoc on Jeremy's mental state and how the character's physical state is wreaking havoc on Steven's cookie cupboard!

ETonline: When this season picks up, where's Jeremy's
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5 Things You Might Not Know About Roman Polanski's 'Chinatown'

Is there such a thing as a perfect film? Perhaps. You could certainly argue that personal taste plays into the question of perfection too much -- one man's triumph is another's disaster. And even so, there are so many possible things that can go wrong with a film -- one duff performance, one ill-conceived shot, one poorly-written scene -- that it's almost an impossible task. But dammit if we don't consider "Chinatown" to be as close as you can get to being perfect.

Starting with a devilishly complex, yet brilliantly simple script from Robert Towne, still one of the finest ever written, it displays top class at every level, from Roman Polanski directing at his peak (in his last American film), to ace performances from Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway and Walter Huston, to Jerry Goldsmith's all-time-great score. It's hard to ask for much more from a film. "Chinatown" was
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Adios, Duane: Dog The Bounty Hunter Cancelled

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All good things must come to an end. And now, so must Dog the Bounty Hunter.

After eight (8!) seasons of the hit reality show, A&E have passed on a ninth season of their cameras following professional bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman and his family of lovable fugitive-recovery agents as they go about recovering fugitives and wearing their sunglasses indoors. It was a good run, folks, and it certainly lasted longer than anyone really could have imagined, even in this age of ur-celebrity. Apparently, “creative differences” were the reason the show has come to an end, though the loads of “behind-the-scenes controversy” probably also began to harm more than it helped.

But rather than just go negative and dip into my bag of mullet jokes, I thought I’d give something else a go. Last month, while talking about something else, I squabbed a bit about how a few years
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Book Review: "Steve McQueen: The Actor And His Films"

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By Tom Lisanti

Steve McQueen: The Actor and His Films by Andrew Antonaides and Mike Siegel from Dalton Watson Fine Books is one of the finest, most lavish movie books about a single actor that I have ever read. All of iconic superstar Steve McQueen’s films are equally discussed from his classics (The Blob, The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, The Cincinnati Kid, The Sand Pebbles, Bullitt, The Thomas Crown Affair, Papillon), to his lesser known earlier movies (Never Love a Stranger, The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery)An Enemy of the People, The Hunter), to his misfires (The Honeymoon Machine, Soldier in the Rain, Baby the Rain Must Fall), to his TV series (Wanted: Dead or Alive). Most coffee table-type movie books that I have encountered are extravagantly- made, featuring glorious photographs, but containing very little substance. However, Steve McQueen
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The Best of Toronto International Film Festival 2011

  • The Film Stage
After ten days of watching nearly 70 films and conducting a handful of interviews, the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival has concluded. While we just hit our three-year anniversary, it was actually my fifth year at the festival and it remains one of my favorite experiences of the year. While it is more straight-to-business than something like Sundance, the breadth of films available is stunning.

We covered as much as possible from upcoming major releases to indies that may never get distribution here in the Us. I’ve rounded up everything below, starting off with our top favorites. Note that I didn’t include Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive since it is now in wide release, but it surely would have made the top 10 and you can read our review here. Click the titles of films to check out our full reviews.

The Best

50/50 (Jonathan Levine)

Drawing from a dark time in his own life,
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“Shame,” “The Raid” lead list of Tiff 2011 film sales

By Sean O’Connell Sales news out of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was steady, with deals being negotiated throughout the festival instead of landing in massive waves either near the start or finish of the 11-day fest.

Major titles harboring Oscar aspirations, from Steve McQueen’s “Shame” and Andrea Arnold’s “Wuthering Heights” to Luc Besson’s “The Lady,” struck deals during Tiff 2011, part of an announced 31 films that left Toronto with distribution deals in place. Outside of the awards game, films that will find niche audiences (such as Bobcat Goldthwait’s pitch-black comedy “God Bless America,” the action hit “The Raid,” or Lynn Shelton’s “Your Sister’s Sister”) learned they’d be distributed to larger audiences in time.

“It’s good to see that the Festival has once again provided a solid foundation to facilitate film sales,” said Cameron Bailey, Co-Director of the Toronto International Film Festival.
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Toronto International Film Festival 2011 Lineup

  • MUBI
News is rolling out of Toronto for this year's festival, with the Galas and the Special Presentations sections announced.  As always with Tiff, the sheer number of films can seem overwhelming, but with new films by David Cronenberg (A Dangerous Method, pictured above), Terence Davies (!), Francis Ford Coppola, Wang Xiaoshuai, Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud, and William Friedkin added to big names that premiered already this year (including Almodóvar, Von Trier, Nanni Moretti, and Nicolas Winding Refn) it looks like the 2011 iteration will be as packed with must-see cinema as ever before.  We'll be updating this listing as new lineups are announced.  See Tiff's official website for details.


Albert Nobbs (Rodrigo Garcia, Ireland) Butter (Jim Field Smith, USA) A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg, France/Ireland/UK/Germany/Canada) From the Sky Down (Davis Guggenheim, USA) A Happy Event (Rémi Bezançon, France) The Ides of March (George Clooney, USA) The Lady (Luc Besson,
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First Toronto Festival Announcements Include New Work From George Clooney, David Cronenberg and Francis Ford Coppola

If you're more interested in the typical fall slate of festival entrees than summer's glut of tentpole action fare, this is a great week. The Toronto International Film Festival announced the first wave of films that will play the fest in September. This is a batch of about 50 titles, which makes up only a small chunk of the programming. Usually Tiff features between two and three hundred films. But these are some of the highest-profile entries. Below you'll find rundowns on the new films from George Clooney, Bennett Miller, Jay & Mark Duplass, Todd Solondz, Francis Ford Coppola, Cameron Crowe, Sarah Polley, Fernando Meirelles, Lars von Trier, Marc Forster, Steve McQueen, Alexander Payne, and Lynne Ramsay. No announcement yet of the Midnight Madness programming choices, always some of my faves, but this is a great start. This is quite the list -- there are easily thirty films here that could be potential top ten for 2011 candidates,
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Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff) Reveals Incredible Line-Up Of Films

The Toronto International Film Festival is once again proving to be a major stop on the festival circuit. The announcement was released yesterday of 53 titles, including 31 world premieres, and some of the biggest names of the year are among them. Most, if not all, of the films I am most looking forward to will be in attendance, and with the festival just around the corner, the time to get excited for these offerings is now.

Check out the full release below.

Now in its 36th year, the Toronto International Film Festival® today unveiled a selection of films in the 2011 Galas and Special Presentations programmes. The selection comprises 10 Galas and 43 Special Presentations, including 31 World Premieres. Running from September 8 to 18, this year’s Festival presents the world premieres of films from directors Bruce Beresford, Luc Besson, Rémi Bezancon, Cameron Crowe, Terence Davies, Mathieu Demy, Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass, Roland Emmerich, Julian Farino,
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Toronto film festival 2011: the full programme

The films screened at this year's Toronto film festival – as the programme release is staggered, this will be updated as more information comes in

The 36th Toronto Film Festival runs September 8 - 18 2011. This article will be updated as official announcements detailing the full line-up are released this week.

World premieres

11 Flowers, Dir: Wang Xiaoshuai

50/50, Dir: Jonathan Levine

360, Dir: Fernando Mier

Albert Nobbs, Dir: Rodrigo Garcia

Americano, Dir: Mathieu Demy

Anonymous, Dir: Roland Emmerich

A Better Life, Dir: Cédric Khan

Burning Man, Dir: Jonathan Teplitzky

Butter, Dir: Jim Field Smith

Countdown, Dir: Huh Jong-ho

The Deep Blue Sea, Dir: Terence Davies

The Descendants, Dir: Alexander Payne

Elles, Dir: Malgorzata Szumowska

Friends With Kids, Dir: Jennifer Westfeldt

From the Sky Down, Dir: Davis Guggenheim

A Happy Event, Dir: Remi Bezancon

Hick, Dir: Derick Martini

The Hunter, Dir: Daniel Nettheim

Jeff Who Lives at Home, Dir: Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass

The Lady,
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Toronto International Film Festival Announces 2011 Galas and Special Presentations

It looks like we're in for another great year at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I'm excited to be just a little bit closer to the action this time around. The very first titles from the 2011 fest were announced today, and there were definitely a lot of familiar faces among the 10 Galas and 43 Special Presentations. George Clooney is back with two films this year (The Ides of March and The Descendants) and many other Tiff alumni are returning with their latest works including David Cronenberg (A Dangerous Method), Lars Von Trier (Melancholia), Todd Solondz (Dark Horse), Fernando Meirelles (360), Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), Steve McQueen (Shame), Pedro Almodóvar (The Skin I Live In), Michael Winterbottom (Trishna) and Sarah Polley (Take This Waltz). Both Moneyball and 50/50 fill the requisite "big September release with awards potential" slots, while Roland Emmerich's Anonymous was a bit of a surprise pick. However, for the first time ever,
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