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Humanoids from the Deep
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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: BadRon from Brooklyn, USA
4 June 2000

Oh man, was this one fun to watch. One of the reasons some bad films are viewable is because you can sense how much fun everyone had making this film. This is such a case. It is real bad. The actors play it straight and that only adds to the fun with all the ridiculous goings-on. And you can't beat this logic: these oversized man/salmon creatures are coming up on land reeking havoc. So how does Doug McClure intend to catch these things? He heads to his boat and out to sea armed only with a fishing pole. I was sold. If you watch to laugh rather than be scared, you'll have fun with this one.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Wet entertainment.

Author: franco-28 from USA
13 October 1999

Here we are in the watery depths with horny, salmon fed, humanoids from the deep. If they werent playing so many games at the fair, then they might have done better against the Salmon Queen. This is entertainment, if you want a smart movie, go rent Pi, stay away from Humanoids, but if you want to have a dumb fun movie then get this 1. Ive seen it more than once (twice) & would gladly see it again if it just didnt ruin the taste of salmon.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

surprisingly gory

Author: Pierce-8
5 September 1999

being that this is from roger corman i knew this film would probably be stupid. i was right, but what i didnt count on was the high abundance of gore! especially at the end where the town was having some kind of 4th of july party. ok film but doesnt really add anything special to the genre.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

* *1/2 out of 4.

Author: Brandon L. Sites ( from USA
14 August 2002

Group of underwater monsters come up to the ground to rape women and murder men. Their intentions are to reproduce and gain control of a small town. Fun, scary, and even witty little monster flick is a send-up of 50's & 60's monster flicks from Roger Corman, only with more graphic violence and sex. The finale has to be seen to be believed! Rated R; Rape, Nudity, Graphic Violence and Profanity.

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6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Inverse scattering for CHUDs!

Author: farnum from seattle
4 November 2005

Three hands down, Humanoids from the Deep (H.f.t.D.)is one of the greatest interspecies copulating movies of all time. Believe me, I ought to know! Back when I was in grad school I did some research about inverse scattering to solve the Helmholtz equation. A lot of people don't know it, but you can actually use my results in the detection of subterranean C.H.U.D.s. Now I know what you're thinking -- a C.H.U.D. is a C.H.U.D. and a H.f.t.D. is a H.f.t.D., right? But tell me this -- next time you're roller skiing down the street and you see a guy with a ventriloquist dummy get his head ripped off in a tent just because he was about to get it on with his hot girlfriend on the beach, and then you find out she was impregnated by the otherworldly beast, are you going to pick nits? or just pick your nose and put it in the booger box? I rest my case. My point is this -- C.H.U.D.s, Humnanoids from the Deep -- who cares what you call them -- if you see their scattering support on the beach you'd best hightail your compact balls out of there. Pronto! The other thing that would have made this movie better would be if there was a guy with a gorilla suit in it. They wouldn't even need to hire another guy, they could just let Doug McClure do it. Heck, I could do it myself. It wouldn't be the first time. Once I was wearing my gorilla suit, drinking a nice glass of Barollo, watching Humanoids from the Deep and thats when I got the idea of using the whole inverse scattering thing for subterranean C.H.U.D. detection. THen I thought naah, I gotta do laundry and buy milk and stuff. It's so funny because it's true! So here's my advice: if you love someone, set them free. Then go out and watch Humanoids from the Deep!

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"Where'd all the fish go?"

Author: Predrag ( from Serbia
5 February 2017

First of all, this is a "Roger Corman Classic" , so you should have some idea what you're getting into right off the bat. If you can accept that and are game to continue watching, you're in for a pretty great low budget monster movie. Yes, it is a corny 1980 horror movie with large sea creatures running around killing people and a little gratuitous nudity, but that is what makes it great. To me it is similar to the original "Jaws" movie as far as entertainment. This movie is about a small town on the water that gets attacked by a school of fish-men who have to impregnate human women to survive. A few people (and dogs) get killed and the obligatory teenage couples get killed (boys) or worse (girls) before the inevetable massed attack on the town fair. The difference with this movie is that after the initial shock and a few deaths/rapes the locals realize that the fish men may have the arms of orangutans and the teeth of sharks, they also had the agility of wombats. Crowds of locals armed with rifles and bits of wood make short work of the bipedal sushi.

The low budget makes the goings-on more ghastly than you might otherwise find in more mainstream films. (After all, this was a Roger Corman-produced flick.) This forced the filmmakers to be creative to achieve their vision and, IMHO, the resulting F/X stuff is generally pretty decent. I'm a big Doug McClure fan also, so his inclusion is a bonus. Film is played straight and despite the absurd plot, it comes across fairly honest and believable (on its own terms). Be aware that the ending is a one of modern horror's truly legendary gross-out, showstopping shockers... so don't say you weren't warned!

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

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Nothing special

Author: deathadder-13878 from Minnesota
18 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not much to say about this one. It seems better on paper than it ultimately did in execution. The plot's as trite as you'd imagine. Bad guys have poisoned the earth and literally created a monster (typical for the 70's) while yuppie/corporate scum is in denial about it and/or outright covering it up (as in Jaws).

The actors were passable as for the most part they play things straight. James Horner puts way more effort into the music than he should have, strange that such a talented guy got stuck doing some of Corman's worst movies. Oh well, at least he graduated to scoring real movies eventually.

I feel that the film's biggest flaw is listless point and shoot direction. Corman's notorious cheapness, by the 80's, was keeping talented directors away. And even if they had talent, Corman's relentlessly cynical approach to filmmaking made it very difficult to achieve anything creative or even interesting. That being said, Humanoids can't even reach the mediocre heights that Corman's early 80's highlights reached. Ya know, stuff like Slumber Party Massacre and Galaxy Invaders.

The monster attack scenes are particularly lame. Lit much too bright, men in rubber suits visibly struggling to perform physical tasks with grace or menace, ineptly staged and edited as well. It's so amateurish that it fails to even offend in spite of the rapes and nudity. Like some death metal band that strives so hard to be shocking, it's too childish and inane to be worthy of one's further attention or lasting feelings. A low budget is no excuse. Halloween didn't need a big budget to be polished, creatively sophisticated, and original.

Lamentably, Corman would actually get progressively worse after the early 80's. To the point of churning out bland remakes of his back catalog in the 90's.

As for the director being a woman, big deal. Corman wasn't fooling anyone. Junk is junk, doesn't matter what the director's gender is.

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Roger Corman's monster movie is exquisitely gruesome fun

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
4 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow! Every once in a while a B-movie comes along which makes you sit up in your seat and take note, and this cheesy, low-budget monster movie is such a film. From the production company of legendary exploitation king Roger Corman, this is an exciting, sometimes funny monster rampage romp with plenty of gratuitous violence and nudity to keep things moving swiftly along. What more can you ask for? We'll, there's plenty more. For a start, the cast is populated by B-movie stalwarts, including wooden hero Doug McClure. This was sadly McClure's last venture into the creature features (after he'd spent years in Britain fighting papier-mache creations in the likes of THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT), but he goes out with a bang, shooting up and fighting loads of the abominable fish-men. He's supported by plenty of actresses who find themselves in peril, including a surprisingly resourceful Ann Turkel and Cindy Weintraub. Vic Morrow also hams it up as an unbelievably stupid cannery employee.

The template of this film is typical of any monster movie; first off, we have isolated sporadic attacks, then an investigation, and finally an all out rampage with hundreds of people running and screaming from the beasts until they're finally defeated. This makes the film feel like an updated CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, and indeed it is: without the gore and nudity, this would fit in happily with the other monster larks of the 1950s. The first two thirds of the film show us these isolated attacks with glee. Almost every attack has a half-naked woman running away from these monsters, it's surprising how these women are so unlucky in getting their clothes ripped off! Corman cleverly decided to keep his monsters under wraps until the final third, but they don't disappoint when we finally do see fact, they're excellent! This doesn't come as much of a surprise actually when you consider that Rob Bottin, who also created THE THING, was responsible for them. The seaweed-covered, slimy-looking monsters are absolutely excellent, and it's great how there's loads of them instead of the usual one or two.

Obviously the best parts of the movie are the bits where the monsters are attacking people. The best scene for me is where they burst up from underneath a pier. They also get to die messily, with blood squirting everywhere. As this was a year after ALIEN, no film would be complete without a monster bursting from a woman's chest, and this is no exception! Thankfully the rape scenes are only shown briefly. This film doesn't skimp on the violence, either, and there's plenty of gooey gore flying about. The monsters bleed red blood for a change, and frequently get the opportunity to do so! People have half their faces ripped off, are crushed, snapped, have their chests torn open, blood splashing everywhere. The fun spirit of this film shines through at all times, making it a classic example of a monster movie which seems strangely old-fashioned despite all of the extremes. Definitely worth tracking down, as this is quite difficult to find these days.

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Not a quality picture, but a fun picture.

Author: HorrorMovieSiD from Hell
28 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is your standard old drive-in Creature Feature that has tons of gore and boobs. It's great if your in for a cheap thrill. This film goes right up along side any Roger Corman produced picture from the eighties. It's rumored that he was approached to direct this movie but he decided to produce it. Humanoids from the Deep, also known as Monster, is a strange but forgettable piece of exploitation that failed to make it's notch in history. Don't let that detour you though. This is a really fun little film that doesn't fail to be entertaining.

A small sea town in California is terrorized by some mutated creatures from the deep. They look like some sort of mutated fish, merman- thing. They seem to have one goal in mind and that is raping and impregnating the females of the town. Also the town is being taken for a ride by a shifty businessman and his new corporate cannery. Could this evil cannery corporation be responsible for the Extreme Creatures of the Black Lagoon?

This movie is all that you would expect from a Corman production. Apparently, the Director Barbara Peeters was unaware of the amount of skin that would be shown. But critics have touted it as necessary. I have to disagree. The film could have been just as good without the copious amounts of breasts, but then what would set it aside? It has its place in the eighties as a Grindhouse picture and serves that reputation well. The acting is far below par. Even from veterans like Doug McClure and Vic Marrow. Except, you don't watch movies like this for the acting do you?

A decent amount of gore. Tons of graphic content. This movie is not a kid's picture. The plot may seem a bit immature but believe me, it isn't for children. Think of it as an adult Creature from the Black Lagoon. I recommend it to those that are curious. If you have seen most eighties horror movies, there is a good chance that you haven't seen this.

Check it out and share what you think!

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A fun little low budget monster movie

Author: MovieLord23 from San Antonio
27 January 2015

Humanoids from the Deep is exactly what it wants to be: an exploitation creature feature. Featuring a lot of nudity and violence, this is one shameless little drive-in horror film that sets out to deliver some thrills and nothing else. The film has famously had some problems in its production, but in the end, it is a fun monster movie.

Good: I like the design of the humanoids and they are admittedly better looking than most creatures that are displayed in movies of low budgets like these. The film knows its campy and sets out to be just that. Some good gore and gratuitous nudity spice up the film. The climactic carnival scene is fun to watch. Shout out to the score composed by James Horner in one of his first films as composer.

Bad: Like many films of this type, it suffers from the usual problems. The acting is stiff, there are obvious scenes of dubbed dialogue, there is sloppy editing, the story itself is pretty dull, and the low budget shows in its sets and effects at times.

Overall, it is low budget horror junk food fare, but it is done with enough charm that it overcomes some of its shortcomings.

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