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28 out of 34 people found the following review useful:

Truly nasty and exploitative Corman-highlight

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
14 December 2004

With some imagination, the best way to describe "Humanoids from the Deep" is calling it a nasty and perverted update of the "Creature from the Black Lagoon"-premise. That classic Jack Arnold featured oppressed sexual undertones while HftD is a downright outrageous and rancid flick. Not bad to see a woman directs a more or less anti-women movie…even though Corman hired someone else to shoot extra sleaze-footage. In many ways, it also feels like you're watching an Italian horror product! The style and atmosphere of this film are so silly, the violence is so explicit and the plot rips off several other genre classics. Don't be fooled, however, because this is an authentic Roger Corman production and definitely one of the most entertaining ones he ever was involved in. The plot handles about ecologically mutated fish that attack a little fish-town during the annual salmon-festival. The creatures, which evolve amazingly fast, kill the men and rape the women.

"Humanoids from the Deep" is an unbelievably entertaining gorefest! The monster-suits are some of the most efficient ever and they look truly despicable. The gratuitous nudity is – of course – a very redundant element but Corman surely knows that it sells. As mentioned before, this film rips off quite a few genre hits and cleverly uses eerie ideas (and music) from "Jaws" and "Alien". The make-up effects are simply disgusting … and that's a positive comment. Especially the grotesque finale, set during the yearly festival, contains some sickness every self-respecting horror fan should see. Even though the film could have used a little more humor to put it the wholesome into perspective a little, this surely is fundamental viewing for all fans of trash film-making. For some incomprehensible reason, Corman also put his money in made-for-TV remake during the 90's. That film might be fairly gore as well, but it entirely lacks the campy, light-headed fun of this original. Make sure you watch the right version!

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20 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

Gill-men kill men... and rape women!

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
16 April 2007

Check this out for a storyline: hideous fish-men rise from the ocean depths in order to mate with human females and thus speed up their rapid evolution (which has already been kick-started by them eating genetically mutated salmon). Now if that doesn't sound like B-movie monster heaven, then I don't know what does.

After fisherman Jim Hill (ageing action 'hunk', Doug McClure), native-American Johnny Eagle (Anthony Pena), and scientist Susan Drake (Ann Turkel), discover the randy web-footed mutants in a nearby network of caves, they must race to the fishing town of Noyo to warn the locals of the danger that awaits them.

A wonderfully silly and scary portion of fishy fun, Humanoids From The Deep is a must-see for all fans of rubbery creature features. Packed with numerous dubious delights, which include the raping of buxom babes by the seaweed-covered critters, loads of gruesome gory killings, the obligatory shower scene, and a terrific ending in which the beasts gatecrash a party with bloody results, the film entertains from the very start right up to its OTT splattery ending.

Produced by horror legend Roger Corman, HFTD manages to deliver its preposterous plot with just the right mixture of seriousness and knowing silliness (watch the ventriloquist scene for the loopiest moment, when the dummy's eyes flick back and forth as its owner is killed!). Ace make-up FX man Rob Bottin's work is top-notch—the monsters may be men in suits, but they are still effectively disgusting looking things, equipped with razor sharp fangs, weird extended fore-arms and obscenely bulging craniums—and the seasoned leads (including Vic Morrow as town bad-guy Hank Slattery) give credible performances. The big breasted girls in the movie are also great, gamely shedding their clothes at every chance and enthusiastically bouncing in front of the camera!

Unabashedly misogynistic, and very, very silly, 'Humanoids' is a gem of 80s horror and a real treat for fans of trash cinema—do yourself a favour and fish this one out soon!

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16 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

A wickedly fun creature feature!

Author: AngryChair from Brentwood, USA
15 January 2009

Mutated salmon monsters emerge from the sea and reek bloody havoc upon a small New England fishing village.

One of the best Roger Corman-produced monster flicks ever, Humanoids from the Deep is one guilty treat for fans of old fashioned creature horror. It's a horror film that's very unpretentious as it features gruesomely good makeup effects, some intense scenes of violent action, and of course nubile women menaced by the slimy title characters. It's simply a fun ride for horror fans who don't mind their entertainment a touch on the campy side. The plot is fast-paced, there's some great moments of humor, and a few genuinely good shocks (particularly the gory finale). The creature effects are solidly well done. The cast is pretty good as well and James Horner's music score lends great moody atmosphere.

Definitely a memorable outing for fans of the monster genre, Humanoids from the Deep is not to be missed!

*** 1/2 out of ****

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21 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

A great if unintentional comedy

Author: Scoopy from Budapest
28 August 1999

There's a little sleepy seaside burg debating whether to add a new cannery. Life is slow there, and the fishing is dying. It turns out that the reason the salmon are disappearing is that the owners of the cannery company have been doing some DNA experiments on salmon. They accidentally released genetically altered salmon into the ocean, and those altered salmon were eaten by predator fish. This special diet turns the predator fish into - you guessed it - Humanoids From The Deep. (Add echo chamber in your mind).

Now what do you think the loony humans do? Hint: remember that the monsters have been living on genetically altered salmon, and then they have nothing else to eat but the real salmon. The humans go ahead and hold the 93rd annual Salmon Festival! It's like advertising a tourist attraction for salmon-eating monsters. Then there is a silly subplot, added after the fact by the filmmakers. The monsters are super-evolved and need to propagate their species. They don't seem to have any females in their race. They are also humanoid (Well, sort of. They appear to be as human as Vic Morrow, but just barely). They therefore need to kill human males and mate with human females.

First they come upon a girl and her boyfriend camping on the beach. He is a ventriloquist, for no apparent reason. They maul the twerp, and the dummy's eyes continue to follow the action, even after the ventriloquist is dead. This apparently supernatural phenomenon is never explained. (Hey, it's a Corman movie). The monsters proceed to rape her. Later, another girl's boyfriend is feeling her up in the water, and this makes the humanoids really horny, so they kill another twerp, and rape another girl. In the movie's final scene, she is giving birth, and ...... I think you can probably figure it out.

The movie's climax comes at the Salmon Festival, a carnival where humans and humanoids alike meet to share a few memories. The humanoids show that, while they are not smarter than average humans, they are quite a bit smarter than carny folk, and smell a lot better as well. Dental care is about even.

The monsters rip off the bra of the Salmon Queen before chasing her through the midway. Before tracking down the Salmon Queen, however, the monsters stop to ride some of the midway rides (say, they are genetically advanced), and of course slaughter the humans on the rides. Then the monsters stop for some cotton candy. Not by salmon alone does man live. Then they head over to the midway to play some carny games. One of the monsters is really hacked off that he can't knock down the bowling pins and win an Eeyore for the Salmon Queen, especially since he has seen some other monsters with Eeyore's and even one with a Tigger! He really gets steamed when he realizes that those other monsters were audience plants, allowed to win by the carny barkers in order to sucker in the players. Of course, when he finds this out, he rips the carny geek limb from limb and resumes chasing the Salmon Queen, intending to take her by force if he cannot woo her with presents.

But, by jingo, we humans are not defenseless, you know. Our salmon queens can take care of themselves, thank you very much. This gal squares off and dukes it out with the big guy. The human spirit endures. So if you evil superintelligent movie humanoids are out there reading this review, listen up. You'll never take us. If you think you can just come here and rape our women, Mr. Johnny Monster, you've got another think coming. We've got mighty tough Salmon Queens and Van Damme and Bruce Willis, and no movie monster or asteroid is going to crush this race, nosireebob.

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18 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

Campy Crapola

Author: Gafke from United States
25 January 2004

This movie seems to pick up where "Creature From The Black Lagoon" left off. We all know that the Gill Man wanted some hot, steamy Amazonian sex with the pretty girl in the white bathing suit...but no way were they going to show that happening back in the 50s! Well, along came 1980 and the Gill Man is either high-fiving his amphibious descendants, or he's rolling over in his watery grave.

A bunch of salmon (yes, salmon!) exposed to pollution, mutate into some pretty cool looking monsters and go on a rape and murder spree in a small Pacific Northwest fishing village. There's also a subplot concerning Native Americans protesting the pollution of their waters, but it seems like an afterthought, as no one could really stretch a story about horny monsters out for an hour and a half. Young, sexually active women in bikinis beware! The monsters are determined to procreate, and do so in a couple of nasty, icky rape scenes. There's also an infamously gross-out climax (no pun intended) in which a rape victim gives birth to a monstrous fish baby. And she didn't reach for a coat hangar earlier because why?

Yeesh, now I know why Lovecraft hated fish so much. These guys are nasty! The rubber costumes are great, giving us icky slimy fishmen with giant exposed brains, nasty little piranha teeth and incredibly elongated arms. There's lots of bare, jiggling breasts and really stupid people getting their guts clawed out, so if you like naked girls and gore, don't miss this one.

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

And you thought the creature from the black lagoon was a perv!

Author: epeteet from Kizmiaz, WA
7 February 2008

This movie totally rocks! it takes everything that's great about CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and adds a lot more nudity, a lot more gore and a lot more monsters...can't go wrong with that! It's basically about a bunch of mutant rapist monsters who come from the water to wreak havoc on a small Northwestern town. The pacing is plenty fast, what a relief! (Way too many horror movies with great potential blow it with slow pacing.) the monsters look great too! they got the whole wet water creature look only with big exposed brains similar to the aliens in THIS ISLAND EARTH. best of all the ending is super rad! bottom line this movie is killer! i can't recommend this one enough! Mad props go out to Roger Corman. if you like movies like THE DEADLY SPAWN check this baby out

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Mutated salmon raping women? Beautiful.

Author: t_brown_17 ( from Wapakoneta, Ohio
22 October 2000

The fact alone that a woman directed this film makes it a curioso piece. It's indefensible trash that certainly works on a campy, visceral level. It also has the makings of some actual characters. Seriously, in the midst of the gratuitous nudity and bloodshed, I found the movie to be... No wait a minute. Let's get back to the gratuitous nudity and bloodshed. I watched this movie expecting to see these two, and it delivered. I knew going in that this was going to be B-movie material, and that's what I got. I was entertained. You can sit back and analyze this movie all ya' want. I'm just gonna enjoy it for what it is. And what an ending!

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11 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Great Fun

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
12 March 2008

.Humanoids from the Deep (1980)

*** (out of 4)

Ultra low-budget but highly insane monster movie takes place in a fishing community where the fishermen start to notice that all the fish are missing. Soon the people are finding their dogs slaughters and before long people are missing. Fisherman Jim Hill (Doug McClure) begins to investigate with a scientist (Ann Turkel) and soon their worst fears are confirmed when they discover mutant fish creates that aren't just killing people but also trying to mate with women.

HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP came during a period where Roger Corman's studio was making an outrageous amount of movies that were pretty much throwbacks to the type of films that he made during the 1950s. CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA and MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR are just two type of films but this one here is a terrific mixture of that old-fashion monster movie but of course it's brought up-to-date with some outlandish violence and of course all sorts of beautiful women naked.

If you hitting play on your disc player in hopes of seeing some sort of high art then you're going to be extremely disappointing because this isn't a well-made movie. There's also no question that on a technical level there are all sorts of flaws due to the budget but for the most part I thought Barbara Peeters handles the material quite well and succeeds at delivering fans what type of exploitation they'd want. The performances are good and the actors are entertaining enough to keep you glued to the story. McClure, Turkel and Vic Morrow are all fun.

Of course, it's the monsters that steal the show. The overgrown seaweed with the large brains and sharp teeth just look fabulous and they add to the fun. Being a Corman production we also get some rather memorable deaths including a man getting his head ripped off (but be sure you're watching the uncut version). The nudity is also on full display as Corman hired some good looking women to get naked and run around. So is HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP a classic? You bet it is. In regards to the chain of 80s monster movies it's certainly one of the very best.

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8 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

I agree with most of the other posters. It's a classic!

Author: FleshAndTheFiends from United States
13 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We've probably all seen a few cheesy monster movies from the 1950s and 60s. You know, ones where some kind of big monster seems to take a liking to a beautiful female member of the human species and ends up destroying whoever gets in its way of acquiring said beauty. When the monster finally got his hands on the lovely damsel, he'd run off with her into a cave or somewhere else secluded. Now, thanks to director Barbara Peeters and producer Roger Corman, we finally get to see what happens THEN! And it's pretty much what we suspected all along. It's mating season! Who doesn't love this movie? What's not to love? It has plenty of gore, comedy, ventriloquism, a fast pace, a naked woman running down the beach, assorted trashiness, great monsters (designed by Rob Bottin) and a great action-packed finale at a carnival. Anyone who has seen a few of the more recent Roger Corman movies knows that many scenes from this one ended up being reused many more times to save money.

By the way, ignore the 1996 remake. They just don't make 'em like this anymore!

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8 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

A great, never-a-dull-moment-thriller!

Author: matt-282 from United States
4 February 2001

A great Roger Corman production again involving monsters, this time killer salmon creatures memorphed into humanhoid beings that kill men and rape women of a small Oregon fishing town. The movie opens with a fishing boat taking a group of fishermen out to bring up their nets only to have something large and unseen claw away at it which leads to one little boy falling overboard and getting eaten and the boat exploding killing all aboard. The tension, suspense, exitcement starts almost from the first scene and never lets up for a minute. For the next scene has a nighttime setting which has one humanoid lurking around a local house with the lady inside wondering where strange noises are coming from, and her going out to investigate. With the rash of attacks, and dissapearances, bring in a scientist who slowly explains the reason for the creatures existence while more and more humanoids are attacking campers, beachgoers and others in various gory ways. One may find it cheesy and absurd, but that's the whole point as a great cheesy thriller that had a tight script and a great climatic humanoid attack against the fishing pier. I'd give it a 10 out of 10 rating.

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