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As of the 11/09/2003, the BBFC passed "Friday the 13th" completely uncut, and Warner Bros. has restored the original gory version for release on Region-2 DVD with a total of 34 seconds of footage restored. Much of the extra running time comprises different opening logos and about 11 seconds of gore has been restored to the death scenes of Annie, Marcie, Jack, and Pamela Voorhees.
The 2003 DVD has removed the large black line in the film that appears as Marcie is looking in the shower stall. Instead, you get a large, very pronounced blur (a possible side-effect from digital film restoration) going down the left side of the screen. The 2009 Deluxe Edition DVD and Blu-Ray editions have almost completely removed the blemish.
The film was released internationally by Warner Bros. and, as such, is the logo that opens the film as opposed to the Paramount logo as seen in the US version. The running time is slightly different because of this.
The first counselor killed in the 1958 prologue is named "Barry" in the credits. The captions identify him as "Gary". In the 2009 Deluxe Edition DVD and Blu-Ray copies, Claudette's dialog has been corrected to read, "Barry's out of bounds."
Later video versions are cut to tone down violence.
Japanese laser-disc version features the original effects that were cut in other releases.
The British Warner Bros. video is the same as the censored USA R-rated release. This version, available since 1987, replaced the previous uncut release, which was the same as the Japanese laserdisc.
The new Swedish home-video version is from Warner Bros. (not Paramount) and is the gory Japanese version.
The Australian video version, released on the Warner Home Video label in the mid 1980s, is complete and uncut. Look for the cover depicting Alice leaning and resting on the side of the canoe, for this is the unedited version.
When aired on TV in Sweden it is uncut.
The 2003 Warner Bros. region-3 DVD is the uncut version with all the longer death scenes.
There's a Video CD (VCD) version from Hong Kong and is distributed by Warner Bros. These VCDs play on DVD players, and it contains the full uncut version with added gore. It can be purchased on Ebay most of the time.
The new 2003 DVD version (Region 4 at least) now contains the opening title "A Sean S. Cunningham Film" before the film begins.
Norwegian cinema version was cut to get an 16 rating but the new DVD version with an 15 rating is the uncut unrated version.
The original Region-1 DVD features the full uncut death of Annie, but also has an even shorter version of Pamela Voorhees's death than in previous R-rated prints. It is neither an uncut nor R-rated version. However, the Friday the 13th: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan boxed set, released in 2004, contains the full theatrical cut of Pamela Voorhees's death and the R-rated cut of Annie's death. In 2009, a region-1 DVD of the fully uncut version was released.

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