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As Father Malone flips through his ancestor's journal, you can momentarily see obscenities unrelated to the story written on the preceding page.


In the coroners office, Elizabeth's hair is shorter than it is in the rest of the movie, and she's wearing sneakers as opposed to her boots
When Stevie hears the driftwood speak in her studio, it is 5:35. When it bursts into flames and she starts to put the fire out, it is 5:40. When she is done, it is 5:35 again.
Elizabeth takes off her gloves when she first gets into Nick's truck near the beginning of the film. When the windshield shatters and Nick is struggling to control the truck, she is wearing the gloves again in a few very quick shots.
When Nick and Elizabeth go to the dock to meet The Seagrass the weather is overcast and looks like its going to rain. In the very next shot we see Mrs Williams and her assistant organizing the 100th anniversary of Antonio Bay and it is clear blue skies and looks very much like a summer day.
After her assistant agrees to drive her home after the town birthday celebration, Mrs. Williams is correctly addressed as Kathy even though her character's name was given earlier as Nancy.
When Andy Wayne finds the piece of wood in the surf on the rocks it is soaking wet but when he picks it up and takes it away it is bone dry.
Early in the movie, when Father Malone is drinking at his desk, he pours a glass of wine. Before he realizes that Bennett has left his radio the wine bottled is uncorked. When the camera moves to the other angle and he picks up the radio to chase Bennett down, the bottle is uncorked.
When we hear Stevie say, "It's 1:00," we are looking at Nick's clock radio. His clock says 1:40.
When Sandy and Mrs. Williams are driving to see Father Malone, it is sunny and clear outside. As they drive up a hill, the day is suddenly cloudy. Then, when they arrive at the church it is sunny and clear again.
When Nick's windshield breaks, Elizabeth's hands go from being bare to gloved and back again.
A Ford Country squire station wagon has its headlight doors open, which would be true if the lights were on, but they are not. For no apparent reason, in the next scene, the headlight doors are closed.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Nick (at the bar) is on the phone with Stevie telling her about the SeaGrass, there is a cutaway to the lighthouse. To the left you can see a crew member motioning for more fog, and then more fog rolls by him.
The light used to illuminate the inside of Nick's truck is visible on the dashboard when the truck turns to go to the weather station.

Factual errors 

When the fog cuts the telephone communication between KAB and the sheriff, the lines shown as being cut are actually the power lines, not the telephone cable.
In a few scenes, Dan the local weatherman is tracking the fog bank on his weather radar, and giving reports. Weather radars have never been able to detect fog. Today's most powerful state-of-the-art NEXRAD radars are sensitive enough to detect bugs, birds, and smoke plumes, but still not fog.
Whenever Nick calls Stevie at the radio station, the phone rings. The phones in the booth of a radio station don't ring. They light up. Otherwise every time the someone called the station when the microphone was open, listeners would hear the phone ring.

Revealing mistakes 

As the ghosts break through the windows in the church, some of the mutton bars break away but not the glass between them. Instead of being made up of separate panes as those of that period would be, they seem to be solid sheets.
When Elizabeth & Nick are riding along in the truck after he first picks her up, we see the glass in the windows begin to smash inward. One can briefly see the object used to break the glass before each smash.
When one of the sailors peers out of the ship's window for a fog bank in the background, the superimposed fog appears over the edges of the window.
After having picked up Elizabeth, the windows of Nick's truck break. The glass is clearly window pane glass, not security glass used in cars.
When Father Malone finds what's left of Blake's gold melted down into a crucifix, he lifts it up and offers it to him. But solid gold is very heavy, he would never be able to lift that crucifix that way.
When Stevie brings the piece of the ship The Elizabeth Dane to work, it begins to leak water toward her cassette recorder and the recorded voice slows down. But the recording begins to slow down before the water even touches the machine.
When the recorded message of KAB radio promos is playing over and over, at one point the voice says "KAB-B."
When the fog appears the very first time, through the boat window, its borders don't fit the window perfectly.
When Nick first picks up hitchhiker Elizabeth, he takes a sip of his beer and then offers some to Elizabeth. It's obvious that the can is empty.

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