Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Poster

Plot Keywords

empire princess
rebel training
escape rescue
swamp battle
duel sequel
capture female warrior
far far away kendo
laser gun fifth part
imagery part of trilogy
telekinesis monster
epic falling from height
tragedy female soldier
fight evil empire
severed hand gunslinger
quick draw galactic war
character's point of view camera shot see you in hell
symphonic music score fictional war
prosthetic limb eaten alive
allegory of multiple historical events. destiny
probe droid power
wilhelm scream laser pistol
alien race space battle
parallelism in sequel second part
punctuation in title future
kissing warp engine
numbered sequel cult figure
explosion famous twist
emperor battlefield
space opera spirituality
shootout warrior
floating city pistol
space shuttle hand to hand combat
ambush smuggler
hand cut off computer
snowy landscape fighting
rebellion jedi knight
tree warp speed
bounty hunter voice over
shut up with a kiss roman numbered sequel
blockbuster family saga
paternity revealed stop motion animation
civil war violence
roman numeral in title decapitation
outer space reluctant hero
space war showdown
secret identity pleading
prisoner of war dismemberment
turned to the dark side asteroid
hero lightsaber
soldier torture
mandalorian famous score
no opening credits war hero
space travel hologram
robot evacuation
swordsman father son relationship
alien snowy planet
action hero sword fight
slow motion frozen body
long time ago subjective camera
wookiee saga
good versus evil tragic villain
strangulation snow
betrayal spacecraft
claim in title gun fu
hyperspace secret base
orchestral music score female fighter
giant worm family relationships
rescue mission kiss
sword duel disarming someone
android combat
trapdoor bad guy wins
storm trooper villain
cult film puppet
character says i have a bad feeling about this psychokinesis
fictional planet gunfight
leitmotif aerial combat
entrails number in title
surprise ending

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