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Nitro and Glycerin
mcstack15 August 2000
A musical comedy action fantasy should not work, especially when one considers that it is the first SNL skit-to-screen adventure (which, history has shown us, is a decidedly mixed bag). But this one does. Two of the best car chases in cinematic history bookend the film, and in between there are show-stopping musical numbers, raw humor, Illinois Nazis, and a seriously disgruntled ex-fiancee. And it all makes perfect sense in the context of the universe created by Aykroyd (who co-wrote), Landis (who directed), and Belushi (his barely contained zeal provides the battery pack for this film).

Jake (Belushi) and Elwood (Aykroyd) are the former front men of a broken down blues band (actually a stunning collection of blues talent) which disbanded after Jake was arrested several years before. Upon his release, he discovers that his boyhood orphanage home is about to be foreclosed upon for non-payment of property taxes. Beaten up by a nun, sung to by James Brown, and touched by God, Jake sees the light and seeks to put the band together for one last show -- a charity benefit to save the orphanage.

Their journey takes them from James Brown to Aretha Franklin to Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker to Cab Calloway. The movie showcases the overwhelming talent of singers, musicians, and genres long out of vogue with popular musical tastes. Indeed, this movie is a vehicle for giving these performers a chance to shine -- to bring their music back to the masses and ultimately into pop-culture immortality (to go along with their more prestigious musical immortality).

This film is guaranteed to make you tap your feet, laugh out loud, gasp as both a mall and and entire fleet of Chicago police cars are destroyed, and believe in the magical powers of an old cop car. Like I said, it's a musical comedy action fantasy.

And it works.
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They're On A Mission...
jhclues14 December 2001
It started out as a bit on Saturday Night Live, and grew into probably THE most successful movie ever to have had it's genesis in that particular medium. And who would've thought that a couple of character actor/comedians would emerge from an innovative four-or-five minute act as `legendary' bluesmen of their era? Which is exactly what John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd did after first taking their show on the road as an opening act for the likes of Steve Martin, and then parlaying it into a feature length motion picture, `The Blues Brothers,' directed by John Landis. When Joliet Jake Blues (Belushi) is released from prison, his brother Elwood (Aykroyd) is there to pick him up, in-- of all things-- a used police car. And it doesn't bode well for this particular pair of out-of-work musicians, who on a visit to the orphanage in which they grew up discover that it is about to be shut down unless some taxes are paid on it, and soon. But what can Jake and Elwood do to help? They're broke. Well, after a bit of pondering and a couple of good production numbers later, Jake sees the light (literally), and it all becomes perfectly clear: They have to put their band back together and stage a concert, the proceeds of which should more than pay for the taxes on the orphanage. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, and don't tell Jake and Elwood it's not possible, because they're on a mission from God...

It's a fairly simple plot, told in a straightforward manner by Landis, who creates a visually stimulating and aurally satisfying movie that follows the adventures of the Brothers Blues as they travel around the good state of Illinois, seeking out the members of their former band and formulating their plan to save the orphanage. Along the way they run afoul of a country/western band, incite the ire of some Illinois Nazis, ingratiate themselves to the diners in a classy restaurant, wreck an entire mall and generally wreak havoc wherever they go. It's a total rush of excitement, backed with a blur of real blues, served up by some of the truly legendary performers of our time, like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles, Cab Calloway (doing his trademark `Minnie the Moocher') and John Lee Hooker. Not to mention the `band' itself, comprised of Steve `The Colonel' Cropper, Donald `Duck' Dunn, Murphy Dunne, Willie Hall, Tom `Bones' Malone, Lou `Blue Lou' Marini, Matt `Guitar' Murphy and `Mr. Fabulous' himself, Alan Rubin, all there to back the incomparable vocal stylings of Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues, who are determined to save their old home, now under the auspices of `The Penguin,' Sister Mary Stigmata (Kathleen Freeman). But one question remains to be answered: Who is Camille Ztdetelik (Carrie Fisher), and just what is she trying to do to Jake?

Without question, this was a great gig for Belushi and Aykroyd, who to millions of people ARE, and will forever be, the `Blues Brothers.' And forevermore shall they be linked in the memories of anyone who has seen this movie, heard their records or caught their act on SNL. Dan Aykroyd has gone on to have a successful and varied career in movies, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor (for `Driving Miss Daisy' in 1989), while John Belushi, of course, left us quite suddenly and way too soon, just as his career was on the rise. Were they great singers? Of course not; but they were accomplished performers who sagely surrounded themselves with the best of the best, a `band's' band that really made this gig work, because the music worked. Add to that the energy, excitement and passion they themselves brought to it, and you have their formula for success, which can be measured by the strong following they still enjoy to this day. And what a pity that Belushi isn't around to realize it.

Memorable in supporting roles are John Candy as Burton Mercer (who uttered the unforgettable line, `Orange whip? Orange whip?--); Henry Gibson as the steel-eyed head Nazi; Steve Lawrence, as agent Maury Sline; Charles Napier as Tucker McElroy, `Lead singer and driver of the Winnebago'; and Jeff Morris, who will always be remembered as Bob, owner of `Bob's Country Bunker,' the place with `both' kinds of music, Country `and' Western.

The additional supporting cast includes Steven Williams (Trooper Mount), Armand Cerami (Trooper Daniel), Layne Britton (The `Cheese Whiz'), Ralph Foody (Police Dispatcher) and John Landis (Trooper La Fong). Also, watch for cameos by Paul Reubens (Waiter), Frank Oz (Corrections Officer), Twiggy Lawson (Chic Lady) and Steven Spielberg as the County Clerk. A thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable movie, filled with memorable scenes and lines you'll be quoting for years to come (Aykroyd, in that `clipped' Elwood Blues delivery, to Tucker McElroy: `We'll, ah-- we'll talk to Bob--'), `The Blues Brothers' is a great film-- not in the sense of a film that should have walked away with a bagful of Oscars, but great for what it is and for the special place it holds in the history of the cinema. And, yes, it does have a place all it's own. Because a movie doesn't have to be `Citizen Kane,' or `Gone With the Wind' to be `great.' It's the ones that make you feel something for whatever reason, or make you laugh; the ones you remember because they're unique or have left their imprint on our culture in some way. So, check `All of the above,' or add your own reasons. For all that it's worth, this is the magic of the movies. I rate this one 9/10.
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One of my Favourite Movies
mjw230516 January 2005
1/ The music in this film is outstanding, with roles for Aretha Franklin, Cab Calloway, John Lee Hooker, Ray Charles and more.... that's not really surprising.

2/ One of the finest car chases in cinematic history (The Italian Job and Smokey and the Bandit 2 are the only others that come close)

3/ John Belushi's own brand of comic genius throughout the movie

4/ Mulitiple memorable scenes and one liners

5/ Cameos from Steven Spielberg, Twiggy, Frank Oz, etc.

6/ Carrie Fisher as the psycho love interest intent on revenge.

Nuff said, watch it and love it 10/10
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NO other movie like it has ever been made! A Permanent CLASSIC!
Ship_Captain_XplOrOrOr19 September 2004
Where to begin? I WISHED the adults in my life took me to see it when it first came out! But alas, it would be years later when I'd first see it, on TV, and on VHS, then many more times on TV. READ the list of cast from start to end! You will be amazed who was in this movie! Including Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia in Star Wars), and even Steven Spielberg acted in this movie too!

Everyone should be required to see this movie, as kids, teens, and adults! Every age group will enjoy this movie. NICE family movie too! The kids and adults will 100% enjoy watching it. It is sooo sad that many of those music legends are forgotten, are not taught about in any school, and remain unknown! I never knew who Ray Charles was until I finally saw this movie! Possibly the first ever movie in which the soundtrack sold as well as the movie. There is even a tribute to Elvis at the very end. The re-watch factor is NICE - one never ever gets tired of re-watching this movie over and over! Which is unheard of with present day movies.
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An Eccentric Cult Classic
angdev5 March 2000
This definitive cult classic combines two of the pioneers of Saturday Night Live in a hilarious comedy, indulging into their characters from the show. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd are Jake and Elwood Blues, two eccentric brothers who are "On A Mission From God". They seem to inevitably find themselves in large amounts of trouble. The most fun is living vicariously through them as they stick it to the police and other authority figures and evade the consequences. Blues fans will rave over the fantastic soundtrack full of classic blues tunes from the biggest stars. This film is one that will have you quoting lines, singing along, and quite possibly dancing like Elwood. By the way, sunglasses can be worn at all times, black never goes out of style, and dry white toast is quite possibly the world's perfect food.
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Why the hell is "THE BLUES BROTHERS" not in 'The Top 250?'
Crazy Krueger10 August 2006
Forget the sequel... completely disregard it 100%... this film is the ultimate cult classic and the greatest musical ever made because it wasn't too corny! Fantastic Blues/Rock/Jazz/Swing... very nice stuff... John Belushi Rules... this is my all time favorite movie EVER! From the one-liners to the music to the performances to the dialog... everything about it was just so witty, original, unique, intelligent, superb, hilarious... if only more (or dare I say... less) SNL Spin-Off Film Characters were in TRULY ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC MOVIES LIKE THIS ONE... the world would be a much better place in my opinion! GET THE DVD AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING ANYWHERE NEAR BLUES BROTHERS 2000! AT ALL!
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Don't you miss comedies like this?
Kristine16 November 2003
The Blues Brothers is definitely in my book one of the best comedies of all time. I couldn't believe my eyes that this film is not on the top 250, well, John Landis doesn't get enough credit in all. He brought us the most memorable comedies of all time: An American Werewolf in London, Trading Places, Animal House, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. He brings us The Blues Brothers, two popular characters off of Saturday Night Live who were at the height of their popularity. John puts them in Chicago(this is the best Chicago movie to watch next to Ferris Bueller by the way)and makes this into one of the greatest comedies ever. The great thing about this film is it's not gross out, it's not the obvious silly humor, it's just humor that keeps you laughing every minute. Dan and John are such a great comedic duo, they are without a doubt the most memorable duo off of SNL I would say.

Jake and Elwood go to the orphanage where they were raised and learn that it is being shut down due to insufficient funds, so they want to reunite their band and put on a show to help save the place. On a mission from God they claim, they gather up their old band members to put on the show of the decade! But along the way, Jake and Elwood get into quite a bit of trouble with the police, the Illinois Nazi party, a girlfriend of one of their band members, and a girl who just seems to keep going after them and wants them dead.

With great and endless cameos from great people like Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, terrific Chicago landmarks, endless hilarious jokes, The Blues Brothers is the perfect comedy that is one of the best movies of all time. The concert scene is unforgettable and the scene that will always get me down on the floor in tears is where they go to the restaurant, John's line of "How much for your women?!" was just too priceless! You really have to see this movie, I guarantee you, you will die of laughter.

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Probably the best musical in the world...
Dr_Gonzo_Pineapple25 October 2004
Music is essential to the world of musicals. That's obvious. So, tell me, why do some musicals have crappy music?

Anyway, i turned to 'The Blues Brothers' and first time in my life my musical ears have been cleaned. How can such a music genre be so... excellent. Blues music is influential, and so is this film. Since watching this movie, i have found myself engrossed to the world of Blues music. How can a movie be anymore influential?

This movie is not for the faint hearted, because it will grab you and shake you up real good.


Dr. Pineapple
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Great all round movie!
aaofreak1320 October 2004
This is an excellent movie, rich with comedy and music. It's about 2 corrupt brothers, who wish to help a nun. The story starts with Jake (John Belushi) being released from prison, where Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) picks him up. The story proceeds with them trying to honestly earn 5,000 dollars. They start by getting a little "churching up" and then try to put "the band" back together. With them continuing, and playing shows for meager amounts of money, finally get a break, and make a huge gig in a fancy hotel! While avoiding hundreds (literally) of cops, and "They can't catch us--we're on a mission from God". While making friends (and enemies) along the way, providing a side-busting movie! A must have for all good DVD collections!
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Someone found the fountain of youth and doused this baby in it, 'cause it sure ain't getting old
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews24 October 2008
I couldn't tell you how many times I've watched this. I can say truthfully that me and my father have sat down and seen it together for over ten years. And I can assure you, it never seems less enjoyable. Every scene(honestly, find me a single one that should be taken out, and I will be utterly baffled) is great, and holds something to look forward to, most even something to reference and quote. The acting of the band members, and possibly some of the musicians(though, for my money, they do pretty darn good jobs), aren't necessarily the best actors, but it's seldom that obvious or annoying, and, come on, what kind of performance are you looking for in them in this, a role to take on, or some fantastic music? This is a movie that should be viewed by anyone who loves one or more of the following: Blues, car chases(this held the record in the number of vehicles crashed in a film, until, I believe, it's less impressive sequel), Aykroyd, Belushi, Landis and their work and comedy, all three shine. Heck, no matter what, this is likely to entertain you, thoroughly, continually and masterfully. The pacing is amazing, off the charts action and speed, yet it never, for a second, overwhelms or leaves you exhausted from it, and this has the rather important "buffer" portions, where you can relax. The script and plot are excellent. The songs are well-chosen, well-done and set up well. Brown, Charles and Franklin are incredible in this, with very different pieces. The cinematography and editing are spot-on. There is a little language, and it does get harsh. There is no real eye candy, this doesn't stoop to that for more than possibly a few seconds. The Collectors' Edition DVD holds 18 minutes of new footage, of varying quality, but I'd say it's worth attention of those who already dig the film. It also has a theatrical trailer, cast and crew listings, production notes and a making of. I recommend this to anyone, especially those who are either already familiar with(and into) the kind of tunes it's packed with, or those not, who are open to them. 10/10
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Wild "musical comedy" offers long-lasting fun and excitement.
emm14 May 1999
What an impressive following this large movie is recently having! It would've been just another cult classic to begin with! THE BLUES BROTHERS is easily the best film collaboration with Dan ("Dry White Toast") Aykroyd, and John ("4 Fried Chickens & A Coke") Belushi. While it gets too overly far-fetched with the action plot, there is reason to sit back and chow down on the comical hilarity and nonsense thrills that only John Landis can master perfectly into a comedy.

This is such a big deal after all because it offers a walloping combination of soul tunes, car chases, special effects, and crazy characters like female assassin Carrie Fisher and Nazi leader Henry Gibson. Put everything else together and you have one of the wildest experiences ever. If you want to know why it's so wild, the supporting cast of dancers, prison inmates, and law enforcers really shows that the movie itself is very hard at work! The music was supposed to be the main attraction in the first place, with real-life singers James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and Cab Calloway. They add to the theme of this "bluesy" movie with their own style of performing familiar tunes. The real stars are Aykroyd and Belushi who can be both funny and talented on and off the stage. Probably the duo's all-time best performance is the singing numbers. But after the singing, we await the sudden amazement of car crashes and smashes that make up the excitement, with the largest impact ever since the 1974 cult classic GONE IN 60 SECONDS. It certainly has "Made In Chicago" stamped all over this picture! There are tons of entertaining moments that never go blind. Just sit back and watch it all go boom!

Aykroyd and Belushi would have fared well in GHOSTBUSTERS had there been more movies produced, but this remains to be THE comedy classic for the wild SNL pair. DVD owners must not miss this one as it makes a valuable addition to your library. It's not really the masterpiece of a genius, but it is a good-natured effort in using different film genres in one complete package. Definitely recommended for Landis lovers out there.
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Worth getting the DVD for restored footage and documentary
Chris S.24 December 2010
This review is only about the content of the DVD version vs. the VHS. Editors seem unable to resist tinkering when a movie originally on VHS is reissued on DVD. Even excluding Directors' Cuts, etc., half the DVD reissues I see have noticeable changes. Many are minor, but much too often they're substantial and ruin the movie for me.

The Blues Brothers DVD has substantial edits, but they make the movie better. Cuts made to shorten total run time -- four or five complete scenes, many small snippets, and some longer snippets -- are restored. Nothing was cut from the VHS version. The soundtrack is remixed in a few places; to my ear the original was better. Some restorations add little to the movie, but none make it worse. Most of the restorations enhance the movie, adding humor or rounding out the story. Best of all are the restorations, small but noticeable and pleasing, to performances: more James Brown, John Lee Hooker, Good Ole Boys, and the Brothers. Alas, no more of Aretha, Ray, or Cab. We can't have everything.

To top it off, the "Making Of" documentary alone, with the back story of the Blues Brothers (the characters and in real life), and the birth and making of the movie, makes the DVD worth getting
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This film never, ever fails to disappoint.
Daniel Chambers30 August 2007
A film that, in my opinion, has it all. A star studded line up that can actually act and not just attract celebrity-hunters, incredible chase scenes, witty one-liners that do not border on the verge of malignance and some of the best songs ever written.

After watching this film over 30 times, it honestly never fails to disappoint.

John Belushi and Dan Akroyd work so well together, and really act as if they are their characters, as opposed to actors paid to be them. And car chase scenes that would make Minis salivate, and an array of side plots that work so seamlessly with the "Mision from God".

The on-screen chemistry between the band is frictionated and therefore completely accurate for anyone who has been in a group, but when the music starts, always a guaranteed classic throughout the film, then the magic of the film really happens.

A film that borders genius and then creates a whole new country, and one that may be re-attempted, but never rivalled.
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Greates Epic Comedy
jed-estes17 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film is the greatest epic comedy ever. It the only one of it's kind to my knowledge. The best part is the final chase sequence that combines all the elements of the film and gives many laughs. When Steven Spielberg shows up as the accountant at the end I was put out out in the floor in a fit of laughter. Beside Austin Poweres In Goldmember this is his only comedic role. Other cameos in the film gave equal laughter. Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Carrie Fisher, Cab Calloway, John Candy, Bill Murray all provide memorable roles in the film. John Belushi is at the top of his game in the role of Jake Blues. He takes his talent earned from SNL, 1941, and Animal House and takes it the next level. Dan Akyroyd does no less as Elwood Blues the other half of the Blues Brother. His one liner "We can't be stopped, Were on a mission from God." Will live forever to future generations. John Landis makes this film his masterwork and has never again reached this scale of greatness. That is not to say I don't like other things he's done since it just means I feel that he will never top the intensity of this. See this before you die. You must.
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wol03729 October 2014
This is my all time favourite film, it's got an ace soundtrack,top actors and a great storyline.The comedy elements are continual throughout the entire film and all the characters are spot on. The relentless vision of the main characters to round up and reform the band in order to try and save their orphanage from closure is superbly portrayed. Also I am astounded that so many great actors and talented musicians were brought together to be part of this film, it's like a time warp of blues/soul history which captures so much of life at that time,especially the market blues festival scene with John Lee Hooker singing in the street. Not a lot more to be said about it really, Highly recommended. 10/10.
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An all time Favourite
megan-chambers2724 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Blues Brothers is one of my all time favourite movies. I've grown up watching this movie, and I still can't get enough. Every time it's on TV, I have to watch it, even though I can pretty much quote the movie the whole way through whilst watching it. Filled with humour, action, music and more, this movie will stay in your heart forever. The musical showcase, like many other reviewers have said, is just amazing, and will have you singing and dancing along. No wonder this is one of the best selling soundtracks as well. I'll admit to having it on my iPod. You just cant watch the Blue Brothers without remembering all the classic jokes and one- liners, and the songs that come along too. Some of these are standard quotes in my house, when a particular moment will arise. I mean, that's probably enough said - quoting Blues Brothers in your own home? Definitely a movie that's been watched many many times! From the start when the Peter Gunn theme comes on, til the end when Jailhouse Rock is being performed, you'll be all things on the edge of your seat, singing, dancing, laughing and begging for more. After all, The Blues Brothers are on "A mission from God".
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Brilliant film, a great parody of Western Culture
Patrick Gibbons7 August 2009
Having watched the Blues Brothers recently I was struck by so many great touches that make the film not only a film of its time, but a film that has great relevance even now.

From the very outset, the grimyness of late 70s Industrial Chicago, and it's seedy underbelly become almost a character in their own right.

Jake and Elwood Blues live out their lives either in half-way houses, or prison, both have only a small room for their meagre possessions.

The fact however that despite being broke and owing all of their friends money, they still have plenty of goodwill bestowed on them by their loyal musical colleagues.

The plot is that an old orphanage previously funded by the church, the church now wish to demolish, Jake and Elwood need to find $5000 to prevent the local authority granting easy planning permission to do so.

Pulling in more than a few favours from their friends with help from God himself, the Blues Brothers turn in one final grand performance as free men before being hounded down by The Police, The Army, The Military Police, a group of Nazis who believe Hitler is immortal and The Good Ol' Boys as well as Bob, the owner of a bar that plays both Country and Western.

The parody of course is that the Army and almost the entire state of Illinois' Police force have been called to capture two guys for breaking some john-q laws whereas a banker loses $1 billion and nary a word from either the police or the media is aimed at him, and certainly time in the cells.

Summing up, an unbelievable film, with an almost unheard of quality of supporting cast including most likely the biggest female star of the time in Carrie Fisher who is literally dumped by Jake as well as Soul Music Legends James Brown, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker and Ray Charles to name a few and leave out many more greats.
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A critique of the criticisms
Qanqor10 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not going to go into why the movie is great, that's already been done a thousand times here.

Just for yucks, I actually sat and read EVERY review here (about 260), and mostly they were good reviews. But some of them are just from planet Mars.

People complaining about the music are just flaunting their own ignorance. No matter what else one might say about the movie, the music is terrific and anyone who says otherwise is just *wrong*. I'm on my second CD of the soundtrack because I wore out the first one. And it's not like I'm a particularly big blues fan, either, this is one of about three blues albums in my collection.

People complaining about the comedy, well, I suppose comedy is a matter of taste. But I think the movie is hilarious. Nobody even mentioned one of my favorite gags: the last shot of Twiggy. :)

But what I *really* want to respond to is a couple ridiculous claims that peoples' love of this film is in-genuine, that it's either a result of sheepish devotion to what they've been told is good, or else pure nostalgia for Belushi. That, my friends, is a first class CROCK. First of all, you'll never find *anyone* who's less go-along-with-what-the-crowd-says than me, and to be told that that's why I like the film, is so insulting, I could spit. And as far as Belushi nostalgia, also utter nonsense. If that were true, I'd love all the other Belushi films too, and in fact the only other one I really like is Animal House. Indeed, I consider Neighbors to be among the worst films I've ever seen.

But for those who appreciate the Blues Brothers, I'll close with a tiny personal anecdote: Today I received a package in the mail, from some friends from Boston, who I used to be in a band with, and who I left behind when I moved to Washington. I don't really see or hear from them anymore, although I try to hook up with them on the rare occasions I get back to Boston. So I was surprised and delighted when I received this package. The contents: a can of cheeze whiz. :) :) :)
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Funniest, funkiest, coolest film on the planet
jackiebullimore12 February 2003
I guess it must be an age thing, but at 40 myself and my peers often find ourselves quoting Jake and Elwood. 'Would you like to come out for like, er, a date'; 'I hate Illinois Nazis'; '..get a new cigarette lighter'.

In isolation these quotes don't make any sense, but in situ they are classic lines by the masters that are Belushi and Ackroyd. This is a film paying homage to some of the best music ever made, that steals classic comic performances from Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles and if I am not mistaken beats Michael Jackson to the punch by a mile with a massive group dance using the 'chicken' (the zombie dance in the Thriller video is a direct copy of the dance routine in the street while BB King is performing on the sidewalk, wearing incredible shoes).

This is a film that every house should own. Not only is it extremely funny due to script, timing from the Bro's and quite frankly the total sex that is John Belushi, it is also heaving with classic tunes. I have often had/been to parties where it is played in the background rather than putting the record/tape/CD player on (parties through the ages).

As an education in how to put music and comic genius together to make a film that is timeless this is it.

Let me give you an example. I spent three years in South Africa as an expat from 1993 - 1996 and, of course, had this film on video (age again) as part of my collection.

SA is a sociable place and often new found friends from office, pub etc. would collect at my house for a meal (almost always a Braai). "What's this?" one such person says one evening as I am tossing food on the barbecue, "I've never heard of the Blues Brothers". "Put it on" I say, with quizzical looks from other guests that the TV should be switched on while we are out in the garden. "and turn the volume up".

Rest history. 20 Captownians turned on to music they were never allowed to hear, gravitating indoors to see where it is coming from and then screaming with laughter while they danced in front of the TV.

This film, in my experience has changed lives.

Buy it, watch it, tell your children.
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From here to 1060 W. Adisson
zer0oskul21 March 2005
First, there isn't a person in existence who can't enjoy good soul music, if you find one they'll like jazz. And if that doesn't work, I'm not talking R&B when I say rhythm and blues.

Second, only Groucho Marx could honestly say that he's got a wit sharper than that with which this was written.

Third, Illinois Nazis headed by Henry Gibson.

Fourth, "We're on a mission from God."

Fifth, More police cars are destroyed in this movie than in the history of automobiles.

Sixth, The hardest working man in show business, The godfather of soul, The Reverend Cleophus James Brown.

Seventh, Police chase after police chase after police chase.

Eighth, "This is car number fifty-five, we're in a truck!"

Ninth, S.C.M.O.D.S. State County Municipal Offender Data System

Tenth, You will not have a backside after this film because you will have laughed it off.
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A Wild & Crazy Ride
ccthemovieman-16 December 2006
What a wild ride! This film was full of music, action scenes, dancing, comedy and Left Wing loony politics, of course. For a comedy, I was sorry to hear all the profanity and usage of the Lord's name in vain. Too bad they had to make and R-rated film of this. A little toned down and more people could have enjoyed all the antics of Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and the others.

Speaking of names: what a strange cast. The above two with John Candy, Carrie Fisher, Henry Gibson and singers James Brown, Steve Lawrence, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin!

It's a lot of fun to watch with some memorable scenes. Most memorable to me was the incredible car chase scene through an indoor mall. I laugh every time I think about it, almost as much as I laugh when I pictured Aykroyd and Belushi doing back flips down the aisle!
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Most entertaining!
Tommy Nelson25 March 2006
stars: John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Cab Calloway, The Blues Brother Band, Carrie Fisher, John Candy, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown, Kathleen Freeman, Twiggy, Frank Oz and Paul Reubens.

Plot: Just out of prison, Jake Blues (Belushi) reunites with his brother Elwood (Aykroyd) and they realise that the church that they grew up in is going to be torn down unless they get 5 thousand dollars. So they try to get the band back together.

My review: This movie is very long and very slow, but the slowness actually helps it for some reason. The direction is excellent and looks beautiful and the music is very good. The plot could have done with some tuning up, but if you think about it, this film is kind of a setup to show the wonderful singing talents of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown, Cab Calloway and even Belushi and Aykroyd. As for action, this film is full of it. There's more explosions and car chase scenes that most action flicks. So, I do recommend this musical comedy to all! my rating: 3 out of 4. rated R for language. 133 mins.
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Country 'and' Western
I_can_get_you_a_toe21 February 2006
I saw this movie for the first time recently after having no desire whatsoever to see it, but after the T.V remote broke and my T.V being a whopping 3 meters away i had no choice but to sweat it out and watch it.

I have to say i was pleasantly surprised, starting with the opening dialog of monosyllables between Jake (the wonderful Belushi) and Elwood (a surprisingly young and slightly sexy Dan Akroyd)to Jake getting hit with a stick by a nun because he swears and then it turning into a beating for both Jake and Elwood because each time the nun hits them they yell 'jesus' or 'christ', to Carrie fisher randomly turning up and pointing a rocket launcher out of her car window. I couldn't stop giggling.

However there were parts in the movie where i tended to lose focus, where it seemed to get a bit over the top - like when ray Charles is playing piano in the music store and 50 people start synchronized dancing outside the store. or the too long car chase in the mall, don't get me wrong, i love me a good mall car chase - just not one that seems to last 25 minutes. and i wasn't a big fan of the Aretha Franklin music number in the diner - at the time of watching i had no idea what Aretha looked like and as i was watching i couldn't help but note that the women singing was doing a bad lip syncing impersonation of Aretha - only to find out - it was Aretha franklin.

but for those small pitfalls - the acting and gags couldn't be better - i couldn't imaging anyone else as Jake or Elwood and there are too many good scenes to name but here are a few, in the restaurant scene (one of my favorites where Jake offers to buy the little girl ' how much for the little girl, i want to buy the little girl' classic), when the blues brothers are singing rawhide, the Nazis in the car ' I've always loved you', the end scenes where it seems all of Chicago are after Jake and Elwood and they just stand in the elevator calm as you please.

All in all you know its a good movie when you continually remember little bits here and there and they make you laugh - which this movie does. i know that from now on all costume parties i attend will be as one of the blues brothers.

Its also a movie that will make you wonder, i know it made me wonder... 'was that really Steven Spielberg at the end or was i just imagining it?' Enjoy
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Check out the spoofs!
wryroy8 November 1998
The "Blues Brothers" is a good comedy and a great musical, featuring James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Cab Calloway as "guest" musicians (i.e., not members of the BB). The BB band is composed of excellent musicians such as Lou Marini, Alan Rubin and Donald "Duck" Dunn among others. One interesting aspect of the movie I haven't read about in other reviews (so far) concerns spoofs of other movies and TV shows. For instance, when Jake gets out of prison he walks through a blinding white light and out the gate, reminiscent of the kidnapped earthlings disembarking from the giant UFO near the end of "Close Encounters." The interview with the "Penguin" (walking up a long flight of stairs, and the Penguin floating back into the room) is a spoof on "The Exorcist." Jake and Elwod's interview with the landlady is a spoof on the old TV show "Dragnet." The car chase under the El spoofs "The French Connection" car chase and even uses several seconds of footage from the movie. The scene in which a police dispatcher authorizes "the use of excessive force to apprehend the Blue Brothers" spoofs the old TV show "Highway Patrol" and I believe the movie dispatcher was in the TV show as well. I'm not quite sure how the Nazis chasing our heroes is a spoof of "Apocalypse Now" but the music (Wagner's "Flight of the Valkyries") in this sequence was used in both films. I susect there are more spoofs of other movies and/or TV shows present that I'm missing; if anyone out there can name more I'd like to know about them as well.
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Eccentricity At It's Best!
g-bodyl28 June 2014
What can I say about the Blues Brothers? Well, it's definitely a weird movie but I'll be darned if I said that I didn't enjoy it. I practically loved how over-the-top the film was and how it managed to be so graceful and enjoyable. I liked the improbable car chases and I especially loved the musical numbers sung by nearly everyone in the film.

John Landis, known for his excellent Animal House, directs a tale about the Blues Brothers. Joliet Jake has just been released from prison and he and his brother, Elwood decides to visit their old orphanage where they grew up. They found out that the place will close if they cannot raise five thousand dollars, so the bros decide to bring back the band together while being chased by cops, Nazis, and country singers.

This film is led by the impeccable charms and chemistry of Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi. Both were incredibly funny, but none more so than Belushi himself. Then there was Carrie Fisher who is some mystery woman that existed to terminate Joliet Jake. Then there were soulful cameos by Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and James Brown.

Overall, The Blues Brothers is an excellent, over-the-top cult classic. I really loved how at the end of the chase, there were just so many people after the Blues Brothers. I was laughing nonstop and I couldn't help but enjoy the action. The musical numbers were a blast as well. As it has been told, this movie is, "on a mission from God." I rate this film 9/10.
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