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  • After the release of Jake Blues from prison, he and brother Elwood go to visit "The Penguin", the last of the nuns who raised them in a boarding school. They learn the Archdiocese will stop supporting the school and will sell the place to the Education Authority. The only way to keep the place open is if the $5000 tax on the property is paid within 11 days. The Blues Brothers want to help, and decide to put their blues band back together and raise the the money by staging a big gig. As they set off on their "mission from God" they seem to make more enemies along the way. Will they manage to come up with the money in time?

    - Written by Sami Al-Taher <staher2000@yahoo.com>
  • Fresh out of the slammer, Jake Blues, along with his brother Elwood, visit the Catholic home where they both grew up. They find out that it will soon shut down because of lack of funds and support. One misguided spiritual revelation later, they go in search of reuniting their old blues band and raise the $5000 to pay off the home's taxes. As they go on their way to perform in the perfect big-paying gig for the group, their adventure takes many unexpected detours and encounters with zany characters, the police, revenge-seeking militant groups, angry country singers and psychotic former girlfriends.

    - Written by Marielle <msaz.movies@gmail.com>
  • Jake Blues, just out from prison, puts together his old band to save the Catholic home where he and brother Elwood were raised.

    - Written by Jon Reeves <jreeves@imdb.com>


A prisoner is roused and escorted through Joliet Prison in Illinois. Is he on his way to the gallows...

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