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A great great movie

Author: k.mckay2 from wootton, england
30 December 2004

I thing of all the films made this must be the best in the series I was able to view this on television and it made my day. I have seen the earlier version of this and in no way could you compare the acting this was so much better. I am a big fan of peter Strauss and also Barbara Hershey and in my opinion they gave a fist class acting job The comments by a previous reviewer regarding peter Strauss accent well it was good enough for I live in Wooten england now, I am originally from Detroit Michigan in the USA and the one thing I miss is getting good quality films.The film makes one think about the life hear after and what could be done to guide a person on the right path. I have tried to get local TV station to re-show this movie but to no avail. this is a great Movie.

Peter Mckay Wooten Bedfordshire England

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One of my favorites of all time!

Author: rliery from United States
29 March 2005

I have loved this version of this movie for many years. Peter Strauss and Barbara Hershey are so good together. I first saw this movie in the 1980's and absolutely loved it. I have looked for it everywhere ever since, but haven't been able to find it. I saw this version first, before the original. Later, when I saw the original, I didn't think it held a candle to this version. The acting was so stilted in the original, and the filming was much more real in this later version. I agree with Peter McKay, when he said that Stauss's accent was just fine. It sounded authentic enough to me. I don't know where Tiny-13 is coming from when he says it is horrible. I definitely don't agree with him. I think that most people who view this film will enjoy it for what it is: a great remake!

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Author: lindee from wales uk
29 January 2006

I saw this film in on British TV in the eighties I even taped it the second time around but you know with kids nothing is safe now for love or money I can't find this film anywhere Peter stress brought this character to life he made you fall in love with him in the end and when he is in the car singing that song about lets have some pie please lets hope they show it again soon cause I got to tape it at least,you know when a film stays with you and you never ever forget it well this is one of them I urge anyone young old middle off the road if it comes on TV watch it you will wish you could buy it but not even on line can you find it I have tried but you only get the older version coming up, and this version is by far superior.

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A Great Movie You Can Watch & Download From Youtube...

Author: ascendedmind from United States
6 February 2015

If you like the original "Angel On My Shoulder" you may or may not like this movie. Both are totally different & it's like watching two different movies.

In this remake it's a Politian & not a judge. The Devil is very believable in the remake. Plus the story is good also.

I encourage you to watch it & download From Why? Because it's not available for resale as a digital download nor on DVD.

I also recommend watching Meet "Joe Black" Starring Anthony Hopkins & Brad Pitt along with "Heaven Can Wait" Starring Warren Beatty etc.

So what are waiting for?

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A Disaster

Author: Ray Faiola from New York, NY
25 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For those who have complained that Paul Muni overacted in the 1946 original (a complaint with which I SERIOUSLY disagree), wait till you see Peter Strauss in this horribly misguided remake. Not only is his accent (a palooka lapsing occasionally into Runyonesque) ridiculous, but he overplays every thought, every line, every gesture until he is completely unbelievable as Eddie Kagle. The script is an insult to Harry Segal's original (there is ONE good line - the Devil tells Eddie to act genteel; Eddie replies, "I ain't Jewish!"). All sense of morality is dispatched and, in what I suspect is a cut in the final edit, Eddie's religious revelation is eliminated. Richard Kiley is fine as "Nick" but he is given nothing to play off of. Barbara Hershey is almost unappealing - how did they manage THAT?!? Finally, there is no true menace in the film; Eddie's adversaries are turned into near-buffoons. And poor Anne Seymour is degraded by Eddie's playfulness.

In the original film, the centerpiece of the drama was the picnic scene where Eddie realizes what a waste his life was. Muni gave us some of his finest moments ever in this scene. Strauss is pretty much ho-hum about how he screwed up. When Murray Matheson showed up at the finale I almost tossed my 16mm projector out the window (yes - I actually picked up a print of the film out of curiosity).

Finally, the music is less than perfunctory, especially compared to Dimitri Tiomkin's outstanding original.

I was so distressed after seeing this I actually ran the original to cleanse myself. Thank God for film! See it if you must, but be beware - you've been warned!

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Sometimes a remake is just a bad idea

Author: scurvytoon from United Kingdom
8 February 2015

Sometimes a remake should wait for a qualified hand at the tiller before precious time is wasted. This film is like a lasagna with no garlic a BLT without the mayo or the B, if Paul Muni was ever accused of Hamming it up in the original our leading man is so wooden he is at best a box of tooth picks. Peter Strauss who has been in better films, probably would rather forget this turkey. 20 minutes in I lost all will to live and started skipping ahead to see if it got any better, and no it doesn't. Right after Eddie and Satan arrive up top it's all down hill. Aside from the "I'm not Jewish" line which is great and the required "boy have things changed in 30 years" stuff, it's painful. The DA is terminally dull, the gangster a caricature of a caricature of a mobster from the 40's and the supporting cast are one dimensional first year drama students. Muni may have put some mustard on but he did it with panache and in context while delivering a sympathetic character for which he can be forgiven for a bit of Cagney over the top. Peter Strauss however delivers a death blow to an already deeply flawed production that was never more than a bad idea to fill a few hours air time with. Watch only if you are a masochist. You have been warned.

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Absolutely Awful Television Remake

Author: Tiny-13 from 5
20 October 2004

This is your basic cheapie TV Movie-of-the-week that takes a great film from the 1940's and absolutely ruins it. The writing is horrible, the acting is worse. Barbara Hershey looks as though she's moving through the film with one thought on her mind, "I'm going to fire my agent for getting me this gig." Peter Strauss who is a fine actor, turns in what is arguably his worst performance ever. Strauss assumes the silly accent of a New York Mafioso from the 1940's. It's as thin as his acting. There is nothing about this particular remake that gives reason for its being made. No original ideas here; bland, bland, bland. At least they could have put some interesting spin on the material. It pales in comparison to the original 1946 classic.

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