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2 Feb. 1985
Drawing Room
Henry decides to work at a downtown office, due to life at home getting crazier, but it turns out there were more distractions downtown than he bargained for.
9 Feb. 1985
Nearly Departed
After his father's death, Henry decides it's time to plan his own funeral. He soon starts to examine his life decisions.
16 Feb. 1985
My Son, the PhD
Andrew might be a genius and is recruited by a school for gifted children.
23 Feb. 1985
All in a Day's Unemployment
Budgets are tight throughout the Rush household. Henry coaches Monroe to ask for a raise at work, but the coaching backfires and Monroe is fired. Henry works overtime to find Monroe a new job.
2 Mar. 1985
Devereaux & Son
The Rushes' friend Paul pretends to be a member of their family to impress his long-lost son.
4 May 1985
And Baby Makes Two
Jackie drops a bomb on Henry and Muriel when she announces that she wants to become a single mother.
11 May 1985
Reconcilable Differences
Henry and Muriel end up in counseling thanks to the strain of helping another couple settle a squabble.
18 May 1985
The Two Faces of Muriel
Muriel considers cosmetic surgery to revive Henry's interest in her.
25 May 1985
No Mas, Monroe
The Rushes hire an illegal housekeeper with good looks, minimal English, and an urge to become a naturalized citizen.
20 Jul. 1985
For Every Man, There's Two Women
Monroe is kidnapped and raped by two women in a van. When the police dismiss Monroe's story, Henry searches for the rapists himself.
28 Sep. 1985
Terms of Endangerment
Monroe's new love interest is not only mature but possibly married. Henry and Muriel butt in to make sure Monroe doesn't get his heart broken.
5 Oct. 1985
The British Are Coming, the British Are Coming
Henry discovers that his war-time buddy visiting from England is still a womanizer.
12 Oct. 1985
No Deposit, No Return
Henry takes drastic measures to avoid paying a high penalty for library books that are 5 years overdue.
26 Oct. 1985
Accused, Confused and Abused
Monroe and Sara decide to help a teenage boy who was going to juvenile hall for stealing. The boy has a history of being abused, and when Henry tries to step in to offer his own help the boy rejects him and runs away.
2 Nov. 1985
Arrivederci, Jackie
Jackie has been offered a job working at The House of Aldo, an Italian designer, but she doesn't tell her father about it. She invites Senor Aldo to the house without telling Henry who he is. When the man tells Henry he wants Jackie for his House, Henry thinks he's a dirty old man so he throws him out. Later, he is told the truth. Jackie can't believe what Henry did so she decides to move out. Henry calls the man and tries to apologize. He asks him to give Jackie a chance, but Aldo doesn't think it would be good for Jackie because of how overprotective he is.
9 Nov. 1985
Ars Gratia Iris
Henry's married pal chases Muriel's friend.
16 Nov. 1985
Henry Enters the '80s
Sara agrees to go on a blind date with a man that Muriel had set her up with. To everyone's amazement, Bob is gorgeous. After several dates, Bob and Sara make plans to move in together, which Henry is totally against.
Freddie Loves It, We Love It, You're Cancelled
Henry gets the chance to make Cosmic Cow a Saturday morning cartoon. But when heads of programming keep changing, he's constantly asked for several (sometimes absurd) changes.

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