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Season 1

11 Nov. 1980
It is getting a little crowded in the Rush family's duplex row house. Sisters Jackie and Sara want to move out, but their father, Henry, doesn't like the idea of two young girls living in the big city by themselves. However, they might be headed to a win-win situation when Jackie and Sara contemplate on renting the downstairs apartment from their dad.
16 Nov. 1980
It Didn't Happen One Night
Sara goes on a trip to Lake Tahoe with her friends, and Henry panics after he inadvertently finds birth control pills in her room.
18 Nov. 1980
The Bag Lady
Henry and Muriel hire two ex-convicts to repair a damaged wall in their kitchen. Meanwhile, Jackie was tasked to deposit a large sum of money for her work at the bank. When the bank closes before she gets there, Jackie had to take the cash home. As a result, Henry tries to hide the cash, not wanting the ex-cons to spot it.
25 Nov. 1980
Sara's Monroe Doctrine
On the Rushes 24th Anniversary, Monroe Ficus follows Sarah home. Then he never leaves.
2 Dec. 1980
Que Sara, Sara
Sarah gets a job as a waitress. Muriel moves in with Jackie and Sarah after a fight with Henry over Sarah's new job.
9 Dec. 1980
Tenants, Anyone?
Mildred Rafkin, the sister of the former tenant of Jackie and Sara's apartment, returns to claim her late brother's belongings, including all the furniture. With an unfurnished apartment, the girls find another apartment to rent, albeit in a seedy and high-crime neighborhood.
16 Dec. 1980
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolfe?
Sara is a new hire at Jackie's bank. Jackie is suspicious when her boss promotes Sara to a manager level position after only a week on the job.
6 Jan. 1981
Mister Big
Henry's comic book company is being acquired by Wainwright Publishings, and he thinks his job is in jeopardy when new boss Arthur Wainwright prefers to hire more youthful people.
13 Jan. 1981
The Location
Sara rents her apartment to a film crew for a movie, which involves live animals. Unfortunately, one of the animals, a male lion, escapes and ventures into Henry and Muriel's apartment during their dinner engagement with Arthur Wainwright.
27 Jan. 1981
A Friend in Need
Monroe feels it's time to finally lose his virginity. Henry hopes talking will help, while Sara thinks a sex surrogate is a better idea. Oddly enough, Mrs. Rafkin may be the answer.
3 Feb. 1981
A Fine Romance
Muriel's friend from college, Sylvia Walker, pays her a visit after undergoing a divorce. While left alone with Henry, Sylvia makes advances towards him.
10 Feb. 1981
The Boy in the Band
Rich Holland, Muriel's old drummer, is in town. Rich takes a liking to Jackie, which does not exactly thrill Muriel.
17 Feb. 1981
Deadline for Henry
Arthur Wainwright gives Henry an assignment that requires him to work overnight, which is a huge burden for Henry as he has jury duty. Therefore, Muriel, Jackie and Monroe take turns keeping Henry awake at night.
24 Feb. 1981
Henry's father, Huey, gets kicked out of his retirement home and is thinking of venturing out on his own. Meanwhile, Jackie is considering moving to New York for a new job opportunity.
3 Mar. 1981
An "oversexed quarterback" chooses Muriel to photograph him nude.
17 Mar. 1981
What's Wrong with Mr. Right?
Jackie is dating a married (actually separated) man.
24 Mar. 1981
Up Your Easter Bonnet
Henry and Muriel go on a skiing trip, which gives Sara the opportunity to offer her parents' apartment to Monroe to stay during Spring Break, as Monroe's parents do not want him to visit.
5 May 1981
Cosmic Cow vs. the Oval Office
Henry loses his job when he writes a satire of Cosmic Cow and Nancy Reagan fixing the country's problems. To combat the salary loss, Muriel takes a job and the Rushes deal with the role reversal.
12 May 1981
The Return of Rafkin
The Rush's hire a medium to conduct a séance for Miss Rafkin, as she thinks her late brother is trying to communicate with her from the other side.

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