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13 Jan. 1988
A Girl Named Sue
A woman hires Magnum claiming that her brother killed their father and stole his will. At the same time, the brother hires Susan Johnson, the woman Thomas was locked in a bank vault with and is now a P.I., to investigate his sister.
20 Jan. 1988
Unfinished Business
Quang Ki, the man who shot and almost killed Magnum and wants to kill Michelle and Lily Catherine, is on trial for attempted murder when the case is suddenly dismissed.
27 Jan. 1988
The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company
Magnum has developed a great idea for a new business while TC's son is in Hawaii and running with a motorcycle gang and getting jailed.
10 Feb. 1988
Legend of the Lost Art
Higgins asks Magnum to find a long-lost artifact, "The Lost Art of the Ancients" before it can fall into the wrong hands.
17 Feb. 1988
The manuscript of Robin Masters' latest novel is stolen and Higgins enlists Magnum's help in retrieving it. Magnum is assisted by Luther Gillis who arrives on vacation.
1 May 1988
Resolutions: Part I
Magnum returns to Virginia on vacation and reflects on his life, his marriage to Michelle and his experiences. He hastily returns to Hawaii when TV reporter Linda Lee Ellison is attacked.
1 May 1988
Resolutions: Part II
Someone special comes into Magnum's life. Robin Masters' identity is revealed. Magnum resigns his position at Robin's Nest and makes a life change. Rick gets married.

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