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3 Jan. 1985
Little Games
A Robin Masters' sponsored jewelry design competition is being held at the estate with over $170 million worth of jewelry on display and the insurance company sends Krista Villeroch to check on the estate's security.
10 Jan. 1985
Professor Jonathan Higgins
Higgins' cousin Sally arrives in Hawaii to get married and Higgins has a big surprise. Meanwhile, Magnum is helping Agatha recover $10,000 from a bankrupt investment.
24 Jan. 1985
Someone is harassing Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin and Magnum agrees to help her. Higgins is facing a reunion with his old Sandhurst classmates.
31 Jan. 1985
All for One: Part 1
Magnum, TC, Rick and Higgins volunteer to go to Cambodia to rescue two Americans.
7 Feb. 1985
All for One: Part 2
Magnum and Higgins are captured along with Tyler. Rick and TC rescue Magnum and the others, and a gun fight ensues. Freedom wins and everyone returns home.
14 Feb. 1985
The Love-for-Sale Boat
Mac sells Rick an expensive boat crewed by three beautiful Japanese women.
21 Feb. 1985
Let Me Hear the Music
Magnum is hired by a country and western singer who is looking for five songs written by his friend 30-years-ago.
7 Mar. 1985
Ms. Jones
Ms. Jones, the records clerk that Magnum always encounters, asks TM to find her missing husband.
14 Mar. 1985
The Man from Marseilles
World famous French detective Jean Claude Fornier arrives in Hawaii and asks Magnum to help him find a missing heir.
28 Mar. 1985
Torah, Torah, Torah
A Torah is stolen from a rabbi who is Higgins' friend and Magnum volunteers to help recover it.
4 Apr. 1985
A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken
Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin's 17-year-old cousin is missing and Carol asks Magnum to help find her.
26 Sep. 1985
Deja Vu
Magnum and Higgins go to England to prepare Robin Masters' latest purchase, a castle, for a party. While there, Magnum looks up an old friend only to learn he is dead.
3 Oct. 1985
Old Acquaintance
Magnum is reunited with a former high school friend and they try to recover a kidnapped dolphin.
10 Oct. 1985
The Kona Winds
Magnum rescues a woman who attempted suicide and then strives to protect her from her husband.
17 Oct. 1985
The Hotel Dick
When he takes a job as a hotel detective, Magnum's attempts at catching a cat burglar preying upon guests are complicated by his relationship with a hooker who keeps getting him into trouble with both criminals and his boss.
24 Oct. 1985
Round and Around
TC's friend is killed during a store robbery and Magnum and TC set out to find the killers.
31 Oct. 1985
Going Home
Magnum goes home to Virginia to attend his grandfather's funeral. And when a family heirloom goes missing he accuses his step father of stealing it to save his business.
7 Nov. 1985
Magnum is hired by a cattle rancher on the big island of Hawaii to catch cattle rustlers.
11 Nov. 1985
The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u
Robin Masters' publisher buries a chest containing $1 million on Oahu and a contest is held to find it. Magnum is tasked with protecting the woman who has the clues to the chest's whereabouts.
5 Dec. 1985
Blood and Honor
Magnum is recalled to active duty by a Navy admiral and tasked with finding a spy.
12 Dec. 1985
While diving with TC, Magnum sees a young boy without diving gear who gestures Magnum to follow him.

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