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6 Jan. 1983
Of Sound Mind
Magnum inherits $50 million from a former client who died in a plane crash.
27 Jan. 1983
The Arrow That Is Not Aimed
A Japanese Samurai warrior brings an antique plate to Hawaii that Robin Masters had purchased. The Samurai is attacked, the plate is stolen and Robin wants TM to recover it.
3 Feb. 1983
Basket Case
TC and Magnum are each coaching a youth basketball team and a young girl joins TM's team.
10 Feb. 1983
Birdman of Budapest
Robin Masters' high school English teacher is staying at the estate while she writes a book about birds.
17 Feb. 1983
I Do?
Magnum marries the niece of the company president in order to catch a thief.
24 Feb. 1983
Forty Years from Sand Island
Two Japanese-Americans who were interned on Sand Island in January 1942 witness two soldiers beating a fellow Japanese internee to death. This incident causes repercussions today.
10 Mar. 1983
Legacy from a Friend
The body of Magnum's friend, an experienced lifeguard, is found on a beach after an apparent drowning but TM does not believe he drowned.
17 Mar. 1983
Two Birds of a Feather
A single engine light aircraft being flow from California to Hawaii crashes in the tidal pool at the estate.
31 Mar. 1983
...By Its Cover
Magnum meets an old Naval Academy buddy and ends up delivering marijuana.
7 Apr. 1983
The Big Blow
A hurricane is hitting Hawaii on the night of Robin Masters' spring equinox party.
28 Apr. 1983
Faith and Begorrah
Higgins' half brother, an Irish Catholic priest from Northern Ireland, arrives in Hawaii to confront a British officer who he claims stole an ancient artifact from his church.
29 Sep. 1983
Home from the Sea
It is July 4th and Magnum is off the coast on his surf ski when a speed boat shoots past him throwing TM into the water and the surf ski drifts away.
6 Oct. 1983
Luther Gillis: File #521
Luther Gillis is a private investigator from St. Louis who was hired by the father of a 16-year-old runaway girl to find her. At the same time, Magnum was hired by the girl's mother to find her. Can they work together?
13 Oct. 1983
Smaller Than Life
Rick's old friend Waldo Norris is caught trying to break into a guarded building. Waldo claims he is working for an insurance company and is investigating the loss of a valuable figurine.
20 Oct. 1983
Distant Relative
Rick's 22-year-old sister Wendy arrives in Hawaii. Rick still believes that she is a young, innocent girl and asks Magnum to entertain her while Rick works at the club.
3 Nov. 1983
Limited Engagement
Investigating a series of convenience store robberies, Magnum also comes across a couple of elderly ladies, who live in a broken-down house with other elderly people who are being harassed by a no-good slum lord.
10 Nov. 1983
Letter to a Duchess
Higgins meets an English duchess who he was enamored with over the years.
17 Nov. 1983
Squeeze Play
Robin Masters' bets Buzz, a "girlie magazine" publisher, that the King Kamehameha Club softball team can beat Buzz's team.
1 Dec. 1983
A Sense of Debt
Magnum is in Detroit and TC is using the Ferrari. While driving the car, TC has an accident and injures a bare knuckles fighter and he has to take his place in the ring.
8 Dec. 1983
The Look
Holly Fox was a DJ in Vietnam admired by all the servicemen including Magnum, TC and Rick. While listening to the radio one day, Magnum hears a voice that he believes is Holly Fox.
15 Dec. 1983
Operation: Silent Night
It's Christmas time and TC is flying Magnum (dressed as Santa Claus), Rick and Higgins to three different islands. En route, TC is forced to make an emergency landing on an island that the Navy uses for gunnery practice.

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