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7 Jan. 1982
The Jororo Kill
Kate Sullivan, a reporter that Magnum, TC and Rick met in Vietnam, wants Magnum to find a former British MI6 strategist who dropped out of sight to write a book and may be arriving in Hawaii.
14 Jan. 1982
Computer Date
Magnum is searching for a spy who's been selling computer information from a large corporation. The president of the company tells him he suspects his wife of having an affair and asks him to follow her. Magnum is distressed to find her having an intimate dinner with one of his best friends, Rick.
28 Jan. 1982
Try to Remember
The Ferrari, with an unconscious and injured Magnum in it, is found at the bottom of a cliff. Magnum is rushed to a hospital but when he regains consciousness is found to have amnesia and cannot remember what happened.
4 Feb. 1982
Italian Ice
Magnum goes to Sicily at the request of Robin Masters to rescue a friend's daughter who was being held by mobsters. Tom rescues the girl and brings her back to the estate and then trouble occurs.
11 Feb. 1982
One More Summer
Someone is trying to kill professional football quarterback Dorsey Bramlett who was the backup quarterback for Magnum at the U.S. Naval Academy. Bramlett contacts Magnum and asks Tom to be his bodyguard.
18 Feb. 1982
Texas Lightning
Magnum is hired by Jeannie Lowry as a bodyguard while she plays high-stakes poker on a yacht.
25 Feb. 1982
Double Jeopardy
Magnum returns from California and finds a Hollywood crew on the estate filming a movie based on a Robin Masters' novel. When the star's double is injured, Magnum is hired as his replacement.
4 Mar. 1982
The Last Page
A Vietnam veteran from Seattle hires Magnum to find his girlfriend who came to Hawaii and then disappeared.
25 Mar. 1982
The Elmo Ziller Story
Someone is trying to murder Elmo Ziller, Higgins' illegitimate half-brother from Texas. Elmo has brought his rodeo to Hawaii and Magnum is asked to protect him.
1 Apr. 1982
Three Minus Two
Jan Kona and her two partners operate a very successful fashion company. When one of the partners is murdered, Jan asks Magnum to protect her.
30 Sep. 1982
Did You See the Sun Rise?
Magnum, TC and Nuzo had escaped from a North Vietnamese POW camp during the Vietnam War. Nuzo returns to Hawaii and tells TC that the brutal Russian Colonel who was at the camp has returned to the U.S. and is going to kill him.
7 Oct. 1982
Ki'is Don't Lie
The Poison God's Ki'i, a wooden Polynesian God image, was found in a cave in Hawaii. Unless it is returned to the cave, anyone who comes in contact with it will die.
14 Oct. 1982
The Eighth Part of the Village
Higgins sends Magnum to the docks to pick up a crate of books but instead of books, he finds a young Japanese woman in the crate.
21 Oct. 1982
Past Tense
TC's helicopter is skyjacked and he is forced to land in a local prison and help a prisoner escape.
28 Oct. 1982
Black on White
Higgins is quarantined in the guest house with Magnum because TM may have been exposed to a deadly African virus. Or, is it something else?
4 Nov. 1982
Magnum wakes up one morning and finds he is back in 1936 and must solve a murder.
11 Nov. 1982
Foiled Again
Higgins is in a fencing match against a man he has hated for years.
18 Nov. 1982
Mr. White Death
A professional wrestler from the mainland asks Magnum to find his son.
2 Dec. 1982
Mixed Doubles
Magnum is tasked with protecting a young tennis pro who is being threatened.
9 Dec. 1982
Almost Home
Magnum helps a cocktail waitress from Cleveland who wants to place her father's remains on the battleship Arizona in Pearl Harbor.
16 Dec. 1982
Heal Thyself
A doctor that Magnum knew in Vietnam when she was an Army nurse is accused of murdering three patients in a Hawaiian hospital.

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