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Season 1

30 Oct. 1980
13 Nov. 1980
When Vicki doesn't get the apartment she was suppose to get, she needs a place to stay. And the only one who can take her is Cassie and she reluctantly does. But she cramps Cassie's style.
27 Nov. 1980
Fallen Idol
Vicki'a father comes for a visit but things change when she catches him with Nancy.
18 Dec. 1980
Jan's daughter wants to take up ballet and Jan doesn't want to disappoint her. But she can't afford it on her waitress salary alone. So she does a little moonlighting. But when it affects her job, the girls tell her that it's ok to say no to her daughter. But Jan is determined not to fail her.
8 Jan. 1981
Up on the Roof
When there's a fire in the building and because the restaurant is on the top, it's difficult for them to get out. And among the people is a man who's on a date with someone who is not his wife and an elderly couple who are celebrating their anniversary. When an evacuation plan is implemented, the staff have to go last.
15 Jan. 1981
Making the Grade
Jan decides to go out with one of her teachers just as her course is ending. But when she decides to break it off, she learns that her final grade could be in jeopardy because he doesn't want to end it. So she turns to the Dean who tells her it's her word against his and that she should tell him to just accept it.
21 Jul. 1981
4 Aug. 1981
You're Not Old, You're Fired
The girls are told that Nancy is being retired and that Lois is replacing her. Lois eventually learns that Nancy was retired because the boss thought she's too old. So they go to Nancy to tell her that and they find her working as a waitress in a diner.

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