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The countdown
Prismark1017 June 2014
In the days before the internet this show broadcast on night-time in the UK was the only way for viewers to find out what were the biggest pop hits in the USA as we had a weekly run down of the top 10. Some of the hit videos were broadcast, Casey might give you some interesting snippets and facts about the band or singer. When the series was first shown in the UK in the mid to late 1980s it was nice to see British acts doing well in the US top ten.

You also got a run-down of the top 10 album charts and the top 10 films at the US box office. I actually liked the film run down as it was a good way to see what was a hit and not a hit for films that would be released in the UK a few months later.

Casey was an affable host even though you always felt with his sweaters that he was probably too old to host a pop chart countdown show.
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Grew up with this show!
ShelbyTMItchell27 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you loved music in the 1980s then this was the show for you as Casey Kasem also the host and DJ for the radio's America's Top Forty really has the face and voice.

The guy really knows so much about music. And it shows that he loves it. Plus he tries his best to relate to his audience. As wished that all DJs would do that.

As now that he and the late Dick Clark are no longer on the end as both were the two last great DJs and VJs even of their era. The original ones indeed! As come back Casey as we don't need Secreast as we need you!
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Seeing "America's Top 10" on YouTube brought back such nice memories for me of the now-retired Casey Kasem
tavm6 July 2009
With yesterday having been the last time Casey Kasem hosted his "American Top 20/10" radio shows (I heard his final "American Top 10" in parts-including his final remarks-on SUNNY 103.3 from 6 to 9 a.m), I have been jonesing on his "American Top 40-The '70s" (His special of the Top 40 Girls {songs-of which Debbie Reynolds' "Tammy" was no. 1} that was rerun last Saturday was one of the first of such episodes I listened to back in 1977) and have been watching some of his "America's Top 10" on YouTube. In fact, there was a whole program for the week ending May 1, 1983, which included commercials that aired on WNEW in New York, that I saw straight through that revealed Michael Jackson's "Beat It" and "Thriller" on the No. 1 Pop and Album charts, respectively. (R.I.P. King of Pop) It also showed videos of "Der Kommisar" by After the Fire, "Rio" by Duran Duran, and "You Are" by Lionel Richie. The trivia question asked was "What act in the Rock Era that hit the Top 10 had the most members?" The answer was revealed to be John Williams' London Symphony Orchestra with the "Star Wars Main Title Theme". The members numbered 96. As you can read here, I'm getting nostalgic for Casey who's been a part of my life for such a long time. He's had such a nice voice and compelling presence during all my years of growing up. All I'd like to say now is, I'm glad you've kept your feet on that ground and reached for the stars for much of your life, Mr. Kasem! Have a nice retirement.
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