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UK Hong Kong Legends (Region 2) DVD release is re-formatted from 2.35:1 to 1.85:1 aspect ratio
Originally filmed, but never released, was a second (or possibly alternate) Drunken Boxing training sequence in which Wong Fei-Hong practices additional techniques on the front lawn of Sui Hat-Yi's (Sam Seed's) straw home. During the sequence were various Chinese symbols representing each different attack that Hat-Yi would call out. Even though the scene was deleted, a still image from the scene with Jackie Chan standing with his left leg raised and holding a tea cup and wine vase has been used on various VHS and DVD covers around the world. This scene is featured on the Hong Kong Legends DVD release as well as the UK/US documentary "Cinema of Vengeance"
German version was cut by approximately 20 minutes.
There are two major releases of the film that have been released. Some prints are 110 min (106 min PAL run time), but there are some prints that are roughly 95 min. The 95 min prints are Cantonese "final cuts" that have been released in multiple variations ("cheapie" VHS and DVD releases). The 110 min cuts are in Mandarin and English versions... however Cantonese is the original language. As of now, the only version to contain the complete 110 min cut with a Cantonese track is an old out of print video from Magnum Entertainment. The current American DVD by Columbia/TriStar replaces the missing Cantonese audio with English audio, which caused much confusion when the opening scene was in English despite choosing a Cantonese track to be listened to. Even the newly remastered Hong Kong DVD by Mei Ah replaces the missing Cantonese audio in certain scenes, but this time with a slightly more fitting Mandarin track, which sounds less abrupt.

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