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  • Original version:

    DVD release: 2001, purple/blue cover

    Picture quality: Okay, but with some of the artifacts expected in what was then a 22-year-old cut of film.

    Sound: Original mono.

    Cut: Original cut as seen in theaters.

    Extras: Nothing.

    Availability: Now out of print, but still fairly easy to get hold of secondhand for very cheap.

    Director's cut:

    DVD release: 2005, red-orange cover

    Picture quality: Greatly restored and cleaned up, worthy of DVD.

    Sound: Remastered stereo surround, very well done.

    Cut: Some new short comic-book-style transitions (1-3 seconds) inserted between some scenes, and a new short intro comparing the adventure to the classic Greek story it was based upon.

    Extras: Some really good documentaries and interviews, pure gold to Warriors fans.

    Availability: Common and in print, low-end DVD price, usually on shelves at major DVD stores.

    Fans are very divided on the comic transitions, with some saying it actually ruins the movie while others aren't affected at all by them. But even people who totally hate the comic stuff tend to really like the rest of the goodies on the new disc.

    Basically, if you're a fan of the film, you probably won't regret getting both versions. They're fairly cheap as DVDs go, and since it is out of print that original edition won't be so easy to get hold of forever. Additionally, the Director's Cut was released on Blu-ray and the now-defunct HD-DVD format. Both of these HD releases contain the same features as the DVD.

  • A remake of this film was announced in 2005. Set to be produced by MTV films with Tony Scott directing, it would share the original film's basic idea of a gang stranded outside its turf. However, it would be set on the West Coast instead of New York and take place in modern times rather than a dystopian setting. It wasn't done with the approval or participation of Walter Hill or anyone else involved with the original.

    Since that announcement, a few minor rumors surfaced (mainly the suggestion that this would feature real gang members as extras, a persistent rumor that has not been confirmed by any official source), but no solid information has been announced by MTV or Tony Scott since the original announcement.

    Time has passed since that announcement, and Tony Scott himself died in 2012. Nobody's heard anything about this remake in quite a while. Apart from speculation, and the pushing forward of the release date on the remake's IMDb entry a couple of times (it's been quietly changed from 2006, to 2007, to 2008, all the way to 2014 as deadlines passed with no movie; you can find the entry at There hasn't been a scrap of information about it since the original announcement and Tony Scott's one interview at MTV in 2005. All that info is on (click "New movie") - a page on the main "Warriors" fan site, which hasn't changed or updated for a couple of years now.)

    At this point, it appears that the project is at least on hold and, at most, dead.

  • 1. Cleon (Dorsey Wright): the warlord, leader and founder of the gang. He wears a leopard-patterned cloth around his head and a Native American-style necklace.

    2. Swan (Michael Beck): the war chief, second-in-command of the gang, and the central focus of the film. He's the tall white guy with long hair who becomes Mercy's boyfriend.

    3. Ajax (James Remar): the guy who wears fingerless leather gloves and a black tank-top.

    4. Vermin (Terry Michos): the fellow who always looks worried. White with scraggily hair, he often voices the down side of things.

    5. Cochise (David Harris): the African American wearing Native American-style jewelry, leather pants, and boots. He sports an afro with a red bandanna tied around it.

    6. Fox (Thomas G. Waites): the gang's scout, a white guy with curly brown hair he is the one who sees Cyrus shot.

    7. Rembrandt (Marcelino Sánchez): the gang's graffiti artist, he wears the standard Warrior's vest along with a messenger bag and an afro.

    8. Snow (Brian Tyler): a stoic African American Warrior with an afro.

    9. Cowboy (Tom McKitterick): the warrior, who wears a Stetson cowboy hat and a shirt underneath his vest.

    Cleon is murdered by the Gramercy Riffs. Ajax is arrested after attempting to sexually assault an undercover police officer. Fox is thrown in front of a train by a police officer. Mercy is the young woman whom they meet when the encounter the orphans, and she becomes and integral part of the rest of the movie. The other six (along with Mercy) Warriors make it back to Coney Island.


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