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Review: "The Hired Hand" (1971) Starring Peter Fonda And Warren Oates; UK Dual Format Release From Arrow Films

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By Tim Greaves

The first of only three films for which Peter Fonda took up residence in the director's chair – the others being Idaho Transfer (1973) and Wanda Nevada (1979) – unconventional western The Hired Hand (1971)is the jewel of the triad. A couple of fleeting outbursts of violence aside, it's heavy on gentle drama and light on shoot-'em-up action, as such more a thinking man’s western than one whose white hats and blackguards are clearly defined from the outset and proceed to serve up a profusion of rapid-fire gunfights with bounteous squirts of ketchup.

Following an upsetting incident which prompts him to reflect on his life choices, drifter Harry Collings (Peter Fonda) informs his travelling companions Arch Harris (Warren Oates) and Dan Griffen (Robert Pratt) that he's decided to return home to the wife and daughter he deserted six years earlier. Before they can part ways Dan is shot by a
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Teri Shields, mother of Brooke Shields, dies at age 79

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Teri Shields, the mother of Brooke Shields who also acted as her manager for her daughter's early years, has passed away after a long battle with dementia. She was 79.

Shields raised eyebrows when allowed her then-12-year-old daughter to play a child prostitute in "Pretty Baby." The single mother had Brooke star in her first ad when she was only 11 months old and then arranged for a photographer to take nude shots of her when she was 10. Though Shields has gone on to become a successful actress, there was definitely some tension between Shields and her daughter after Brooke parted ways with her mother professionally in 1995.

"I felt that she had to be on her own. It kills me once in a while. I would like to get over it," Shields told Extra in 1996. "I would love for Brooke to be my best friend, but you can't because I am
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Fonda Gave Shields Her First Horse

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Fonda Gave Shields Her First Horse
Brooke Shields has magical memories of her 1979 movie Wanda Nevada because her director and co-star Peter Fonda gave her the horse she fell for on the set as a wrap gift.

The actress, who played the title role in the film, admits the "little filly" that she rode to and from the set as a child star was her first horse.

She tells WENN, "We were in Arizona and had to have horses and mules in the Grand Canyon. There was this sweet little filly and she basically failed racing school because she would trot forever and never break into a cantor and only go one way.

"You would sing the racing start chant and she would just take off, so she was never a very prized member of the stable and they sold her.

"Peter knew how much I loved horses and so he bought her and gave her to me for my movie gift."

Oddly, Shields is now allergic to horses - something that became a problem while she was shooting her new film The Greening of Whitney Brown, in which she co-stars with a mare.

She adds, "For this movie they were patting me down with wet towels every time I went near the horse because I was just one big hive."

Clip joint: real-life fathers and sons

With Father's Day approaching, framescourer chooses the cathartic cameos and double-takes that capture dads and their offspring in the same frame

Many of the most intriguing father and son partnerships are divided by the camera: as a director, Clint Eastwood has used his son Kyle's music in a number of his later films; sadly, tantalisingly, John Huston was too ill to participate in Mr North, his son Danny's directorial debut. There are some near misses too: it might perhaps have been a relief to both Brawley Nolte and his father, Nick, that, playing the same character at different ages in the violently semi-Oedipal Affliction, they were safely separated by the buffer of flashback.

Yet it's having father and son in the same frame that really intrigues. To what extent is it representative of the off-camera dynamic? Will either party take the chance to get something off his chest, overstepping some
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