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Sex & Nudity

  • There are many scenes of of casual, social, and intimate nudity in the film, with actors in states ranging from dishabille to completely nude. Examples:
  • Casual nudity: A woman (Jo) greets her boyfriend (Bobby) at the door of the home they share, wearing only her underwear. Later in the scene, we see that she has removed her underwear off-camera. Bare breasts and rear seen.
  • Social nudity: A woman dances wearing only panties in a party scene. Motorcycle chick and Greg are at the party. They go to a bedroom for sex. She shows bare rear and partial breasts, he shows partial rear.
  • Intimate nudity: There are several heterosexual intercourse scenes throughout the movie, some of which depict both actors completely nude.
  • Only kissing, caressing, and such are shown directly. The closest we get to a depiction of copulation is that we see the outside of a parked van as it rocks a bit on its suspension. That said, copulation is clearly implied in most of these scenes.
  • No genitals or pubic areas are ever visible, either female or male. Only breasts and buttocks are shown in this film.
  • Briefly see an uncredited couple making out in the back of a van, her bare breasts seen.
  • The Mooner shows her bare rear out the window of a passing car. The flasher twice flashes her bare breasts at Officer Zass and Chooch.
  • Wanda and Bobby seen nude in a van, her bare breasts, both show pubes.
  • Wanda and Officer Zass seen in a car, both shirtless, brief bare breasts seen.
  • Wanda flashes Chooch while she's hitchhiking on the side of the road.
  • Greg goes in the wrong bedroom and undresses, his bare rear shown as he tries to escape.
  • Moon and Bobby kiss, he accidently pulls down part of her dress, exposing one breast. They later have sex. She shows bare breasts and partial rear, he shows bare rear.
  • Camille and Greg have sex. His bare rear shown, she keeps covered.

Violence & Gore

  • One character punches another in the abdomen. That character picks up a large wrench and threatens the one who punched him, and then vandalizes his attacker's car. The now-victim picks up a length of pipe and starts vandalizing the first victim's car in turn. By the end of the scene, both cars are badly damaged.
  • A person vomits.


  • About 10 d--n, a couple of h--l, s-words, an f-word, b---h. Slang terms for anatomy. An obscene gesture.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The Biker smokes.
  • A character opens a couple of beers, takes one and gives the other to her boyfriend. Both imbibe on camera.
  • The main characters visit a night club, and are shown drinking, though the type of drinks are unclear.
  • Two of the characters get very drunk in public on hard liquor.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A character drives his automobile towards a cliff, diving out at the last minute, purposely wrecking the vehicle.

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