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Amanda Bynes’ Mental State: What Goes on in a Schizophrenic’s Head?

Amanda Bynes is back in New York City and reportedly acting bizarrely according to some tabloid reports. Others say she’s fine. After being diagnosed as schizophrenic, what exactly might be going on in her mind? Bynes was arrested by a California Highway Patrol officer on Sept. 28, after her Mercedes was spotted sitting in the middle of an intersection on Van Nuys Blvd. She was charged with being under the influence of drugs. After her release, she immediately jumped on a plane for New York City on Friday (Oct. 3). She’s been seen around since then, sparking widely varying tabloid reports. ...Read More
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Amanda Bynes -- Arrested For Driving Under Influence of Stimulant

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Amanda Bynes was arrested in Los Angeles Sunday after cops determined she was driving under the influence ... and our law enforcement sources say she was on a Stimulant ... but we're told she has also developed a serious weed problem ... again.Here's what we know -- Bynes was driving a Mercedes in the San Fernando Valley when she stopped in the middle of an intersection on Van Nuys Blvd.  A Chp officer spotted her and determined she was under the influence.
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Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI

Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI
Amanda Bynes' legal troubles continue. The actress was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Sunday and was booked for a misdemeanor at the Van Nuys Community Police Station,  according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Department records. The California Highway Patrol approached Bynes in the San Fernando Valley, where she had  stopped in the middle of the intersection on Van Nuys Blvd. and Riverside Drive while driving a Mercedes SUV, according to a Chp statement. She failed field sobriety tests on the scene. Bynes posted $15,000 bail and was released at 12:44 p.m. Sunday.  Read more  Inside Amanda Bynes' Career-Ending Meltdown:

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Grindhouse Aficionado: Issue #Four

Grindhouse Aficionado: Issue #4 (Nov.06) by Kevin Klemm

Grindhouse Aficionado

Bringing you the best of Grindhouse cinema (without the sticky floors).

This month’s Double Feature: 42nd Street Forever Vol 1 and 42nd Street Forever Vol 2: The Deuce

This month we take a look at two DVD’s that highlight the real reason we risked life and limb by venturing into The Deuce- the previews!

So grab your popcorn (I sure hope that’s butter) and settle in for four full hours of Grindhouse excitement.

Reel 1:

42nd Street Forever, Volume 1

As I mentioned before, half the fun of visiting a grindhouse theatre was watching the coming attractions. It took a special kind of film to play The Deuce, and the coming attractions really played up the exploitation elements of the movie. Its job was to hook you and reel you in so you would come back week after week…kind
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70s Rewind: The Incredible Melting Man

My science-fiction itch was not scratched sufficiently by Andrew Niccol's disappointing In Time, which opens wide in the U.S. today, and so I sought solace in a film that I've never seen before, The Incredible Melting Man, which sounded from its premise like a horror-science fiction hybrid. Released in December 1977, The Incredible Melting Man is an endearingly awful creature feature, without much horror or science fiction, although it can boast of gloriously gloopy special effects and make-up by Rick Baker. Written and directed by William Sachs, who would go on to make such deathless classics as Van Nuys Blvd. (filmed in my hometown!), Galaxina, and Hot Chili, the film follows what happens to the only astronaut to survive a disastrous space flight to Saturn....
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