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  • George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (2004) (1978) was released in Italy as Zombi. The following year, an Italian film with the working title of Gli Ultimi Zombi, was renamed Zombi 2. The title change was intended to cash in on Romero's movie, by presenting the film as an "unauthorized sequel" (or possibly prequel), although the plot bears little relation to the events portrayed in Dawn of the Dead.

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  • At the beginning of the movie, a zombie bites one of the police officers on the neck as he explores the boat, and he dies. Later in the autopsy room, the dead policeman is shown slowly returning to life as a zombie, so this is one point of origin for the zombie invasion of New York City.

    Additionally, the "boat zombie" (the large man played by Captain Haggerty) is shot in the chest by a policeman and falls off the boat into the harbor. Since only a shot to the head will kill the zombies in this film, the boat zombie was still "alive". A scene that was filmed but cut from the final print of the movie shows the boat zombie emerging from the river near a dock, which explains another point of origin for the zombie epidemic. A lobby card for the movie shows a still image of the boat zombie coming out of the water on the shore of the river, taken from the cut scene.

    A graphic novel of the film, released around 2001, showed these two sequences in full (the autopsy zombie coming to life and attacking those around him, the boat zombie attacking a homeless man) to further explain the start up of the zombie epidemic in new York.

  • In the UK, three releases of that zombie classic by Lucio Fulci are available: the Uncut Version by Vipco on VHS and by Anchor Bay on DVD. The Uncut VHS by Vipco was put on the list of the video nasties. Furthermore there are two Cut Versions: one of them is 18 sec shorter and the other one 1 min 46 sec. The last version is equal to the Theatrical Version and was also put on the list of the video nasties.


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