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25 October 2005 - the film went before the BBFC ratings board in the U.K, and was passed fully uncut with an '18' certificate.
The Dutch DVD by 'Japan Shock' is uncut, but is a poor quality print.
The 18 certificate UK cinema and early video versions were missing 1 min 46 secs of graphic violence including the splinter in the eye scene, shots of torn throats and arm biting, the zombies feasting on Paola's body and a shot of Dr Menard's bloody bitten face. The uncut version was released in the early 80s, but fell foul of the Obscene Publications Act, and was prosecuted as a "video nasty".
In August 1999, the uncut version was submitted to the British Board of Film Classification for a video certificate, in the hope that it would fare better than previous BBFC-approved versions. This was a partial success, since the film escaped with an 18 rating after only 23 seconds of cuts, compared to the 1m 46s which was censored in the earlier video and cinema prints. Only 2 scenes were censored: the woman who gets her eye impaled on a splinter, and a later sequence in which zombies feast on her body.
The Australian print is the same as the heavily cut UK print.
The US version released by Anchor Bay Entertainment is the uncut, uncensored version, containing all the violence, gore, and nudity.
Older U.S. prints (such as the Wizard Video version) have "Jerry Gross Presents" (or some equivalent) before the title. This has been removed from the more recent Anchor Bay release.
For the U.S. dubbed version, the character name of Ann Bolt was changed to Ann Boles and the character name of Bryan Curt was changed to Brian Hull.
Some of the productions stills and lobby cards for "Zombi 2" feature a scene that was not in the final cut of the film, featuring the fat "boat zombie" at the beginning of the film climbing out of the river in New York, presumably after being shot into the water by the policeman on the derelict boat.
Although the Anchor Bay version is uncut in terms of gore, it is actually missing some brief footage (a few frames at a time) during a few scenes:
  • The opening frames have been slightly trimmed, as well as the opening music.

  • The scene with the professor holding up his gun has been shortened.

  • The phone booth scene is missing some footage.

  • The shark attack sequence has been slightly cut.

  • A full frontal nudity shot of Olga Karlatos in the shower is missing. Reportedly, the upcoming Shriek Show DVD under the title "Zombi 2" will restore all the above cuts that were trimmed from the Anchor Bay Release

The 91 minute, uncut version of this film finally passed the Australian film classification board (the OFLC) in February 2004, effectively ending the censorship of this title in Australia. It is to be released on DVD. Prior VHS video releases, on both the Starbase and Video Excellence labels, were heavily cut.

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