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Flaws, sure,but it was still fun...

Author: papamac630 from United States
16 February 2007

I saw this movie in the theatre while stationed in Germany, and a few other times on Armed Forces Network, and while it isn't an award-winning effort, it was a perfectly cool movie...Michael Douglas is convincing as Michael Andropolis, a long-distance runner who had the potential to be great, but always found a way to mess it up...his cynical coach gave up on him, as did his wife, played well by one of my favorite actresses, Susan Anspach...and then Michael lucks into a chance to compete in the Olympics, once again coming up short at the end of the race...and'll have to see the movie to get the finish...but I can tell you that it's worth the effort to see...Douglas plays the role of a non-conformist runner very fact, this role is not unlike a lot of other roles that Douglas has played...yes, there are some flaws...there are some elements that are kind of goofy, but if you take this movie for what it is...entertainment, not documentary, then it's fine...

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One of the Best Canadian movies ever made.

Author: Smokey-19 from Bagotville, Québec
15 August 1999

Yes I do agree with Castor from Victoria, Running is an outstanding achievement. This movie should be on video so can anyone can see it. The story is good, the performance of all actors are great and yes the music score is out of this world. After the movie I did have to go for a jog while "running" the music score into my head. Watch your TV guide for running and set up your VCR to tape it. You will be happy to add this movie to your collection.

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One of the Best from Micheal

Author: smoky-5 from Victoria, BC, Canada
27 March 1999

I saw again Running last week-end and let me tell you this is one of the best from Micheal Douglas. Even this movie was made early in his carreer Micheal role as a marathon runner is just outstanding. But the best things about that movie is the music score by a unknown musician named Andre Gagnon. Early is the movie the music got to me and make me watching until the end. Watch yourself Mr. Williams or Mr. Horner because Andre Gagnon might take some work away from you. I know this movie is not available in video but watch your TV guide and let your VCR "running" to tape this movie because you will watch again and again. Bravo Micheal Douglas and Bravo Andre Gagnon you just made a Masterpiece.

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One of my favorites!

Author: richard-650 from Joplin, Missouri
15 August 2004

This is one of my favorite films. I saw it about 1981 on a premium channel, and recently went to great lengths to obtain this film on DVD. Apparently it hasn't been released in the U.S.. Though the production itself is lacking,(especially the music) I think the story itself is one of the best ever brought to film with the old "quitter finally triumphs" plot. Michael Douglas really brings his character to life. What jogged my memory about this film was the "running" portion of "Forest Gump". After watching the DVD of "Running", I can't help but think that section of "Forest Gump" was derived from this movie. This is especially apparent in the scene where Michael is training and the neighborhood kids join in on the run. The extras could have been cast to be more realistic, but if you'll look past the production, you'll find a truly inspiring story!

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Find me a copy of this movie.

Author: GCavaiani ( from Oconomowoc Wisconsin
22 February 2003

I saw this movie with my Dad in 1979. In 1994 I ran my first marathon with my Dad and I think that was the first time I recalled seeing this movie. I have run four other marathons with him since and have been in an on and off again search of this movie for over 9 years. It is nastalgic to me know and I am hoping someone is out there who can help me locate a copy. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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One of the best for Michael Douglas

Author: ( from Victoria, BC, Canada
20 March 1999

Running is one of the best movie from Michael Douglas. Even if that movie was made early in his career Michael Douglas was outstanding in his role as a marathon runner Michael Andropolis. But the best feature about that movie is the music score by a little French Canadian named Andre Gagnon. Careful John Williams and James Horner because Andre Gagnon might take your job. The story is also pretty good but because of the acting by Michael Douglas and the music of Andre Gagnon made that movie a not to missed.

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I was eight when this movie came out.

Author: asier_9 from United States
22 July 2004

My memory of this film is probably not congruent with the reality, but for an eight year old kid I was deeply impressed. The story is of about a talented but grandiose marathoner runner who's fear of failing keeps him form fully engaging in commitments. He is under-employed, separated/divorced and estranged from his children. He pins all his hopes and identity on becoming an Olympic champion but intentionally slacks off during the close finish of the Olympic trials coming in fourth. His self-esteem being incapable of surviving an honest defeat. But after an injury to one of the other runners he is selected for the team anyway. During the actual race it seems that he plans to make good on his talents and takes a commanding lead until he slips and falls on the wet pavement dislocating his arm. At this point my memory is a little vague but for some reason he finally gets it: his self worth can't be determined by the alloy of his medal but by the test of character that is the highest symbolism of all athletic competition, and so he decides to finish the race for himself. The man who couldn't bear to ever be second only shot, now, is last, and he is alone running against himself. In his defeat he wins the victory of redemption and walks away with a prize far more valuable then an Olympic Gold Medal. I would very much like to risk the disappointment of seeing this film again as it was probably, outside of Black Beauty, the biggest cinematic impact on me before I turning ten.

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I loved this movie. How can I get a copy, it's discontinued.

Author: GCavaiani
3 June 2002

I loved this movie, I saw it when I was kid. My Dad took me to it when he was training for marathons. I have been searching for it for years. Now that I have found it. it is impossible to obtain a copy since it has been discontinued. Looking for assistance!!!

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The title is taken literally and figuratively...which should tell you what you're in for

Author: moonspinner55 from las vegas, nv
11 December 2010

At a time when urban runners or joggers were seen as fanatics, Michael Douglas plays an unemployed, divorced thirty-something with two kids who sees running as a means of making it...and even more lofty than that, he hopes to enter the Olympics! Reels of film go by with nothing for us to look at except Douglas' desperately focused, determined face. The trouble with that is, this isn't really a character at all: our hero is nothing but a mouthpiece on the move. He's impatient hothead--a drop-out from both medical and law school!--plus a buddy to his ex-wife (Susan Anspach, who cheers him on), a role-model to his youngest daughter (whose schoolmates make fun of him), and an enemy for the people. Writer-director Steven H. Stern has apparently soaked up nothing but clichés in training for this exceedingly thin character study; he spits them right back at us, expecting us to cheer. *1/2 from ****

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Pretty good movie

Author: hikers99
12 December 2003

This was not a great movie but I enjoyed it. There are lots of running scenes. It is about a guy who has been a failure at everything all his life, including running, and who decides to do what he really wants to do, despite what everyone thinks. So he devotes himself to making the marathon team for the USA in the Olympics. It is uplifting. I found the ending kind of hoaky but all in all it was enjoyable.

I taped it

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