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Sex & Nudity

  • We see men and women kiss in several scenes.
  • A woman seduces a vampire. Although he eventually only sucks her blood, he does touch her crotch first. He also holds one of her breasts while sucking her blood.

Violence & Gore

  • We see twisted corpses in a woman's dream; she screams when she wakes.
  • A man cuts himself with a knife he is using to cut food, we see some blood on his finger. Another man comments that the knife is old and that the man might get blood poisoning from the cut, so he jumps on the man and sucks blood from his hand.
  • A man is chased through a castle by another man who presumably wants to kill him.
  • A man is asleep and another man sneaks up on his bed, presumably to kill him, but the man wakes up before this can happen. The man's wife, miles away, wakes up and screams.
  • A man opens a coffin; we see the body inside.
  • A man sneaks into a coffin which is loaded onto a boat, we later hear the captain talk about crew members going missing (we assume they have been killed). A boat pulls into port, we see a man tied in a grotesque position to the wheel (he has been killed).
  • People examine a dead body; we see wounds on his neck (the examiners say it's the plague).
  • A man arrives back at his house and doesn't recognize his wife, she faints. People try to take the man inside, he thrashes and twists to get out of their grasp, he is eventually taken inside.
  • A woman is in the bathroom while a man sneaks up on her; there is no reflection in the mirror. Over the next few scenes, we see lots of coffins being carried around and dead animals in the street, people say that it's the plague.
  • We see a dead woman on the floor with bloody cuts on her neck.
  • A man sneaks up on a sleeping woman and watches her for a while, then bites her neck and drinks her blood, we hear grotesque crunching sounds (the woman dies).
  • A man is exposed to sunlight, he writhes and moans until he dies.
  • A man grabs a wooden stake and runs upstairs to kill a man (another man yells at him not to do it) and although the killing is not shown, we see a large quantity of blood later on the stake and the man's hands.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • We see people drink wine in several scenes

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Everything in the 'Violence and Gore' section is moderately frightening. The vampire in the movie is very frightening with long fingernails and pale skin. A man goes insane, we see him laughing and screaming hysterically in several scenes. A town is overrun with rats. Whenever night falls, the movie gets really intense.
  • BBFC - (12A): moderate horror, gore.

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