Moonraker (1979) Poster


Plot Keywords

space shuttle jaws
cia cia agent
brazil space station
epic amazon jungle
amazon mission
jungle henchman
british battle
astronaut chase
panavision technicolor
carnaval parade
brunette amazon river
flotilla explosion in space
explosion soviet general
colonel cold war era
space age gaucho
vaquero helicopter pilot
englishman abroad superspy
british intelligence agent british spy
tuxedo concorde
1970s evil scientist
womanizer passionate kiss
escape ends with sex
clock tower villain turns good
shot in the chest dart gun
shot with a dart seduction
kissing while having sex kiss
sex in a hotel foot chase
hero good versus evil
knife knife throwing
machine gun action hero
woman with gun one man army
sword duel samurai sword
katana sword rapier
wooden sword kendo
sword fight hand to hand combat
quick draw showdown
walther ppk semiautomatic pistol
pistol laser pistol
laser gun ambush
boxing karate
fistfight brawl
gunfight shootout
tough girl tough guy
eleventh part evil man
official james bond series exploding boat
exploding airplane thrown from an airplane
silent henchman shooting a duck
british agent cult figure
cult film one word title
motor boat boat stunt
boat chase spy camera
steep waterfall space war
bond girl shuttle craft
engineer villain
villainy transmitter
top secret surveillance
spying spy mission
speedboat space battle
secret service secret mission
secret lab secret agent
river rapids perfume
mountain mad dogs
laser laser beam
intelligence agent gadget
gadgetry france
fight female spy
female agent espionage
england british secret service
british intelligence argentina
arch villain python
orchid zero gravity sex
glass megalomaniac
venice italy invincible henchman
blockbuster sequel
amphibious vehicle secret headquarters
parachute zero gravity
genetic engineering fencing
judo centrifuge
powerboat rio de janeiro brazil
product placement snake
free fall gondola
cable car outer space
spy dog
coffin redemption
boat hitman
pyramid samurai
waterfall missile silo
hang gliding hovercraft
rain forest monastery
safecracker skydiving
glass blower martial arts
based on novel actor shares first name with character
title spoken by character

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