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After Jackie is hurt in the field hockey game she can be seen jumping around with the other CITs at the end of the rally.


When Spaz and Fink are playing tennis they miss the ball several times and it seems to the viewer that the ball is just about to stop bouncing, but a second later the ball is even bouncing higher.
When they are in the K-Mart parking lot picking up the campers, the buses are Chevrolets and GMC makes. When they get to Camp North-Star the buses have changed to Fords and a Dodge.
When Jackie gets injured in the field hockey game, the players that cause the injury are seen kneeing her in her thigh. She is seen grabbing her upper leg/knee. But at the meeting before the marathon, Morty says that their best distance runner broke her ankle.
When Candace pulls Crockett into the boat he lands on his head. In the next shot as she is pulling away from the dock he is standing up and leaning over. Then the next cut shows he is back on his head and getting up.
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At the beginning when the children are getting off the buses after arriving at camp you see a kid wearing a scarf and holding a red jacket on the field. A few shots later you see the same child getting off the bus.
When Candace pulls Crockett into the boat he lands on his head. In the next shot as she is pulling away from the dock he is standing up and leaning over. Then the next cut shows he is back on his head and getting up.
When the Camp North Star group are leaving the camp, for the big basketball game. The school bus sign on the back of the bus has black paint covering the school part. When they get to Camp Mohawk, the black paint is now white.
At the Dance at Camp North Star. As Tripper and Roxanne are dancing, Crockett and Wendy are dancing in the background. They cut to Wheels and Crockett by the door, talking to the red headed toe tapping girl. They cut back to Tripper and Roxanne, Crockett is still in the background dancing.
The counselors-in-training escape the basketball game with the Mohawks by bus. Shots from inside the bus show a car behind them just as they're leaving, but it should show the Mohawks chasing Morty on his bike.
During the first event in the Olympiad with the boys swimming with the beach balls. After the ball is shot the North Star swimmer starts to cry and tread water. However when his CIT jumps in to save him you can see the boy standing up and wiping off his eyes. It cuts back to the CIT swimming up to the boy and he is now treading water and crying again.
When Tripper begins giving his "It Just Doesn't Matter" speech there is a roaring fire in the fireplace behind him. Over the course of his speech the fire goes down quickly and then begins blazing again.
When Spaz is walking with Tripper and co., and he stumbles into Tripper, Spaz is sockless. However, moments later as they are all walking further, Spaz has white socks on.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Candace pulls Crockett on to the motor boat. when he is upside down, you can see the shape of a wireless microphone pack on his back.

Factual errors 

During the Olympiad softball game, one of the girls on the North Star team tells her teammate to hit the ball to the Mohawk outfielder with "big boobs" because she can't catch. When the ball is hit to the buxom outfielder, it appears to fall into her shirt on the fly, which would cause the ball to become dead and each runner would be awarded two bases.
Wheels' drop-kick, in the Olympiad wrestling scene, is an illegal move in "real" (amateur) wrestling. Also, you don't have to pin the guy for a three-count in amateur wrestling. It only has to be for a full second.
You ante in poker, not in blackjack.
During the Olympiad Softball Game, it is explained to Jody that it is the bottom of the ninth with two outs. However, regulation softball even on the collegiate level is only seven innings.

Revealing mistakes 

When Bill Murray is leading the campers in the chant, "It just doesn't matter", one of the frames showing Phil is reversed. The NIU on the left vest of his jacket switches to the right side and says UIN.
During the K-Mart parking lot sequence, two girls are shown arguing over cigarettes. Near the end of the conversation, the blond-haired girl (on the left side of the screen) starts to say one of her lines before her cue.

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