Mad Max (1979) Poster


Plot Keywords

death motorcycle
motorcycle gang australia
future mad max
biker highway
police murder
partner warrior
revenge chase
vengeance outlaw gang
pursuit explosion
baby first part
future shock killed in a car accident
apology looking at picture
woman driver gun in mouth
saying goodbye telephone call
f word dog
climbing stairs ambulance
telephone telling someone to shut up
waking up crying man
screaming man post apocalypse
brunette motorcycle riding
screaming woman motorcycle policeman
run over by a truck cigar smoking
blonde child blond man
shooting from car man with glasses
opening a door night
lying on a bed action hero
father son relationship mother son relationship
playing saxophone saxophone
torture voice box
hospital two word title
tarzan spoof mannequin
panties siege
sign language car chase
buttocks nudity
sex critically acclaimed
ice cream cone ice cream
riding in a car driving a car
dragged by a car chain
shot to death shot with a gun
gun rifle
old woman woman with a gun
watering can burned alive
run over with a motorcycle handcuffs
barefoot lawyer
psychopath towel
death of partner ends with death
drying someone's hair reference to tarzan
weapon vandalism
truck trackdown
oil tanker murder of wife
murder of a baby husband wife relationship
destruction of property death of wife
death of baby courtroom
countryside car
bridge black leather
first of trilogy exploding car
carsploitation male rear nudity
male full frontal nudity implied rape
homosexual overtones female rear nudity
cult film sawed off shotgun
hack saw road rage
car accident burned to death
part of trilogy good versus evil
chosen one shotgun
tragic hero tragic event
marauder hero
evil man supercharger
muscle car severed hand
kneed in the groin train
maniac rape
desert car trouble
anarchy victimization
automobile violence
terrorism independent film
character name in title

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