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Great? Probably not--but highly entertaining and cute.
MartinHafer9 February 2008
Considering that this short was made in 1979 (a period in which quality animation had disappeared and crap animation was the norm), the fact that the animation quality isn't so hot isn't such a serious problem. Compared to the rest of the films being made then, this one stacks up reasonably well. However, when it comes to the cute story, here is where this short film really stands out--and you can certainly understand why this was nominated for the Best Animated Short Oscar.

Unlike many animated shorts, this one isn't quite so short and it tells a rather lengthy tale. When it begins, you find an old man in a house with a very old dog, and even older cat and an older still fish. All are half asleep and have very little zest--until a dog wanders into their lives. Well, the dog looks like a wolf and sounds like a wolf, but he turns out to make a wonderful companion. There's much more to the cute story than that--you'll just have to get a copy and find out for yourself where the tale goes next.
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Entertaining short about an unusual household
Robert Reynolds29 March 2002
This short, a nominee for the Academy Award, was adapted from a story by Harry Allard, a children's author. Meant primarily for children, like all good animation, it can be viewed with enjoyment by adults as well. The title tells the basic story and this cute and charming short is well worth seeking out. Recommended.
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