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Maria Schneider Pt. 4: Schneider vs. Bernardo Bertolucci vs. Marlon Brando – Last Tango Blame Game

Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider in Bernardo Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris Maria Schneider Pt. 3: Memoirs Of A French Whore, A Woman Like Eve Decades after Last Tango in Paris became a cultural phenomenon, Schneider continued to hold a grudge against Bertolucci — even though she once told the French newspaper Libération that Brando was the one dictating to the "submissive" director how Last Tango in Paris was to proceed. "Although we met in Tokyo 17 years ago, I ignored him," she told the Daily Mail. "Plus, he and Marlon made a fortune from the movie and I made about [$5,000]. And Bertolucci was a Communist, too!" Schneider added that Bertolucci was an "overrated" filmmaker and was "fat and sweaty and very manipulative, both of Marlon and myself" throughout the Last Tango in Paris shoot. And finally, she blamed Bertolucci for her reputation as a "sex symbol" not to be taken seriously
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Miou-Miou in 'Temps'

Miou-Miou in 'Temps'
PARIS -- French actress Miou-Miou will star in the new film Les Temps de Porte-Plum (The Time of the Pen-Holder) with actor-director Daniel Duval, a spokesman for Duval said Thursday. Set in the 1950s, Porte-Plume is about a young girl brought up by local social service authorities until she is taken in by a couple of modest means, played by Miou-Miou and actor Jacques Villeret. The largely autobiographical tale will be shot in the French region of Allier, where Duval was raised under similar circumstances. The film, to be released in 2005, reunites the two French stars 24 years after Duval's controversial Memoirs of a French Whore, in which he played the pimp boyfriend of a woman forced into prostitution (Miou-Miou).

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