Christ Stopped at Eboli (1979) Poster

Plot Keywords

village italy
book train
intellectual southern italy
peasant painter
fascist doctor
anti fascist exile
prostitute pig slaughter
nightshirt superstition
bed arrest
censorship farming
pain seminary
stethoscope bath
kid art bandit
nudity saint calogero
etrurian student
crater reference to marconi
landslide andrea doria
desperation railroad station
saint rocco of tolve crying
town hall brigand
snow menstrual blood
pharmacist blessing
priest policeman
love sergeant
battle vomit
cross syringe
spanish bread
cigarette smoking drunkenness
shrine potion
balcony sin
hammer and sickle merry christmas
saint maurizio pregnancy
coin rooftop
menstruation face slap
reference to aeneas artist
donkey pig
shooting reference to dante
cave passion
stealing children
angel reference to philibert of orange
mafioso polyptych
guitar malaria
underwear girl
witch taxes
speech toilet
blasphemy mayor
reference to euryalus tears
christmas spirit
gnome olive
erysipelas death wail
bewitching church bell
impalement knife
church farmer
guitar player barber shop
carpenter drink
devil throwing stones
mistress medicine
pilgrimage madonna of montevergine
dog unfaithfulness
domination india
lamb infidelity
motorcycle with a sidecar piedmontese
prefecture midwife
postcard fig
dream scandal
theft food
mountain quinine
motorcycle reference to francesco de pinedo
grave pharmacy
grave digger abyssinia
wheat love child
black shirt enslavement
banditry piazza
killing ransom
thief wine
brigandage record player
housekeeper pagan
bandage applause
tax collector reference to franklin d roosevelt
gun boy
tonsils eating
homesickness africa
illness immigration
talking to a dog mandolin
song massacre
male frontal nudity memory
olive oil police
carabinieri monachicchio
band spaghetti
jealousy old man
drinking pilot
evil eye love potion
ethiopian singer
fever vassal
barber teacher
old woman letter
water flashback
christmas eve baron
poet recording
airplane rain
bathtub writer
singing umbrella
world war one widow
war widow uncle nephew relationship
turin italy tolve italy
suffering storytelling
stigliano italy spain
solar eclipse sign of the cross
sicily sicilian
sicilian mafioso seven hills of rome
saint saint arcangelo
sacrilege rome italy
religion red cross
radio broadcast pre world war two
politics political prisoner
police chief poison gas
plague pisa italy
piedmonte italy patron saint
paive river italy olive tree
odessa ukraine new york city
negus of abyssinia naples italy
mussolini mother son relationship
mother daughter relationship mondragone italy
misery miracle
miglionico italy melfi italy
matera italy mass
male nudity journalist
reference to jesus christ italo ethiopian war
italian soldier italian history
italian american innocence
immigrant husband wife relationship
reference to god gagliano italy
french french revolution
france ferrandina italy
father daughter relationship fascist youth
extramarital affair eclipse
eboli italy demon
death death of husband
death of brother crucifix
communist coin on forehead
clarinet clarinet player
christian china
cemetery catholic
catholic church cathedral
brother sister relationship brother brother relationship
baptism anti fascism
altar boy adultery
addis ababa ethiopia 1930s
place name in title italian fascism
poverty political oppression
fascism death of son
based on novel

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