White Cannibal Queen (1980) Poster


Jeremy Taylor: Are you Mr Martin?

Mr. Martin: That's me.

Jeremy Taylor: May we sit with you?

Mr. Martin: It's a public place.

Jeremy Taylor: I'm told that you know the Malavi region very well; better than you know the palm of your own hand.

Mr. Martin: No. Leave the palms of my hands out of it. It'd be impossible to know that region in depth.

Ana: Who would know it, then?

Mr. Martin: Only the Gaevis know it well.

Ana: That's just who we're looking for.

Mr. Martin: The Gaevis? Well, in that case, you people better look for somebody else around here.

Jeremy Taylor: But I was told that you trade with them...

Mr. Martin: So what about it? Even the Americans deal with the Russians without people making a big thing out of it. And, anyway, I always use intermediaries.

Jeremy Taylor: I must go into that region. And I need a guide, supplies and a couple of hundred men to help me out.

Mr. Martin: If you're really loaded... if you're loaded with a lot of cash, you'll find two or three desperate men ready to go with you and run any risks.

Jeremy Taylor: Unfortunately, I don't have the money.

Ana: His daughter was kidnapped by the Gaevis.

Mr. Martin: When was that?

Ana: Many years ago.

Mr. Martin: You'd better forget about it. Anyway

[looking at Taylor's amputated arm]

Mr. Martin: you should know all about them.

Mr. Martin: How dare you talk to me like that. You're just a filthy opportunist, a parasite earning a living trading with people who devour women and children. You disgust me. Let's get out of here.

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