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Mondo cannibale
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Reviews & Ratings for
White Cannibal Queen More at IMDbPro »Mondo cannibale (original title)

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Indigestible Franco-crap

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
15 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This great world is full of mysteries… One of the biggest of all, however, is why the hell some horror movie buffs – myself included – are still showing respect & admiration for Jess Franco, even though he brought us nearly nothing but boring crap and senseless exploitation. Take this rubbish for example! "White Cannibal Queen" is a hopelessly incompetent and agonizing excuse for a motion picture, and Franco clearly just made it to quickly cash in on the huge success his fellow Euro-cult directors were having with movies like "Cannibal Holocaust", "Mountain of the Cannibal God" and "Jungle Holocaust". But those were captivating and eventful films, whereas Franco's movie is extremely dull and stupid from start to finish. Dull because there's almost no storyline and not even a remotely interesting character drawing and stupid because the sequences involving cannibalism and/or savage tribes are hilarious instead of grueling! The supposedly relentless cannibals hop around with painted faces that make them look like clowns and most of them don't even look like South American natives. They're white! Franco's cannibals are the least menacing ones I've ever seen and the lack of budget & inspiration even prevents them from eating many people. Whenever the cannibals attack someone, the screen swifts into a slow-motion compilation of dark and blurry images and it's nearly impossible to make out what's happening. It looks as if the same pieces of flesh are repeatedly ripped from a female's stomach, and this goes on for entire minutes! The plot is a giant rip-off as well, as you've seen it all before … and better. An adventurous young couple and their 8-year-old daughter travel down the Amazonian river when they get attacked by a tribe of funnily face-painted savages. The wife gets eaten and the young girl abducted, but the father (Fulci regular Al Cliver) manages to escape with only the loss of one arm. Years of intense psychiatric help later, he mobilizes an expedition team and re-enters the jungle to rescue his daughter. The girl turned into an incredible hot teenager and – to get things even more complicated – she's considered a sacred goddess by the cannibal tribe, so it won't be easy to get her out of the jungle. Does she even want to get out? "White Cannibal Queen" is slow-paced, dull and poorly made. The acting performances are lousy and the use of music is often completely inappropriate. There's too little gore and sleaze, so even the most tolerant Franco fans are likely to consider this as one of his lousiest accomplishments. Avoid "White Cannibal Queen" at all costs and re-watch "Cannibal Holocaust" for the umpteenth time.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Jess Franco chomps on the cannibal genre

Author: udar55 from Williamsburg, VA
30 August 2009

Prof. Taylor (Al Cliver) and his family are attacked on their boat by a group of cannibals. Taylor is taken back to the village and barely survives, losing his young daughter and left arm (!) in the process. He spends the next decade or so manic and recovering in New York City with the help of his nurse Ana (Lina Romay). When he finally comes to his senses, Taylor - with aid from his rich benefactors - mounts another journey into the jungle to rescue his daughter. Problem is that she is now married to the head of the tribe and, most likely, hates her one- armed daddy.

Always down for a little exploitation, director Jess Franco got his cannibal groove on in the late 70s/early 80s and shot this one in the south of Spain. The cannibals are laughable (one is spotted wearing a wedding band) and look like they were grabbed in a Lowes parking lot (not far off actually as Franco says they hired gypsies). Plus, they wear goofy make up that makes them look like they are members of the baseball gang in THE WARRIORS. Sabrina Siani, memorably nude in Fulci's CONQUEST, shows where she got her start as the grown up daughter-turned- cannibal-queen. Franco calls her the "most stupid" person he has ever worked with in the Blue Underground disc's documentary. He then stops himself short and says that he has worked with many dumb leading ladies and that she is up there in the top. He also has kind words for Cliver, saying he was professional and sober which "for a Latin person is a miracle." While the film isn't even close to the genre's best offerings, it moves along fast enough, features some skin and delivers some gory goods (yeah, I'm easy to please tonight). One thing is for sure though, you will be singing the "Oh, oh, oooooooh" cannibal theme over and over by the time the film is done.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Lots of teeth but no bite

Author: Chris. from Australia
21 October 2011

C-grade instalment in the ever popular cannibal catalogue, light years behind "Cannibal Holocaust" and not much closer to "Mangiati Vivi" or Cannibal Ferox". The indomitable Al Cliver takes centre stage, playing an explorer whose pre-adolescent daughter is abducted by cannibals while on a voyage down the Amazon river. Years later he returns with photo journalists in toe in an attempt to locate and retrieve her, and discovers she has ascended to local deity status.

At times incoherent, the rough editing, mediocre make-up and shoddy cinematography make a tough job even tougher, while trying to contend with the puerile dubbing and overly intense acting. There's the ubiquitous animal cruelty (a giant butterfly sandwich anyone?), severed limbs and other grotesque depictions that you'd expect, but it all seems more gratuitous than usual. Spanish horror maestro Jess Franco has apparently jumped on the cannibal franchise bandwagon, minus a cogent storyline, in pursuit of some quick pay dirt.

Lacking most of the fundamentals that make a professional film, it's barely credible as a movie a labour that may even bore the cannibal enthusiasts.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Beyond Awful Franco Take on the Cannibal Genre

Author: Bensch
22 October 2010

Being a great fan of the prolific Spanish Exploitation deity Jess Franco, I always believe negative feedback to a Franco flick I haven't seen to be exaggerated. It is undeniable that the man's impressive repertoire of about 200 directed movies includes masterpieces as well as big-time stinkers (and everything in-between). However, I do tend to enjoy even those Franco films that most people find awful. This is not the case with this film, however. "Mondo Cannibale" (aka. "Barbarian Goddess"/"White Cannibal Queen"/"Cannibals"/"Mondo Cannibale 3") is Franco's attempt at the Cannibal sub-genre which, with its gruesome and uncompromising films, was very successful in Italy at the time. Right after the abysmal French "Terreur Cannibale" (in which Franco was also involved), "Mondo Cannibale" is the second-to-worst Cannibal film I have ever seen and it has replaced "Sadomania" in its rank as the worst Franco-flick I've seen. "Mondo Cannibale" is, by the way, not to be confused with Umberto Lenzi's "Il Paese Del Sesso Selvaggio" (1972) and Ruggero Deodato's "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" (1979), two classic Italian Cannibal films which are titled "Mondo Cannibale I&II" in many countries. This abysmal Franco flick is therefore often referred to as "Mondo Cannibale 3".

For whatever reason, a scientist (Al Cliver) brings his wife and young daughter with him on an expedition deep in a jungle filled with hungry cannibals. His wife gets eaten, and he escapes without his daughter (!), after his hand has been chopped off. Years later, the scientist comes back for his daughter, along with a couple of bored rich people who don't believe in his story and are just there to have fun. The cannibals are in the meanwhile, worshiping the daughter (who has blossomed into a beautiful bare-bosomed blonde)as a 'white goddess'...

There is so much wrong with this film that I hardly know where to begin: The jungle is not a jungle. It is a very neat assembly of palm-trees, probably somewhere in Spain or Southern France. It is so neat that the expedition is capable of going there in cars. Sometimes, one can even see Western buildings in the background. The 'savages'are entirely white guys. Some of them sport mustaches, sideburns and hip hair-cuts. Other wear watches or gold rings. Even though they clearly hate 'whites' (which is odd since they are white themselves), the cannibals declare the white girl their goddess on sight. The child, by the way, has brown hair, which magically becomes blond when she grows up. The main hero is apparently cowardly enough to leave his child daughter behind with a bunch of cannibals, but insanely brave enough to go back there after years, with two other men and three women to face the entire cannibal tribe... I could go on and on about the film's inconsistencies; however, the incredible logical errors are actually the most fun factor of the film. Sadly, all the rest is very boring. The seemingly never-ending monotonous drum banging is annoying as hell.

The Cannibal genre has many great Italian films to offer for anyone interested. The genre's only true masterpiece is Ruggero Deodato's "Cannibal Holocaust" (1980), but there are many other gruesome and disturbing ones to watch, most notably Deodato's "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" and all of Umberto Lenzi's Cannibal films. Jess Frano's take on the genre is a disaster. The budget was obviously tiny, but that's hardly an excuse, as Franco has proved on many occasions that he is perfectly capable of making great films on a tiny budget. The man has to be saluted for dabbling in about any Exploitation/Horror sub-genre imaginable. This film is still awful and hard to sit through. Not even Franco's muse and real-life wife Lina Romay can save this. One to be avoided, unless you are writing a book on Jess Franco.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Eek! Caucasian cannibals in bikini briefs and clown makeup.

Author: capkronos ( from Ohio, USA
22 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Professor Jeremy Taylor (Al Cliver, of ZOMBI 2 fame), a specialist in tropical diseases, his wife Elisabeth (Pamela Stanford), their young daughter Lana (Anouchka) and some other guy are enjoying a relaxing trip on their yacht when they're attacked by a cannibal tribe. Mom is immediately killed and eaten (these cannibals apparently don't bother cooking their meat), the other guy is speared in the back and the good professor is clubbed unconscious, dragged back to the cannibal village and has his arm chopped off, but manages to escape into the jungle, is found by some hunters and rushed off to a hospital. As for little Lana, she's also located by the tribe and brought back to the village. Instead of eating her, they decide to start worshiping her. Why? I'm not really sure, but I'm presuming it's because of the luxurious bleach blonde hair the brown-haired child miraculously manages to sprout later on in the film.

Many years after the attack, Jeremy finally recovers from a long bout of temporary amnesia with help from his loyal nurse Ana (Lina Romay) and decides to organize a safari into the jungle to try to locate his now-grown daughter (Sabrina Siani). They, along with wealthy skeptic Charles Fenton (Olivier Mathot), pampered Barbara Shelton (Shirley Knight) and half a dozen other nondescript men and women, then venture into the jungle and end up getting picked off one by one. Though most of the cast are done away with by poison arrow or spear, there are three cannibalism scenes - all of them involving topless women and all of them going on for what seems like an eternity... in slow motion... with the same shots of cannibals pulling out and chewing on organs accompanied by moans and slurping noises being repeated over and over again...

Trying to come up with a list of all the areas where this fails would far exceed the word limit allowed here, but where it's most inadequate is in the believability department. Some of the best cannibal movies work because they were actually filmed in tropical locales and managed to establish a sense of complete isolation far removed from "civilized" man. Here, the "jungle" looks like some kind of country club where the native vegetation and surroundings are just all wrong. It's hard to believe a cannibal tribe could thrive when there are modern houses with paved sidewalks a hop, skip and a jump away. During one hilarious scene, a couple of cannibals are even seen running down what appears to be a paved road! Speaking of the cannibals, they aren't the least bit believable either. Most are white/European and Spanish actors that have their faces painted in unnaturally bright blue, red and yellow clown colors. The shyer members of the tribe have also somehow managed to acquire some bikini briefs to wear under their loincloths. Siani gets her own specially made thong loincloth, though. I guess they felt she was special since she's just one of two women shown to be in the tribe.

As far as cannibal movies go, this one sits at the very bottom of the list next to DEVIL HUNTER (1980; another Franco bomb) and CANNIBAL TERROR (1981). All three came from a hack production company called Eurociné, who were also responsible for two of the worst zombie movies ever made; OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES (1981; again by Franco... see a pattern here?) and ZOMBIE LAKE (1980).

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Jungle Gore: Worst Cannibals Ever!

Author: Tromafreak from Tallahassee, Florida
25 August 2011

The First rule, or what should be the first rule of the Jungle Gore genre is, if you're not Italian, butt out! Because chances are good you're only gonna embarrass yourself. Especially you, Jess Franco. Yet, I've never seen Lina Romay in one of these epics, so, maybe we should give ol' Franco a pass, this time. I mean, just look at her! And if you must know, White Cannibal Queen is not even the worst of the Jongle Gore epics. I mean, I'm pretty sure it was got for quite a while, but in case you didn't know, in 2003, Bruno Mattei would finally work up the nerve to try his hand at this, and the shot-on-video travesty called Cannibal Holocaust 2: The Beginning was born. And considering Mattei was Italian, well, that's just ridiculous! Just sayin'. Either way, if you didn't absolutely despise Cannibal Terror, then maybe you won't consider White Cannibal Queen as repulsive as most do. Me? I liked it! This movie is about a family who are out on the "Amazon river" are attacked by savages. The young daughter, kidnapped. The wife, eaten. years later, Dr. Taylor returns to this jungle, in hopes of finding his now-grown daughter. Unfortunately, things don't go quite as expected. But then again, when do things ever go smoothly when Cannibals are involved? But these guys shouldn't put up too much of a fight, being that they're the most fake-looking cannibals in Jungle Gore history. This is just sad. Some of them are even white! Just a pathetic movie, in general. However, considering Lina Romay & a rather groovy score, White Cannibal Queen is OK in my book! Yet, if you got any schlock-pride at all, you'll just go for something of quality like Cannibal Ferox, and call it a day. 6/10

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

I'm not sure what to think

Author: Inc. Hulk from jungles of South America
12 July 2000

Oh that Jess Franco is at it again! This time he's cashin' in on the success of the Italian cannibal craze of the late 70s/early 80s with "White Cannibal Queen". I'm really not sure what to think about this film. I mean there were parts that were downright SLOOOOW and then, straight outta left field the film jumped into high gear with a completely crazy, manic pace that I couldn't help but enjoy! Sure, the acting was atrocious but hey I watched the film TWICE in one weekend so that's gotta mean somethin'. And I loved the glow-in-the-dark facepaint the natives were sporting.

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The Cannibals

Author: Drago_Head_Tilt from Japan
27 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This typically crappy Franco film was filmed back-to-back with CANNIBAL TERROR, utilising some of the same locations, cast members, stock footage and that plastic skull on a stick. Al Cliver travels to dangerous jungle territory, his wife is eaten by cannibals, his little girl is kidnapped (and his arm is chopped off). Years later Cliver hides his arm in his shirt and goes back to retrieve his daughter (who's become Sabrina Siani, the tribe's white goddess). Lina Romay (as "Candy Coaster") is part of his expedition (and is eaten). For gore, TERROR was better, and there's no other reason to watch. With director Jerome Foulon, Olivier Mathot, Antonio Mayans and Franco.

Movie reviews at

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Quite bad Jess Franco film...

Author: MovieGuy01 from United Kingdom
5 October 2009

I found the film Cannibals directed by Jess Franco to not be as good as any of the other films he has made. The film is about a Doctor, his wife Elizabeth and their teenage daughter Lana. they go to an isolated hospital in the Brazilean jungle, which is close to the Amazon river. whilst they are there they are attacked by savage cannibals they kill and eat his wife, and they abduct the girl. Dr Taylor manages to get back out of the jungle but he needs psychiatric help no one will believe him about his story of seeing cannibals he manages to find a doctor called Doctor Ana she is the only on who believes his story about the cannibals, so takes the risk of going with him into the jungle. also a few others come along as well The cannibals start to kill a few of the members in attacks. this was quite a poor film to watch .

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better than watching paint dry... but only just!!!

Author: killchav-1 from United Kingdom
9 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this is one of those films that you force yourself to watch until the very end because you love the topic of film. one of those films that's cover and blurb promise a story and you get a gore fest of unbearably disappointing levels. if you value your sanity though, i seriously recommend not wasting your time on this, although considering that you have taken an interest in it already makes your state of sanity questionable! the unrepentantly repetitive scenes in this film give way to a genuinely weakly carried-out plot and generally ruin what could have been a good film. please, oh good please do not waste your time on this film when there are movies such as wrong turn, the hills have eyes and evil breed out there. the three worst things about this movie? the awful dubbing (id' rather listen to nails on a chalkboard). the boring cannibalism scenes, all shot in slow-mo and the same as the last. the rubber crocodile. don't even bother with this movie unless your set on viewing the entire cannibal-horror sub-genre. as hinted in the title of this review, this is better than watching paint dry, but only just. though, if it's textured paint...

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