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Sex & Nudity

  • some graphic female nudity. breasts and pubic regions of 2 female corpses are graphically seen. a woman masturbates a man. she is seen unzipping his pants and reaching into his fly and beginning to touch him. nothing too graphic in this scene. There is also a scene in which the maid of the house breastfeeds the main character Frank.

Violence & Gore

  • a few extreme scenes of graphic violence/gore.
  • a female corpse is graphically disembowed. closeups of her raw, bloody innards. her heart is cut out and bitten into, spewing blood. her body fluids are drained out through hoses stuck up her nose. her eyes are then cut out and replaced with glass eyes.
  • a womans fingernails are torn off with pliers. she faints from the pain. she is then stripped and her arms, legs and head are graphically hacked off with a meat cleaver. her body is dissolved in an acid bath. the floor is seen covered in blood and gore.
  • a womans throat is bitten and torn out. blood flows out of the wound. her body is then placed in a large furnace where she is set aflame. she twitches and shakes as flames run across her body.
  • a man and woman fight eachother. they stab eachother and the mans eyes is torn out. the womans cheek is torn after being bitten. they both die.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • some drinking, very little.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • the entire film has a very sleazy, nasty, bizzarre and disturbing atmosphere. there are no light moments in the film, its all very downbeat. there are only a few scenes of violence but they are very graphic. the effects arent always convincing but the scenes are still intense. not for children or those easily sickened/disturbed.

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