Apocalypse Now (1979) Poster

Plot Keywords

colonel army
jungle captain
boat vietnam
river tribe
green beret navy
insanity cambodia
general patrol boat
battle special forces
bridge soldier
helicopter vietnam war
cavalry hypocrisy
violence anti war
two word title army base
rainstorm god complex
tape recorder knife
cigar smoking flamethrower
tank assassination plot
machete journalist
beach topless female nudity
bare breasts exploding helicopter
exploding car exploding bridge
explosion missile
male nudity male rear nudity
evacuation machine gun
gatling gun priest
road movie villain played by lead actor
modern day adaptation woman smoking cigar
opium smoking opium pipe
nikon camera nihilism
wagner uniform
explosive chopper
american soldier wagner's ride of the valkyries
vietcong vietnam united states navy
pacifism cia agent
animal abuse surrealism
playboy playmate ceiling fan
bull decapitation roadboatmovie
spear through chest psychedelic
body paint female nudity
magazine fighting
dark hero black humor
metaphor lsd
imperialism colonialism
allegory no title at beginning
no opening credits actual animal killed
warfare water buffalo
temple regicide
radio transmission poetry
medal marijuana
mango lieutenant general
lieutenant colonel fire
drug abuse chief petty officer
campfire bugle
beer atrocity
voice over narration helicopter pilot
imagery saigon vietnam
military officer guerrilla warfare
government assassin combat
cia awol
odyssey famous line
1960s air cavalry
puppy moral transformation
jungle warfare journalism
tiger cult
graffiti united states army
secret mission air raid
madness guerilla base
animal sacrifice severed head
military surfboard
army life racism
air strike rain
spear idolatry
montagnard water skiing
massacre mythological
death assassination
surfing morality
decapitation topless
riverboat mud
napalm chaos
helicopter raid plantation
native slaughter
head on a stake firework
assassin cult film
tropical disease independent film
based on novel

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