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Such gorgeous explosions, such a terrible vision, such an amazing work of art. Go. Now.
Chicago Sun-Times
One of the great films of all time. It shames modern Hollywood's timidity. To watch it is to feel yourself lifted up to the heights where the cinema can take you, but so rarely does.
It's an occasion for welcoming a restoration that transforms a flawed movie, one that was touched by greatness, into a masterpiece.
Chicago Tribune
Magnificent to look at, thrilling, ingenious, spellbinding and superbly done on every level, this is not just one of the best films of the year or the decade, but of all time.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
As powerful as the movie remains and as much as I enjoyed this new cut, I have to say that the additional footage -- material that Coppola felt he had to excise 20 years ago to reach a commercial length -- has turned out to be something of a mixed blessing.
Chicago Reader
Better in certain ways than the original "Apocalypse Now," though the flaws are also magnified.
A weightier, more nuanced and fulsome experience than the film the world has known up to now.
In spite of its limited perspective on Vietnam, its churning, term-paperish exploration of Conrad and the near incoherence of its ending, (it) is a great movie. It grows richer and stranger with each viewing, and the restoration of scenes left in the cutting room two decades ago has only added to its sublimity.
Village Voice
Nothing can redeem the movie's final 40 minutes. That may not be an ultimate horror, but it is a real one.
Though it may be a much clearer picture of the director's original intent, ultimately the new "Apocalypse Now" merely brings into focus the limits and faults of Coppola's -- and Milius' -- original concept.

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