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Plot Keywords

spaceship egg
warning parasite
alien alien egg
creature mission
future colony
computer starship landing
first part murder
malfunctioning android trapped in space
22nd century lens flare
lifting a male into the air lifting someone into the air
critique of capitalism corrupting influence of capitalism
minimal cast lifting an adult into the air
creature feature exploding ship
survival horror airlock
homing beacon beacon
character repeating someone else's dialogue claustrophobia
blood splatter female protagonist
death of title character goth
techne human body as an alien host
body snatching alien reproduction
alien possession alien intrusion
alien hunt alien hunter
megacorporation sole black character dies cliche
blood alien planet
one word title undressing
chest pains escape pod
sole survivor trapped
impregnation escape
tentacle suspended animation
science officer navigator
incubation hibernation
expendable cattle prod
burial in space airshaft
vomit robot as menace
space marine violence
survival death
robot outer space
first of series cult film
spacesuit reverse footage
heroine disembodied head
decapitation alien contact
xenophobia strobe light
expressionist claustrophobic setting
vacuum flamethrower
slime blockbuster
xenomorph bio organic weapon
android code breaking
space travel acid
exploration self destructiveness
paranoia technology
cat gothic
combat gore
cryonics corruption
x rayed skeleton monster
neo noir cyberpunk
video screen mutilation
spacecraft cryogenics
title spoken by character

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