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Season 4

31 Oct. 1981
Muvvers' Day
Worzel decides he needs a mother to look after him. The Crowman summons Sarah Pigswill who was made from the same turnip patch a season before Worzel. Mother and son are reunited for Worzel's birthday but she turns out not to be what the poor scarecrow was hoping for.
19 Jun. 1980
The Return of Dolly Clothes-Peg
Dolly Clothes-Peg, the dressmaker's dummy turned scarecrow Worzel met last year, comes to town to visit her old friend. The jealous Aunt Sally tricks Dolly into the back of a moving van, setting up a confrontation wherein poor Worzel has to choose which of the wooden ladies will become his wife.
26 Jun. 1980
The Jumbly Sale
At the Village Jumble Sale, Worzel Gummidge tries to free Aunt Sally from a box she is stuck in and accidentally breaks off her leg. He is so filled with guilt and despair that he pleads with the Crowman to chuck him on the compost heap. Worzel soon changes his mind when he learns that Aunt Sally was purchased by Gypsy Joe--dealer in firewood!
3 Jul. 1981
Worzel in Revolt
After a particularly outrageous series of adventures, the Crowman has Worzel and Aunt Sally hide out at his home, serving as his parlor maid and valet. When Aunt Sally bullies and charms Worzel into doing all of her work for her, the Crowman makes him a Disobedient Head so he can stand up to her.
10 Jul. 1981
Will the Real Aunty Sally...?
A second, sweeter Aunt Sally comes to town, causing much confusion for the lovesick Worzel Gummidge, who can't tell the two Aunt Sallies apart.
17 Jul. 1981
The Golden Hind
A fish and chips shop opens in town and Worzel becomes good friends with Jolly Jack, the ship's figurehead that stands out front. The friendship runs aground when the rakish seaman meets the flirtatious Aunt Sally and they leave poor Worzel adrift in his misery.
31 Jul. 1981
Worzel's Birthday
It's Worzel's Bestest Birthday and the poor scarecrow is sulking because snooty Aunty Sally refuses to attend his party. John and Sue put together a surprise party for him but Worzel still needs to learn not to be so selfish about his birthday.

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