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2 Jan. 1983
Life, Death and Vinnie Duncan
Vinnie Duncan, Gonzo's good friend, leads a fund campaign for rare-disease drugs.
9 Jan. 1983
Baby on the Line
A baby admitted to the hospital for a urinary tract infection turns out to be a hermaphrodite, sparking a battle between the parents over which sex it should be.
16 Jan. 1983
It Only Hurts When I Love
When Gloria Brancusi learns that Andrea, the orphan girl, has come back to the hospital as a patient her first reaction is to run away. Gloria has second thoughts after deciding to adopt the troubled orphan.
23 Jan. 1983
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
An emotionally troubled musician is released much too early from the hospital. Nurse Shoop suffers a hearing loss.
30 Jan. 1983
Forget Me Not
A brilliant surgeon begins suffering from bouts of forgetful and disoriented behavior.
13 Feb. 1983
The Spy Who Bugged Me
Gonzo's professional confidence and bedside manner are affected by a malpractice lawsuit, after a young patient asserts that he has begun to feel worse after an emergency operation. A patient is mistaken for a hospital inspector.
20 Feb. 1983
Pasts Imperfect
A woman from Riverside's past is obsessed with him.
13 Mar. 1983
Gonzo's mother introduces him to her new boyfriend, a sportswriter his age. Gonzo is not happy about the situation.
20 Mar. 1983
Blue Genes
Trapper fears an epidemic after the leader of a research project becomes mysteriously ill.
27 Mar. 1983
Friends in High Places
When Gonzo starts dating a high society woman she tries to convince set up his own private practice and into selling the "Titanic" to Jackpot.
3 Apr. 1983
South Side Story
Gonzo rescues a woman who was injured on some broken stairs inside a rundown apartment building. After he traces the ownership of said building to SFM, the board decides that the best solution is to tear down the building and build condos in its place.
2 Oct. 1983
I Only Have Ice for You
A professional skater refuses treatment for a heart condition that could be fatal. Stanley and E.J. find out that they are going to be parents.
9 Oct. 1983
...And for Loyal and Devoted Service
The new acting board chairman tries to pressure Arnold Slocum into retirement only four months short of his pension.
16 Oct. 1983
All About Everett
Trapper's contract is up for renewal, and a jealous surgeon is trying to discredit him and take over his position as Chief of Surgery.
23 Oct. 1983
May Divorce Be with You
Trapper's ex-wife starts a self-help group for the wives of doctors, and ends up with one of them on her doorstep. Stanley and E.J. may lose their baby.
30 Oct. 1983
What a Difference a Day Makes
Trapper gets called into the hospital on his birthday to deal with a possible epidemic. Stanley is finally able to track down the source of the problem, but that does not do much for John's mood, as everyone seems to have forgotten him.
6 Nov. 1983
The Final Cut
Gonzo has been training three doctors for cardiac surgery. But he is told due to budget reasons, he has to cut one of them. So he sets out to do that by getting to know them personally.
13 Nov. 1983
Old Man Liver
A 119-year-old man, seemingly in good health, says that he has come to the hospital to die. He changes his mind after media attention makes him feel important again, but Trapper discovers an aortic aneurysm that may kill him after all.
20 Nov. 1983
The Agony of D'Feet
As SFM fills with the casualties of the Bay City Marathon, E.J. Riverside goes into labour three weeks early. Stanley can't be found, because he has secretly decided to compete in the run.
27 Nov. 1983
Mother Load
Andrea finds out who her real mother is, and wants to meet her. Trapper's concern over the emotional state of a Greek patient brings out the good Samaritan in Gonzo, who decides to contact the man's daughter in Greece.
4 Dec. 1983
Fat Chance
Against his better judgement, Trapper agrees to staple the stomach of an obese woman. Gonzo goes to unusual lengths to save Andrea's dog.
11 Dec. 1983
Everyone is happy for Gloria when she earns her accreditation in Advanced Cardiac Life Support Care, except one doctor. He does not believe nurses should be doing this kind of work, and tries to have Gloria fired.

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