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4 Jan. 1981
Creepy Time Gal
Gonzo and Trapper are unsure how to treat a college student who has gotten mysteriously sick while doing a research paper on satanic rituals.
11 Jan. 1981
Straight and Narrow
When a cop who is found to be homosexual is shot at a gay rally, Gonzo believes that he may have been shot by someone on the force and may be in danger at the hospital.
18 Jan. 1981
Trapper and Gonzo go on a trip to a cabin which becomes an adventure when an earthquake hits and the woman staying at the cabin needs serious medical care. At the hospital, Riverside leads the evacuation when the earthquake hits.
25 Jan. 1981
The Pagoda Cure
Members of the staff are baffled when a Vietnamese woman, who had initially refused surgery, is mysteriously operated on overnight without anyone seeing it. Trapper recognizes a politician who checks in under a false name and is brought in by a younger woman that is not his wife.
1 Feb. 1981
Have I Got a Girl for You
A shy and clumsy nurse asks Trapper for advice on how to attract Gonzo. A woman who is obsessed with her appearance is reluctant to have a tumor in her face removed.
15 Feb. 1981
Who's the Lucky Father?
A noted con man believes that the hospital is trying to pull one over on him when he is told that he needs a life-saving operation and his girlfriend is pregnant.
8 Mar. 1981
Finders Keepers
Gonzo and Trapper try to track down the family of a 10-year old girl who was hit by a car and is exhibiting erratic behavior. The only leads they have are gang members with whom she was living with.
15 Mar. 1981
Days of Wine and Leo
Trapper convinces the board to fill the position of diagnosing physician with a former war buddy who is a double amputee.
29 Mar. 1981
A Case of the Crazies
There is plenty of excitement at the hospital for the opening of the day care center. However, the excitement is short-lived when a child is injured in a fall and it is found out that the day care director was once in a mental institution.
5 Apr. 1981
Second Sight
Instead of using his spare time to study for his medical boards, Jackpot looks into a sight restoring operation for his blind girlfriend.
11 Oct. 1981
25 Oct. 1981
Hate Is Enough
A man is brought in who claims to be writing a book on the KKK. Later someone comes and sees him and threatens him. When Gonzo tries to talk to him about what he said, he denies it. Later Gonzo finds in his things that he's telling the truth and that one of the hospital's brilliant doctors is the head.
27 Dec. 1981
Future Imperfect
A surgeon and friend of Trapper comes to operate on someone he knows. But he's experiencing having visions of actual things. He is told that because of head trauma he sustained, he has gained a sixth sense which he doesn't believe in. And it also causes tension between him and his wife, and she turns to Gonzo whom she knows for solace.

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